Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine ✔️ Applique Designs | SEWING REPORT

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine ✔️ Applique Designs | SEWING REPORT

Who’s ready for some applique? welcome
to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing
crafts in DIY projects if you’re new here consider subscribing and tap the
bell to get notified about all new videos and livestreams and in this
episode we are going to be going over the basics of doing an applique design
on an embroider machine I am using the Brother PE800 my trusty sidekick here
in the sewing room this video was actually suggested by one of you so
thank you very much and keep those ideas coming so let’s get into it
we’re taking the song report logo that I had digitized through an Etsy seller I
imported the design into the machine on a USB Drive and the LCD touch-screen
gives you lots of options from resizing to moving rotating and changing thread
colors let’s get this needle threaded the first color up is black and I’m
showing you this up close and personal so hopefully this helps put it through
one and two and then put it through this guide here down into the left there’s a
little hook within the machine nested in there and you’re going to need to catch
your thread on it before pulling it down there’s another thread guide right above
the needle make sure your needle is in the highest position possible pull it
through this auto thread cutter guide push the lever down and it automatically
threads the needle for you if you’d like to see more basics on this particular
embroidery machine I’ve got another video walking you through the Brother PE
800 from start to finish I chose quilting cotton for this project
on to a 5 by 7 inch hoop with tearaway stabilizer on the back hoop the fabric
and tighten the screw because this is woven and not textured no topper is
really needed so I’m not using one with applique the first step is a placement
stitch to indicate where you need to put the fabric then comes a tacking stitch to hold down
the applique with this design the lettering is
stitched out immediately after at this point you will need to remove
the hoop entirely and use a good pair of curved or applications to trim the
fabric as close as possible to those tacking stitches put the hoop back into
the embroidery unit switching colors is actually pretty easy just to remove this
bull you already used and insert another one which is pink then rethread the
machine like you did before for more intricate designs you may need to change
threads quite a few times you also have the option of applying fusible web to
the applique fabric and pressing it to the backing fabric once you’re finished
that would ensure the fabric doesn’t shift I did not do it for this sample
since the lettering serves a similar purpose but I would for certain projects
like designs that incorporate larger areas next is the satin stitch which
will enclose that raw edge of the fabric entirely and give your applique a neat
and polished look kind of a random thing but before I went
to this class on machine embroidery I actually had no idea how appliques
happened I didn’t really know anything about it and I thought it looked a lot
more complicated than it actually is then when I took this workshop and I saw
how easy it was and how advanced the embroidery machines had come
I was literally blown away and we did some applique in this class and I was
just so impressed that a machine to do that I was like okay see you hoop the
fabric and all you do is push buttons and the Machine does all the work so I’m
really excited to be able to do that at home here with the Brother PE 800 I hope
you found this walkthrough helpful I really just wanted to show you that
doing applique on an embroidery machine is really pretty easy and simple so I
hope you give it a try it let me know how it goes and if you’d like to check
out one of my many embroidery machines on the Brother PE 800 I’ve got lots to
choose from I’m Jennifer Moore for the Sewing Report and I’ll see you guys again
in the next video

8 thoughts on “Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine ✔️ Applique Designs | SEWING REPORT

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  2. I think you may have me sold on this machine. The price of it is attractive.

    When you do the first placement stitch do you instruct the machine to do that or how do you select appliqué on the machine?

    When you take the hoop off the machine will it start back in the exact spot it needs to?

    Also, have you found the 5×7 to meet your needs or do you wish for a bigger work area?

  3. can you do a video with how to fix the issue with the bobbin thread. like it keeps showing as it threads.

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