Brother PE800 Stitching out a Monogram Design From Start to Finish | SEWING REPORT

Brother PE800 Stitching out a Monogram Design From Start to Finish | SEWING REPORT

hello and welcome to the Sewing Report
we’re going to be doing something a little bit different in this video I’ve
been really excited about my new embroidery machine the Brother PE 800
and I’m spending this week getting acquainted with it
learning more about embroidery designs and how to work with them so I wanted to
show you guys what it looks like when a design is stitched out from start to
finish so this design I got from Etsy and there’s so many great designs I’m
gonna link to some of my favorites I’ve been watching some blueprint formerly
craft C classes and they’ve been great so I downloaded this monogram font it’s
called exquisite and I really liked it
obviously my last name is ‘more so I thought this was fitting and I wanted to
show you from the beginning to the end what this looks like I did speed this up
so it’s at double time just so you’re not like oh my gosh this is so long
originally it was about 20 minutes now it’s about 10 minutes and then we just
show you the end result oh and in case you’re wondering for stabilizer I
actually sprayed terial magic yes my favorite liquid stabilizer on this
cotton fabric before I used it and then I put some tearaway stabilizer on the
back I’m gonna link to some stuff below so you can find it I’m also going to
share some of those classes I’ve been watching because they’ve been very
helpful and some of the Etsy shops I found
I’m obsessed I’ve been spending way too much time on this so I’m not talking
this entire time I’m gonna give you guys a little musical interlude so here’s
some easy listening Wow so color me impressed I think this
looks so good and I’m really excited to play around with some other designs
maybe do some applique I don’t know we might be getting too crazy or anyways I
hope you enjoyed this video if you did hit that like button also let me know
what kind of other videos you’d want me to do on the embroidery machine because
I haven’t really seen a lot on this particular model so that’s why I decided
to make these definitely consider subscribing to the Sewing Report if you
like watching sewing crafts and DIY videos i’m Jennifer Moore and i’ll see
you guys again next time

23 thoughts on “Brother PE800 Stitching out a Monogram Design From Start to Finish | SEWING REPORT

  1. i really enjoyed this. Several people I know have embroidery machines but I have never seen one in action. I would love to have one myself but I know me, I would play around with it for a while and then toss on the cover and leave it set and they are just too expensive for that. Maybe I will get a baby granddaughter some day to sew for.

  2. Thanks so much. I’m loving this machine. Can you show more of the lcd? How it works and such? Does it show each individual step and the colors?

  3. Wow, it came out nicely. I bet there's so many options you can make using the embroidery machine. Great investment. I may need to get one for an early birthday present to myself πŸ˜‰.

  4. I wish I could post pictures here. I would show you a butterfly that I embroidered and cut out and sewed onto the shoulder of a dress I made for my grand daughter and I left the wings unattached so that it kind of looked like a real butterfly landed there. It was really cute. There are so many things to do with an embroidery machine.

  5. Congratulations and welcome to the world of embroidery πŸ˜ƒ I have been using Brother combo machines for years and just love them. If you are interested in some reasonably priced embroidery editing software, I have been using So What-Pro it is $65 and it is pretty easy to learn. They also have a free 30 trial. Thanks for your great videosπŸ’—

  6. Jennifer, as for embroidery thread and embroidery bobbin thread you may want to look at Thread Art. Their thread is quality and reasonably priced. Also, check out Urban Threads and Embroidery Library. Each month both offer free designs.

  7. I am enjoying your sewing embroidery vlogs, I just got this same embroidery machine for Christmas and I am having a hard time finding videos about this machine. I would like to know how to embroidery designs on baby clothes. I have a couple of baby showers coming up this year that I would like to make personalized gifts for.

  8. can you do a tutorial on floating over the hoop instead of hooping, I see that is the preferred method for thicker fabrics!

  9. I am curious if you have tried to create your own design? I just got mine and I want to learn how to do designs of my own

  10. Does the PE800 come with different sized hoops or can different sized hoops be used? Also, you mentioned that you used both spray stabalizer and the tear away—are both needed?

  11. I will be purchasing an embroidery machine soon. I am leaning more towards the pe800. (You got me hooked). Do you know if it is better to purchase a machine that only embroiders rather than a machine that also sews? I'm wondering if a machine that does both would wear out sooner?

  12. Just purchased mine. (Delivered tomorrow) Upgrading from the se400. Do you know if this allows you to do a basting stitch around it? Thanks so much for your videos, you make things make sense for me πŸ˜„

  13. I am new to embroidering and recently bought the PE 800 machine, when I am doing my monogram stitching my stitching is really loose. What could be causing that? How do I fix it? Thank You.

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