Hey, Barnaby Dixon here, so this is my latest puppet He’s kind of like a…. Sort of like a bug man, sort of thing I’m not sure exactly what but check out how he moves So, he’s based very heavily on my Manu puppet design from over a year ago now In terms of his general shape and structure but also these hands, that can open and close and fingers that can point too. And this level of dexterity enables him to pick things up. Like that. And, put him in there. He’s made from a very different material, though he’s made from a kind-of light-weight plastic which is very form-fitting, very comfortable for me to use. Very light. which I think helps me get a lot more subtle movement out of him. So, instead of having him look alive through a lot of high energy stuff, which is fun to do as well. You can also make him look like he’s thinking, almost. You know? Yeah So, a more obvious difference might be the fact that he has wings. So, these can sort-of help him jump a little bit or just use kind-of use them in an expressive, subtle way. Or just fly around the space entirely. Another thing that this one can do is this one glows The other one could glow, but only under UV light, and I am actually using a UV light at the moment, but it’s not necessary. Check out what happens when I turn the lights off. So check this out. Isn’t this wonderful? So I’ve been playing around with this for about a week and it’s still blowing me away Just the fact that I can disappear completely into the background and just have him occupy the space. Just unhindered by me or my silly face. There we go. So you could have all sorts of things going on in terms of compositing as well. So I’m gonna do a bit of post-production stuff. There you go. So he’s duplicated himself. Doing a little dance. or sort bursts into like a whole swarm of himself maybe Yeah, it’s really wonderful. Ok. So I’m planning to do some more videos with this guy in the coming weeks. Next week, well Friday, I’ll be doing a live thing in Bristol. So details of that can be found on my Twitter I’ll put details of any future live stuff I do there as well below that is my Facebook and Youtube and below that, if you’re feeling super generous, is a link to my Patreon account. Where you can support me and the work that I’m doing, if you like. but you can also support me in a more conventional way by simply sharing this video with every single person that you know. Thanks very much. (music)

100 thoughts on “BUG PUPPET

  1. Youtube : This man watches pokemon, smash, mario and overwatch what should we put in his reccomended
    That one guy : BIG BUG PUPPET
    YouTube : YES

  2. You could make the whole puppet glow in dark so you are not seen, and it looks like the dude is just doing things in dark background

  3. 0:31 See?Even bug puppets clear the world from trash
    help the economy
    or global warming will end the earth
    ~some guy at the subway

  4. Dude,Idk about that,ALSO is from 2017 that video and i am from 2019 (in this moment tomorrow or the other tomorrow i gonna stay in 2020)
    That bug puppet is very familliar for me,about a game but idk the name.

    But is cool the video

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