Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine ✂️ Answering Your Questions | SEWING REPORT

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine ✂️ Answering Your Questions | SEWING REPORT

Answering your questions about the
brother PE800 embroidery machine whoo welcome to the Sewing Report i’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects you guys
have been asking me a lot of questions about this machine down in the comments
so I thought I would try to answer as many of them as I can in this episode so
let’s go over some of these specs of the Brother PE 800 I’ve owned this machine
for about six months and I absolutely love it how much does it cost well I
live in the United States so US Dollars here I paid six hundred and thirty
dollars but the price has certainly been changing and at last check I also
noticed around Christmastime of last year this went down to like 550 so if
you check around you may be able to get a really good price also if you can get
it slightly used or maybe refurbished might also be a good bet as well but
this is a fairly new model out now the largest hoop this was designed for was a
5 by 7 so it can stitch out a design up to that size I did purchase an
additional pack of hoops because it does not come with any other size besides
five by seven and I also wanted a four by four and the small like little oval
one for like monograms and it came with a 5 by 12 inch hoop and I’ve been
getting questions can you use larger hoops you technically can but the design
you stitch out on it can’t be any larger than 5 by 7 so say you want to do two
designs in this 5 by 12 inch field you could technically not have to recoup but
you can’t stitch out a single design that’s larger than you can’t do the 5 by
12 so that’s what I’m saying but this hoop set was a pretty good deal I use
pretty much the 4 by 4 and the 5 by 7 but it is nice having an extra 5×7 inch
hoop now if I am stitching out a design I can hoop the next item if I have to 5
by 7 items so that’s kind of convenient and it also has a large color LCD touch
screen that’s a great feature and from what I can tell it’s a pretty large
improvement over the PE 770 so that’s why I decided to spend a
little bit of extra money and get the newest model you can actually do quite a
bit of editing on the touchscreen itself you could mirror designs you can move
them you can resize them and you can also combine two files in one design so
you can say say you have like a monogram and then you have say a design with like
a picture on it you can put that all into one stitched out design and you can
save it for future use so you can actually do some basic functions right
on the machine without having to get software it has 138 built-in embroidery
designs including 11 lettering fonts seven of them are in English so the
other four I guess three are Japanese and one is something I cannot pronounce
10 frame shapes and 14 border styles it allows you to rotate mirror image and
increase and decrease the size of the designs which i think is incredible now
someone just asked me Jen can you use different styles of bobbins different
sizes I believe you can only use this type the one that comes with the machine
it came with I believe four bobbins so you’ve got one and then a couple extras
to have on hand but it is the size a class 15 style
I think it’s sa one five six and that is the type of bob and you should be buying
for this machine I personally wouldn’t gamble with another type you don’t want
to mess up the machine and you don’t want to jeopardize the quality of your
project so I would certainly only use the style of bobbin and that Brother
recommends which is this type right here and I will try to link all of these
supplies below if you’re looking for accessories or if you want to pick up
more bobbins I have not purchased more bobbins yet
but I’m probably will and I haven’t tried the pre wound type that looks so
convenient and we’ve got to get to talking about embroidery designs I’ve
been getting questions about that as well so I’m gonna try to explain what
I’ve been doing with the designs now there are some included designs with the
machine if you want to import other designs you do need to have a USB flash
drive and you can put designs on your computer get your designs of the
computer import them onto the USB Drive and then you can take your USB Drive and
there’s a place on the machine to plug it in so that’s how you can transfer
your designs back and forth I have been purchasing designs off of Etsy like I’ve
gotten some fonts off of there are some cute little applique designs and on a
website called I believe it’s called embroidery designs dot-com that’s
another good one but there’s there’s so many places all over the internet where
you can get pretty inexpensive embroidery designs in fact I believe
embroider e designs come even has you can get like three free ones per week
they have a library full of ones where they don’t charge you for it the designs
that are imported to this machine they have to be p/es files
so that’s brothers file type for the designs I think there’s some
misconceptions that you can like upload any random picture like something from
Adobe or like a JPEG or a picture you could not do that like nothing from
Adobe Illustrator if you bring in and brought an embroidery design it has to
specifically be digitized for embroidery so you can’t just do images there is
software available it’s very expensive it’s like a thousand dollars where you
can digitize images but again you’re paying out the nose for that so if you
are an embroidery designer that’s something to invest in but if you’re
like me and you only use designs every once in a while and you’re not designing
your own stuff I don’t feel like there’s any reason for me to spend that much
money on embroidery software so when I do need to have something digitized I
found a few Etsy sellers that will do that for you I’ve had a few logos done
they charged me ten bucks thought it was a good price but you have to
specifically take that logo or image and get it digitized with embroidery
software so you can’t just use random picture so I did want to make that clear
but again I’m not a designer so the software I’ve been using is Embrilliance
Express it’s a free version of this one brand that has all sorts of
different tiers and levels of prices they have the fancy software I got the
free one because cheap and the functionality of the free
version is pretty limited now you can purchase BX file
fonts on etsy so you can get like really cute fonts and then you can import it
into this free software and that way you don’t have to do like each letter
individually you can spell out words and phrases and that’s been a good way for
me to do lettering in the embroidery machine without having to you know be
like M oh oh so that does save you some some time there I would be careful some
of these embroidery fonts on Etsy that have the BX style they don’t come with
punctuation so if you’re trying to do someone’s name great but if you’re
trying to do whole phrases like you know it’s New Year’s or something it won’t
have like the apostrophe or like Tom or an exclamation point so be on the
lookout if you’re purchasing those BX fonts if you depending on what you need
it for you may want to be sure it includes punctuation with that but I but
I found a lot of cute fonts now in this and brilliance Express software you can
merge a BX font like word or phrase with a PS file so like say I have a snowflake
I could put the snowflake and merge it with like it’s snowing but you can’t
merge two pes files you have to pay for the upgrade so say you had like a
snowflake PGs file you have like Christmas tree
you can’t put those together in that software and then export it but what you
can do is you can import it into the Machine and you can design something
straight on the LCD screen so if it’s something simple like that you can just
do it in the machine down the road I may upgrade that umbrella ins software a
little bit just to be able to merge designs more but for now I really don’t
need it and I don’t want to pay for that so that’s what we’re going with for now
but I did want to explain more about the designs because I think there’s some
confusion over what you can do the capabilities of the machine and also
what you need to do if you want to get like your picture or your image
your logo digitized for the machine you can’t just like put like a JPEG in here
will not it will definitely not stitch that out so I hope that answers some
questions about this embroidery machine if you have any more leaving below in
the comments full disclaimer I am NOT some sort of
brother certified expert I’m just someone that owns and likes this machine
and clearly likes talking about it so I hope you enjoyed this video if you would
like to watch other videos about the Brother p800 I did kind of a fun
unboxing of it and demonstration I also have some other videos on doing like
hats t-shirts and towels so those are in a playlist as well and I will link that
in the description box but I hope you enjoyed this look into the Brother PG
800 and I will definitely be making more videos about this machine so stay tuned
I’m Jennifer Moore with you for the Sewing Report

48 thoughts on “Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine ✂️ Answering Your Questions | SEWING REPORT

  1. I have had my pe800 about 3 weeks and love this machine too. I did buy embrilliance essentials and I’m having a lot of fun putting designs together. Thanks for doing the video. I’m finding this very easy to use though I am getting larger hoop envy!

  2. I’ve been wanting an embroidery machine for a while. I just haven’t made the commitment. I’m not very computer savvy so anything that involves having to download or upload, etc intimidates me. But you make it look easy. I’m going to take a look at the other vlogs you mentioned now and….. well we’ll see what happens.

  3. I use Sew What Pro software and love it. It’s easy and affordable and I can merge images/files. There’s also Sew What Art for digitizing and it’s affordable too. Under $100.

  4. Thanks so much. I do want one of these machines someday but have so many questions and you just answered many of them.

  5. Thanks so much! I'm thinking about trying software, and the free version sounds like a great place for me to start. Appreciate all the info!

  6. I am looking for a machine that can do majority embroidery but also with sewing functions… could you show some sewing stitches and functions for this PE800 model. Thank you.

  7. I have a design that has 6 changes of threads. In middle of embroidering I ran out of thread in the bobbin. I did have another bobbin with the same color , but when I changed the empty bobbin to the full one the PE800 did not continue where it left off. In reading the instructions it was suppose too. Fortunately it was complete with the 3 change of thread. So now I want to start the pattern at the fourth change. Can that be done?

  8. Jennifer, I have another question… I was entering text which happened to be a name so I wanted some spaces between the first and last name. I made three spaces and when I reviewed the name it was to many space so I wanted to delete one of the spaces. For the life me I cannot find how to do that. I can delete the entire name and start all over but not just on character. What's up with that?? Or am I missing something

  9. one way to get around fonts without punctuation is to use the lowercase 'i' and, using essentials, separate the letter with a color stop, then you can move the skew the parts of the letter to form a comma or a period.

    also some etsy bx fonts are 'you get what you pay for.' some are too high density at intersections causing hoop hop and some free or discounted designs on embroidery are discounted for a reason. they tend to have some random stitching jumps that require you to delete them out and save over the original file. but some are quite good.

  10. I have had my PE 800 about 3 weeks now. Everything I embroider has the bobbin thread showing through. I have adjusted the tension, but that does not help. Do you have any other suggestions? The embroidered designs do not look nice. Thank you!

  11. Thank you for your video. I’ve started looking into the fonts that came with the PE800 and wanted more for monogramming. The ones you downloaded from Etsy, are they Mac compatible? Thank you.

  12. First of all thanks so much for you information. My questions is does the machine allow multiple bobbin with different colors to embroider an image with multiple color? How does that work per-se? Does the Essential version allow to import a sole image. I wanted to use it for embroider our business logos into Polo Shirts. Thanks in advance.

  13. So glad I found your channel! I have been looking at the Brother PE770 and now the PE800 for over a year and I'm about to take the plunge. Can you recommend a video (maybe you've even done one?) with the basics of machine embroidery? I'm looking for basic info on hoops, stabilizer, needles, thread…all of it. Thank you!

  14. Looking forward to more videos on the PE800. I am really confused as to how you hoop so the design from left to right. I am saying that right. Do I just use the rotation? I am probably making this harder than it is. Thank you for a wonderful video. I enjoy them so much. You make things very clear.:)

  15. hello thank you for your help I ordered a kit from thread art polyester embroidery thread so I have a bunch of thread I would like to be able to use on my brother pe 800 that I just got but the numbers don't match the brothers numbers do you know if there is a conversion chart for the thread?

  16. I purchased some fonts from etsy for my PE800 but I can't figure out how to get them onto my machine. I have them on my usb but how can i pull them up on my machine is what I'm asking under the font section….sorry I'm VERY new to this

  17. I ordered the hoops you recommended they don't fit my Pe 800 did they replace the hoops with other hoops ? do you have another recommendation? don't want to brake my brand new machine thanks

  18. Hello! Do you have any videos on what to do if your top thread keeps breaking? Also, a more detailed video on tension?

  19. I just got this machine from husband for my birthday. I haven"t use it much yet. I try to make a design from my USB drive and I got like 4 needles broke. Then the thread was loose.. I have been used my se400 and have no problem at all. Any tips or advises will help.thank you

  20. I want to upgrade but I'm on a budget. Watching your video I finally made my mind up to purchase the PE800. Thank you!

  21. Thanks for all your info!!! I have this machine and I LOVE IT however, I need to know if you can embroider on pockets of shirts without detaching it from the shirt? I have been asked to put some initials on men’s dress shirts for a wedding and I’m at a total lost! I can do it but they can’t use the pocket if I do 🤣

  22. I just bought this machine and have so much to learn. I've played around with it tonight and for some reason the "test" letters I have embroidered are sewn in the bobbin color (white) instead of the color installed in the top. The thread has all been loaded correctly as far as I can tell. Any ideas what might be causing this?

  23. I am increasing the font size but it will not increase any bigger than the 2 or so inches. How can I get the font size to 4 or 5 inches?

  24. Hi Jennifer, I purchased my brother pe809 but my projects are coming backwards what can I do to fix it the bottom looks better than the top, is there something I touched ?

  25. I’m looking to get the PE800. Im looking to make “Letterman Jacket”, does this machine have the setting to make “Chenille”?

  26. Can you please make a video or explain… once I have a new downloaded Font on a usb flash drive then I have put the usb in the PE800 and all the letters come up in my PE800 but they are individual letters. I need to be able to create them as a word such as "Happy Halloween". The same way when I touch on the "ABC" icon on my machine with the installed Fonts I can type out "Happy Halloween" in 2 lines but I can't figure out how to do the same process with the downloaded Font on my usb flash drive. It shows the letters but I can only select each letter individually and not as a word. This would be so helpful I'm new at this embroidering and trying to figure all this out by reading and have not been able to make this work. Thank you so much for helping!

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