Bugleberry Teaches You a Lesson

Bugleberry Teaches You a Lesson

Oh lord, oh lord, I can’t do it! Ladies and gentlemen Welcome… Welcome to my scary HORRIBLE portion of the stream If you don’t know who I am… …well, read yourself a book Because I am B.F. Bugleberry, the one and only I told you I would be back this Halloween AND I have gone over the feedback on my LinkedIn account If you don’t have LinkedIn, you gotta get on LinkedIn I’ve seen all the feedback. I’ve seen what people have been saying, all my fans. And there are lots of you Every single person says, “Bugleberry, we love you! We love your stories! We love the funny things you do, the funny things you say! The interesting, HORRIBLE things, but for the love of goodness we’d like to see something new from you.” And I have that. Boys and girls, I’ve been invited back to do one of my other passions that’s NOT just scary stories It’s something else entirely… Something devilish, something awful Something that you will- You will THROW UP in your mouth when you see the dastardly thing that we’re going to see today We’re gonna do pottery Pottery with Bugleberry I will show you the techniques indeed, if you will get your materials out, class I will show you how I make my urns My horrible urns… Terrible things… Well the first thing you need to is have all your materials You need clay, balls of clay like this You can get it at a local clay store. Make sure it is pottery clay. I use the best We’re going to smack that right on the center of our pottery wheel *sniffs* UGH, OH SO FULL OF DEMONIC ENERGY! Ohh I can feel it! This has been blessed and then cursed and then blessed again and then cursed three more times By me I do that too, if you need somebody to do that for you If you need somebody to curse your clay I can do it for you Let’s go ahead and get started That’s right. Need to get a little bit more water on it as you can see. And the thing about clay molding is you need to feel yourself get into it Don’t just put your hands on the clay, that’s not how it works! Get INTO the clay! Feel its center mass! We are making today an urn To keep- Uh! Uh uh! UH! UH!! That’s what we’ll be keeping in there Just even pressure down the middle Not too much You should end up with a nice flat top like that I have a little bit of an issue on the side You don’t have to go full throttle as my father used to tell me He said, “Barry, you don’t gotta go full throttle!” And I’d say, “Fuck you, dad” And then he left I never saw him again We’re going to continue to put pressure down into the middle, just enough to give us a nice- -URN shape And it reminds me of a story No We don’t need that today We’re just making urns *coughing up a hairball* But as I Try to- Ooh there’s a little guy right there. Who’s this? What is this? What is that? Who’s this? *Grunting* *Aggressive swallowing* Yeah! It was a spider And I’m getting deeper down into this clay, just letting it do the work for me Do not move during this procedure You could get SERIOUSLY injured Who’s that? God damn it- UGH I walked (????) at that! Thaaat’s a big one! That’s a HUUUGE one! Can we get a nice zoom in on this? Mmmm, can we get a zoom in on him? That’s a big one- *Slurping *Vigorous imbibing* I’m sorry… Just seemed appropriate… Like I said, once every two weeks me and all of my friends, we get together And we do this And we do it to a point where all of us can present- -And it’s not about winning, that’s the thing! It’s not always about winning! “Oh, I didn’t win!” No, who cares if you won or not! It’s about creating! And that’s it! Storing whatever you want in here It could be cigarettes Could be cigars Well if you have cigarettes they can go in here And remember, it’s about constant pressure It need- doesn’t need to be perfect “Oh Bugleberry! I-I-I-I tried to put together something it and it didn’t turn out perfectly!” That’s fine As long of as the essence of death flows through you into the urn The lid is very difficult and you can’t make the lid until this portion is completed Tastes like eggs weirdly enough but it’s something I enjoy And don’t tell me what I’m doing it wrong Don’t tell me, “You should not be creating these THINGS! You shouldn’t be making these THINGS!” DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS TODAY!? It’s Thursday All of your parking tickets expire today Pay ’em *Ghostly howl* Stop stop stop. Stop moving. Did you hear it? Did you hear it? Sounded like a spirit was flying through If I could only catch him Ooh if I could catch that spirit he would be in a BAD SPOT! For the lid- I have two pieces that I’ll be making for you One is the top and the other is the bottom This is the bottom Which will allow you to- Shannon: *Whispering* Hello What’s the matter? What’re- Hold on, he’s- he’s- he’s bitten somebody? Did he actually bite somebody? Okay he’s- Has he- He’s eating raw hamburger meat backstage? God damn Chrome Face I- Look… He doesn’t get out of the house very much. He doesn’t get out very much. But Chrome Face is very very- He’s not harmful. He’s- Shannon: Is he alright? It’s alright, it’s – Is it a problem? Do you need me to go get him? Shannon: Maybe Shannon: Maybe you should check on him But I- I gotta- I wanna- *Sigh* Is anybody injured? Shannon: Not yet Oh goddamn Chrome Face Okay. Well, just- Just put some hamburger meat on the ground, I’ll go get him. Just put it in a trail over to like- You know the traps that they make in Looney Tunes? You know the stick and it falls down- I’ll get him Ladies and gentlemen- let me- Ladies and gentlemen I have to be cut short because Chrome Face is being a little difficult Of course he is, he hasn’t been out in about 15 years Son of a bitch I will be back! You don’t think you’ll never see me again! You’ll see me again! God, Chrome Face is so stupid… I should’ve brought on Uncle Frank, that’d be better… help me i can only communicate through subtitles hopefully jerma won’t notice if i put this at the end of the video im still in the attic please help his address is 729 ev

100 thoughts on “Bugleberry Teaches You a Lesson

  1. Some of you have trouble understanding Bugleberry due to his thick Reverbian accent. Turn on CCs for the Bugle to English translator.

  2. when ever i feel like giving up and life becomes too much for me to handle bugle berry reminds me that feeling is right, and I should give up[

  3. Bugleberry is the only Jerma bit I don't like and it makes me :(. Like I feel like you could do this joke without it being unintelligible y'know?

  4. Bugleberry is one of, if not, Jerma's most interesting character. He seems so inspired when he does it, like it's method art or something. I feel like what started as a Goosebumps reference has evolved into some strange form of catharsis for Jerma that I can't really explain, but I love it and I'll gladly watch it again next Halloween.

  5. B.F Bugleberry is one of my favorite Jerma characters, a failed shlocky late-night horror host for kids, really tries but is just very bad at it. I love almost everything about it except the execution.

  6. The fact that everyone else dislikes him only makes me feel that Bugleberry is here for me, and that's nice because I really like the bit from an ironic/contrarian standpoint

  7. help me i can only communicate through subtitles hopefully jerma won't notice if i put this at the end if the video I'm still in the attic please help his address is 729 ev

  8. Man I was waiting for his return! Can’t wait to see him again. I’m being 100 percent serious I love Bugleberry

  9. if you're having trouble understanding the video that's because this is not information meant for human beings to comprehend

  10. Absolutely OUT OF CONTROLE streamer keeps a innocent man in his attic and FORCES him to make SUBTITLES for his video.

    (No really turn them on and go to the last second.)

  11. Nice Job, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you might like 🙂

  12. Jerma, I'm saying this because I love you and your content, but Bugleberry sucks (sux). He's not funny, he's not creepy-funny, he's just creepy. It's like a really bad Rick & Morty/Tim & Eric skit that just keeps going. I legit left at this part and came back for the slime time. I might be in the minority here but somebody's gotta say it. Sorry man.

  13. the end says "help me i can only communicate through subtitles hopefully jerma won't notice if i put this at the end of the video im still in the attic please help his address is 729 ev"

  14. I can't imagine watching this live without captions. How many people watched this man make incoherent noises in the dark?

  15. The reverb is making it feel like I’m in a cave trying to escape as bugleberry hunts me as his voice echoes down the caverns and honestly that makes this much better

  16. Bugleberry will always be a favorite for me in the deep, mossy, dark, damp, cold recesses of my heart.

    Don't hate on Bugleberry.

  17. Searched 'Bugelberry Fivver' on google, only result was a girl who will play Fortnite with me for five dollars. Best money I ever spent, thanks Jerma!

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