Building Stormbreaker: Part 1

Building Stormbreaker: Part 1

Hey guys I’m the Hacksmith and my team and I take fictional ideas from movies and make them real We’ve done projects like Captain America’s electromagnet shield. The Kingsmen umbrella, Zarya’s particle cannon, Thor’s hammers Batman’s grappling hook gun, a real-life lightsaber and even Captain America’s new wakandan shield In fact, we have over 70 videos in our youtube series Make it Real But if there’s one project you guys have been asking for non-stop, it’s Thor’s new axe Stormbreaker In fact, if you follow us on social media, you’ll see that we’ve actually been working on this project for quite a while Forged by the heart of a dying sun Stormbreaker is made from Uru and is apparently the strongest weapon in Asgard history Wait, what kind of weapon are we talking about here? The Thanos killing kind Now obviously, we don’t have a dying Sun handy But I think we can make a pretty impressive version of Stormbreaker ourselves using mere mortal technology. It’ll be destructive It’ll be able to catch lightning and we’ll see if I can throw it, plus I’m gonna aim for the head Let’s get started with the design All right so Stormbreaker Now I’ve wanted to do Stormbreaker ever since I did Captain America’s Wakandan shield So to speed the process up a little bit I’m going to use Grab CAD and see if I can find a Model of Stormbreaker that I can base my design off of So this model is made by Akki Sahu and I’ll put a link In the description below. Let’s take a look at it. There is the model And hopefully this is to scale. Let’s see how big it is. It’s almost half a meter That is huge. This is a great model, Unfortunately, we can’t just make it because it is a solid model I’m gonna have to redesign it to be able to Plasma cut it out of sheet metal and then weld it together into the shape we want So first of all, we’re gonna get rid of the handle because we’re gonna be doing the handle ourselves completely custom I got some cool ideas for that, but you’ll learn later. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to Look at it from this side You’re gonna go ahead and click export to DXF. And as you can see what we’ll end up with is a perfect 2D outline of the entire Stormbreaker. We’re gonna open up that DXF and import it as a 2D sketch. And the neat thing with this is we can actually delete the stuff. We don’t want so for the purpose of this I actually don’t want any of that Whatever we’ll clean it up inside the file now All right, so we’ve got this Now the only unfortunate thing with a sketch like this is nothing is constrained which means If I was to click and drag a point it messes up the whole drawing And we’re gonna make this out of quarter-inch steel All right, so we got the axe blade now and we got three holes And now I’m going to rebuild it with my new parts Alright so there’s the center blade So, yeah the idea will be to Weld this on to this bracket first and then tack weld these on here and then using a bolt we can actually squeeze the blades together and hopefully bend the steel here as well And then we’re going to fill in this entire crack with a weld bead and then sharpen the whole thing So kind of hard to see but We cut that plate. We weld it there we bend it in and seal the whole blade up Let’s look at adding some of these detail pieces Starting to look kind of cool, maybe. It’s the endgame now We’re in the endgame now And if you guys are interested in seeing the CAD files for Stormbreaker they’re available on our patreon page All right. Let’s start plasma cutting this Perfect Yep, let’s start plasma cutting Now to cut out the steel we’ll be using our Maverick CNC plasma cutter that we got from Elite Metal Tools EMT is kind of like the Amazon for industrial manufacturing equipment That’s gross. That’s gross man. You gotta be more careful You did it again Whatever We’re going to clear this off and then get the grinder out Did somebody say angle grinder All right Now that we’ve got it tack welded, here’s the fun part We have to try and bend this quarter inch steel plate right here to touch the middle blade I’m really not too sure how hard that is going to be So we’ll start with just a clamp And see how that works If it doesn’t I put holes here so we put the screw through and then actually bolt it close, but let’s see what happens It just seems to work pretty good Back to the welder All right, it actually worked way better than I thought it would I ended up having to use a vise to help squeeze the pieces in but once I did that It was actually really easy to bend which is pretty awesome. Considering this is a quarter inch steel plate So I basically just tack welded along the edge Now I can do a really thick weld bead because at the end of the day What we’re gonna do is we’re actually gonna grind down this entire area Into a sharp blade point so this thing can do some serious damage Well, back at it Not the most amazing weld but for something this it really doesn’t matter because we’re actually gonna grind it all off anyways And after all, As uncle AVE always says grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain’t All right So the reason I drilled these holes is because I actually kind of forgot something in the design Some of the decorative pieces we want to weld it on to the axe Without showing any weld bead and the way of doing that is something called plug welding So what we can actually do is we attach it to the surface And then you just start welding inside the hole then that will actually hold it down This is how we did the majority the Wakandan Shield and it’s how we were able to have such clean lines like these Just using a plasma cutter and a welder. So let’s weld these All right, outside we go Outside we go There’s my axe It’s heavy The best part about owning your own house is being completely irresponsible with things you screw to things So Think we have to weld more? Oh, yeah, we will. We will need to weld a lot more Yay You look like a monkey in that jumpsuit Ow, Damn it Dum-e Alright so picked up a new sandblaster I ground as much as I can. The problem is because of all these details It’s actually really hard to evenly grind in between stuff now. So there’s a lot of like slag on here still I’m hoping the sandblaster takes it off but the goal of this is see if we can get it all one consistent texture throughout so I’m gonna do a few little tests see what happens and hopefully it works out All right, that worked pretty good As you can see the sandblasting gives it a pretty good uniform finish When compared to the other side, you can see the grind marks everywhere Now, obviously I do need to knock off all these little bits of slag because I wasn’t too careful when I was welding But this was really just a test to see does the sandblaster work and it looks like it does And then we’re still gonna have to give the blade an actual edge. I mean, it’s pretty sharp right now but We could probably make it sharper And it only weighs 20 pounds so far All right so it’s been a lot of welding and grinding let’s take a break and actually see just how sharp and powerful this axe is going to be Unfortunately, and we don’t have the hammer portion and when your axe doesn’t have a hammer you might as well hammer your axe Ready? Should I have safety glasses? All right. Let’s see what this thing to do. This is weird That’s awesome That was a pretty small hammer We’ve got a bigger one That thing is pretty sharp. How about a magic trick? Hey Owen, you wanna see a magic trick? I’m gonna make this pencil disappear Tah Dah! It’s gone Oops Well then Alright, so what else could we do until we build the hammer end and the handle Also, how are we even gonna do the handle? I mean, we don’t exactly have Groot What other arm could we use? Someone give me a knife to cut off my Alright, right there. Hold it and alright swing three two one It’s actually pretty balanced, for swinging backwards Yeah, that’s pretty creepy Alright so we’re actually gonna smash this head once Stormbreaker is done But it seems like a waste to do it with just the blade I’m really curious to see what this is actually gonna be like to hold. So we’re gonna rig something up with some steel To see what it’s actually gonna be like to hold this thing And to simulate the counterweight We’ll actually just leave the cinderblock on the other side I’m supposed to hold this I’m doing it 34 kilograms. 34 kilograms that’s like 70-80 pounds 21 kilograms, that’s a lot more than 20 pounds Ian Yeah, when I did the exoskeleton curl it was 4 cinder blocks and they worried like 35 pounds each And no one believed me Well, we hope you guys enjoyed that video I’ve already started putting together the hammer portion of Stormbreaker So make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell to catch the next part of the build And don’t forget to follow us on social too because we post updates between videos. Thanks for watching That’s gross man That’s pretty ***** creepy It’s in the air

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