Building Texture With Distress Oxide Ink Free Style Art journal Page

Building Texture With Distress Oxide Ink Free Style Art journal Page

Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room In this video I’m going make another art journal page I start with applying distress oxide ink in the middle of the page direct to the card with my ink pad and I spray some water and then I dry it with a heat tool I am using ultra smooth card
and I do it a bit different than usual I have no plan this time
I am going to experiment a bit I blot and I spray more water I want lots
of texture I repeat the steps a few times Just so you know I added the main products I used in the description box for you you can find the full list of supplies on my blog and if you are new here and you like what you see don’t forget to subscribe and you can see the texture building up with adding water
drying with a heat tool and blotting then I add the second colour on both sides again with the ink pad straight on the paper and I spray water on the second colour and
then I dry with a heat tool and I tilt the page a bit to let the colour
run and I spray more water and I dry again I blot a bit with some kitchen paper and then I do the same on the other side then I add the dark blue along the sides of
the page if you want softer lines you can use an blending
tool too and I do the same as I did with the previous
colours I add water and dry and blot now by spraying water and drying you can get some fun texture and lines on
the edge of the colour blotting also helps to add texture on a few parts I want a bit more colour so
I add some ink to get a bit darker edges I spray just a little bit of water to not dilute the ink too much and here you can see drying and moving the page also helps to add texture my background is done and now I am going to
use the crazy flowers I add them on the page and I use the stamping
tool I use the glue stick to make sure the stamps
stay in place then I add clear embossing ink and I stamp a few times that’s why I like the stamping tool that you can stamp again on the same spot without having to press too hard here you can see the images and now I add the embossing powder
and I shake off the excess and then I melt the powder I am going to doodle a bit and I decided to add some embossing powder for the flower stalk with an embossing pen and I do the other stalks the same way and now I am going to do some more doodling and I am sorry for my head is in the way a lot I changed my camera set up a bit since I made some changes in my craft space and still not quite used to it and it was a bit too much to edit it out I am going to add a bit more texture
with the actual stalks from the stamp set I use the same colours I used for the background and then some more doodling with a white posca
pen to add some light colour and finally some more doodling
and again my head sorry now for the page I really had no idea for
a title or were to add it so this one is done without a title and that’s what crafting is about do what you feel and do what you love I hope you liked the video don’t forget
to like share and subscribe and make sure to keep on crafting

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  1. Hello! I’ve only just discovered your videos and I had to tell you I enjoy them very much! I’m paraplegic, so I have a lot of time, and crafting & videos are sort of my relief. I just wanted to say I learn & enjoy a lot! Thanks for sharing😊

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