Browsing Deviantart: Anime Death Star

Browsing Deviantart: Anime Death Star

Solar: Hello every person who happened to click on this video. My name is Solar Sands, and today we will be browsing through DeviantArt, which is a art sharing website. We have lots of links to get through, so let’s get started. Oh for fuck’s sake, he looks like he had a pole shoved up his ass… Come on man, put some decency into your character drawings. The lines of this are so uneven it looks like it was drawn in thirty seconds. Uhh, …I’m actually really, really scared right now. Uh, your fingers seem to have a fairly large margin between them, uh… I think you should have… You should have that checked. This stare is just like, unlike any other I’ve seen in any piece of art… For some reason, it just sorta… Opens you up, makes you feel hopeless… Scared… Dark… Or maybe its just really unnatural, and it wasn’t drawn that well. But who knows. Humble gift. “Humble”… Oh yes. Very humble. (sarcasm) It seems you have a very… keen interest, in drawing the very specific angle of the backside. Artists like this bother me. They find one thing, one angle they may be decent at, and spam that same drawing again and again with different characters. There is no imagination, no creativity, no thinking going on, all of it is drawing women lustfully. I’m sorry, I had to. I think I’m just gonna… Go down and get a glass of water to rethink reality… Excuse me. *Zesty Intermission Music* *So… how are you?* *I’m fine.* *…* *Oh, hold on. Solar’s coming back.* *Refreshed sigh* That’s better, I was parched. *Ahem* Anyway… WHAT!? So… You are telling me… Some person thought about doing this, thinking it was a good idea? Bought a costume, still thinking it was a good idea? Posed on a yard with someone taking a picture, STILL thinking it was a good idea?? And posted it on a public website, STILL THINKING IT WAS A GOOD IDEA!?? PLEASE! Do not post the entirety of your unsightly body on the internet! Take a good, long look, children. This is what you see in hell. What are you!? There is no gender, age, or name. The only thing you HAVE for a ‘name’ is the letter T! Wh… What are you??? Explain yourself! Why do you exist?!? Why…?? Okay, here’s the deal with this guy… His name is ‘StewieLe200’. And he just pretty much posts… his… alternate version of Stewie, I suppose. Again… And again… And again- Okay…. Don’t… Don’t spam your stupid fascination with an alternate version of Stewie… Don’t do that. Why are you doing this? Stop. Please. *sigh* Okay, your Stewie pictures are like a rapidly dividing cancerous cell, Bundling up in the form of spam, just waiting to show up as a giant, festering internet tumor. …Made of Stewie, of all things. Christ, there’s… 27 pages of this! Someone really doesn’t have a life. So I found this very odd assortment of disturbing imagery… So basically, as I can tell, uhm… There is this person, who enjoys disintegrating women, and getting pleasure from it. Now… I know right now you are thinking, “DAFUK!?” “Solar! How the hell did you make this up??” Trust me, if I could spawn a scenario like that out of my noggin, I would be far from mentally healthy. Now here we have some hilarious entries. He uh, He even made a story out of this odd fetish, I kid you not. “As soon as her ass took the blast, she slapped both hands to the wall”. “I gave her a single zap while she was in mid-wiggle”. “I used a pair of low powered beams to energize both curvy halves her rear end”. Lovely… Here, uh… Here’s a very interesting comment. “I love the idea of the pleasure during the disintegration!”, “I can just imagine what a girl can feel in her last moments”… Is there someth- Is there something with you? Did you… Did you miss a class of ‘Death School’ because, haha… You should know that… In our last moments, we feel pain… And then NOTHING. You know, there’s There’s not going to be pleasure from that, you know. People… People don’t like dying. That’s uh… Should be obvious! The thing about DeviantArt is, uhm… It can even defy the most basic of logical thinking Now, *ahem* Mister ‘ZapperZero’, I have come to the conclusion that you… Are a rejected Dalek. Let’s look at the evidence. ‘number 1’ You have a blaster and have shown photographical evidence of zapping people. ‘numbarh tuo’ You do not give us your gender because you do not have one. Because you are a Dalek. ‘#potatoh” The amount of strange writing and photos are a clear indication you are a malfunction from the Dalek Factory©, so mistaken, and so wrong, that the Daleks did not think you had the privilege of being destroyed. And my final piece of evidence? Everyone knows that if you post your fetish on DeviantArt without stop, You are a being of pure hatred and anger, with all other compassionate emotions removed. Please. Fucking stop. Well… Why? I mean, it is a well drawn character, I will give you that. But, why make it like this? If almost all of her legs were on giant metal ball, how could she walk? She wouldn’t even have any knees, she would just have to waddle everywhere she went. …Did you draw this entire picture to make that one joke? Oh well, it’s pretty much harmless. Oh my god, how difficult is it to draw a decent pair of legs and hands? And his right* hand, there aren’t even any lines between his fingers, and it looks like his entire hand was deformed and melted. This would of worked if he was wearing mittens or something, but his other hand is somewhat better drawn, So that makes the other one seem much, much worse. How difficult is it to just complete a line? Here, I’ll show you… I know it’s not that much better, but… Come on! It’s better than this! Why is that so difficult to do? Another thing is how his feet are just sorta two cinder blocks that bend at weird angles, which, again, it’s not that difficult to draw! Oh no, that was incredibly difficult… How much- how long did that take? Uh… 30 seconds…? Just spend a little bit more time on these and then maybe you can get some decent character drawings. Well, that’s about enough time we have for today, My name is Solar Sands, If you’d like to leave a link to any art or artists in the… comments below I will be happy to look at them, because I will probably be the only ones there. My name is Solar Sands, and goodbye.

100 thoughts on “Browsing Deviantart: Anime Death Star

  1. 6:42 ok, let me say this ut no art is perfect, it takes practice and time in order to get used on MSPaint, the art is really not bad, its ok

  2. The zap fetish thing gives me some heavy psychopath vibes, especially the person who commented on it. People enjoying the idea of murder are a big red flag. But such happens if a state won't make mental health care affordable to the public.

  3. 2:40 hey, who cares about those things? XD
    People are people, their existence is not affirmed by name, gender or age. Mainly not by gender.
    But i am sure you know that, you are very reasonable today(still fun to look at your years old videos though)

  4. So, I'm not sure whether you'll see this or not, but after running around Deviantart for a while, I ran into this one user. They don't really have anything bad, and they don't have anything too crazy and out there either. The reason I'm bringing them up is actually because most of their stuff was done with MS Paint. And at my standards it doesn't actually look that bad. Their user name is Rainbowblaze190 last I checked.

  5. I keep coming back to this video to see the glimpses of the awful description story at about 4:00 that Solar gives us. It makes me want to throw up but I keep coming.


    GOOD IDEA?! "

    -Solar sands
    He lost his mind

  7. Solar Sands: psychologist, judge and god of the internet, please therapy those creafures to a healthy mind state D:

  8. you do not wanna see beatles ''gay fanfics'' it's the worst. I can assure you. my reaction was ''MY EYES!!!'' when I accidentally stumbled upon it. the pictures are so bad. It's horrible.

  9. also the ''mlp'' ''pron''. It's the worst. Its just plain wrong. and believe me, it's posted everywhere it shouldn't be. you only have to search ''deviantart'' and it appears even if you searched something different. again; ''MY EYES!, MY LEG!''

  10. recommended cringe/laughs ''pennywise and the babadook gay'' it's so bad it's funny. I also accidentally found that and it makes zero sense.

  11. this is why i own a ma deuce aa-12 50 cal bmg a granade larncher and a fully powed titanium cutting lazer attached to each other so i can fire them all

  12. Yeah I saw some fucking creep fall down the mountain and procced to go to papyrus ( somehow they knew who everyone was from the start )
    And SEXUALLY harass him.
    And yes, he got a pole shoved deep in his ass.

    The fucking weirdest day EVER

  13. How can supposed "artists" draw something awful, apply no corrections, add no details, basically NOT actually put any work into it, and just post it in its awful state?
    Do they have no self-awareness?

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