Brainstorming Techniques: How to Remove the Plastic from the Oceans?

Brainstorming Techniques: How to Remove the Plastic from the Oceans?

If you have a real problem, Brainstorming
is a good way to come up with a solution or two. As the name suggests, the idea is
that you storm on the neural pathways through the brain to pick a lot of
thoughts quickly and intuitively. It’s best to do this with a group of diverse
people, so you have lots of different brains to explore. This leads to the
creation of more ideas and maybe new solutions. Before you start make sure you
solve the right problem. Einstein said, to solve a problem “I would
spend 55 minutes defining the problem and then five minutes solving it.” Tina
Seelig, a well-known professor on creativity, teaches to define a problem
by reframing the question for example by simply asking “why?” Say you brainstorm
ideas for a birthday party for your mum, you can ask: “Why do we organize birthday parties?” You might then realize that we do them to make people feel special then
ask “how can I make my mum feel special?” Now a totally different idea might come
up. Once you define the real problem, start! Here are three ways. Guided Group
Brainstorming: First get some markers and a whiteboard or some post-it notes. Then
invite the participants, these are your brains. Company bosses, teachers or other authorities are advised to stay outside or facilitate, their authority can
intimidate shy people from speaking up. Then lay out the four ground rules of
brainstorming. 1: Go for quantity – get out all the ideas no matter how silly. 2:
Withhold criticism. There are no bad ideas. 3: Welcome crazy ideas – the wilder
the better. 4: Build on other people’s ideas – listen to them first and then add
“yes and…” Now you can start. Write the problem as a
question on the whiteboard. Then ask all of your brains to throw in their ideas.
As a facilitator, keep the discussion focused on the topic. To ensure that
people don’t speak over one another, you can provide a talking stick which is
passed around. Note down all the ideas and put them up for everyone to see.
Remind people to add on to ideas. If Anne thinks of: “Let’s build a cool umbrella”
Jay can say “YES AND let’s make it one that flies too…” If someone did kill a good
idea, the facilitator can always bring it back to life to throw it back on the
table. At the end of the session, see if there
are two ideas that can be combined. In brainstorming, the slogan is: 1+1=3 then let the team vote to know which of the most popular ones. You can now either start with another round of brainstorming to build on those ideas,
or if you are happy with the solution, bring it to an end. Finally record your
best ideas, so you don’t lose them. The Nominal Group Technique: Explain the ground rules and present the problem. Then ask each person to write their
ideas anonymously. Then collect the ideas and let the group vote on each idea. The
top-ranked ideas may be sent back to the participants or sub groups for further
brainstorming. For example, one group may brainstorm on the form of a product,
while the other focuses on the technical features. The Group Passing Technique: Let people sit in a circle, explain the rules and present the problem each person
writes down one idea and then passes the piece of paper to the next person who
adds some thoughts. This continues until everybody gets his or her original piece
of paper back. By this time, it is likely that the group will have extensively
elaborated on each idea. Let everyone explain their evolved idea and write
each one up. You can then let the group vote. If you want to brainstorm by yourself,
give it a try right now. At the end of this scene we will present you with a
problem once you get it right five ideas in the comments below as fast as you can without much thinking. This unlocks your creativity and gets you past mental
blocks. After you are done, read the comments from the others. Pick
your favourite idea and build your thought on top of it. To do that, just
reply to that person starting with “yes and…” Here’s the problem: Our oceans are
full of plastic waste. A lot of it is eaten by fish with uncertain effects on
our health. According to The Economist Newspaper, by 2050 the oceans could
contain more plastic than fish, measured in weight. So: “How can we reduce the
plastic waste in our oceans today?”

100 thoughts on “Brainstorming Techniques: How to Remove the Plastic from the Oceans?

  1. 1. Aware people about plastic effect in water.
    2. Make local people to clean the beach and other sites.
    3. Innovate some technology to identify plastic waste In ocean and extract it.
    4. Alternative of plastic should be used which must be biodegradable.
    5. Fine system must be applied. If anyone caught throwing plastic heavy fine should be done.

  2. 1. We should go to big cooperations and ask them to make things recyclable.
    2. We can educate people on how to recycle trash by for example making yt videos.
    3. By helping people in 3rd world countries because they produce the most polution.

  3. These are the methods of braining storming they teach in the mechanical engineering department at my university.

  4. 1. Industries/ factories should stop throwing plastic in sea.
    2. We should work more on waste management.
    3. We should avoid using plastic.

  5. 1. Every corporate should know their corporate social responsibility (CSR) avoid to throw plastic in oceans
    2. Recycling of plastic with new one products instead of throw outside.
    3. Discourage Plastics companies by imposing heavy taxes on manufacturing on plastic.
    4.Established those types of technology which helps to clean the ocean.
    5.Make sure awareness to the people about the wastage of plastic which is not only causing our oceans even It effects to our pollution as well.

  6. 1. Teach fish to eat plastic
    2. Make plastic water soluble
    3. Teach fish to walk. And take plastic to recycling plants.
    4. Create giant net that covers entire ocean and scoop up all plastic and fish. See point 5.
    5. Teach fish to escape net

  7. 1. Recycle plastic
    2. Don't use plastic bags
    3. Modify fish to be able to digest plastic
    4. Clean the ocean
    5. Destroy garbage islands

  8. continue process should begin to clean the ocean until it gets to the very minimized.
    Creat awareness program through advertisement street play .
    Reduce the the number of people going for fishing to the ocean.
    use of the papaer bags , paper packets while travelling in the ocean.
    creat a goal globally to clean the ocean by 2035

  9. 1 By making people understand this drastic change and how it can effect them
    2 By reducing or banning the use of plastic and using degradable products. the sea coasts and banning the plastics and polythenes near sea shores
    4 closing the factories that are throwing garbage in sea

  10. 1. Make a campaign emphasizing on the negative effect of plastic to the ocean's fish.
    2. Organize big groups of people, preferably youth, willing to collect plastic at beaches' shores.
    3. Put warning signs with fines on people who throw plastic on beaches.
    4. Hire people to work on collecting plastic everyday.
    5. Eliminate completely or reduce the amount of food businesses around beaches and put signs to lead people to throw away plastic waste on garbage wagons near area.

  11. We can reduce plastic from oceans by following ways:
    *Recycling and reuse that plastic
    *Use plastic to built train sleepers it will also help to save trees
    *increase plastic rates by adding cost of treating used plastic thus demand will decrease and fund will also collected for its treatment
    *introduce some plastic paper which can be used several times in place of casual paper it will also reduce use of paper thus save trees
    *Decrease production of plastic up to some extent

  12. 1. Invest in researching compostable plastics
    2. Fishing out the plastic with big boats
    3. Researching "fish vaccines" to keep them from harming themselves or plastic harming them
    4. Just stop the ocean Pollution and sit it out
    5. Put netfences around certain important and well flourishing areas in the sea so the plastic won't pollute these parts. Focus on these parts first to try and overgo the crisis just for the momant and try to work up more and more space of the sea to do the same thing

  13. 1. Having ships "catch" loads of plastic from known areas it collects in the oceans instead of fish. Any fish that get caught accidentally are the only fish for eating.
    2. Make it illegal to continue production of any "plastic" type packaging unless it is biodegradable and compostable.
    3. Hold companies accountable who are making the plastic products rather than consumers- some consumers are left with little to no choice about what products and packaging they have to use.
    4. Use other ideas that people have offered up here 😉

  14. 1. Replacing ALL plastic with BPA free biodegradable materials
    2. Education on the negative affects of plastic and our environment
    3. Strict laws on plastic and disposing of plastic
    4. Encourage the use of alternative products

  15. 1- make a reward for each person who collects plastic to give it to the government to recycle it again maybe
    2- make somekind of searching robotic fishes to eat the plastics in the ocean maybe
    3- write a tweet on twitter daily to encourage people to reduce their usage of the plastic

  16. 1. Pay individuals for our recycled plastic
    2. Charge high premiums (tax?) for consumer goods in plastic containers
    3. Have a plastics class to young children to start them early on being better consumers
    4. Encourage minimalist lifestyles
    5. Teach personal budgeting & finance in every grade building upon it. An informed consumer wastes less?

  17. 1- make people try to eat plastic directly
    2- stop producing plastic and change it with another safe material
    3- grow fishes away from the sea
    4-create a substance that will dissolve plastic from the sea and from the fishes bodies
    5- try to clean the seas

  18. 1. We can have nets at the shores..
    2. We we can have plastics dumped in huge blocks.
    3.we Can reduce use of plastics by using other eco-friendly alternative.
    4. We Can recycle the used plastic into building and construction materials such as bricks n all.
    5. We can use the tides to collect that plastic at shores, this can effectively reduce the plastic on ocean surfaces

  19. 1. Completely banning use of plastic.
    2. Finding ways to degrade it.
    3. Finding alternative/substitute of plastic which is eco-friendly
    4. If can't degrade the plastic..find a way to collect it from ocean an reduce it to modern art sculptures.
    5. If can't find substitute for plastic..go back to the traditional way of carrying things like our forefathers did.

  20. plastics that are healthy for the fish to eat.
    2.fishers should be asked to remove the same amount of plastic as fish they catch and given financial encouragement for it.
    3. design plastics that decomposes when reacting with salt. a fee people on the beaches or in factories have to pay in order to financially aid cleaning companies. transparent plastics that floats on the surface so that they can be easily discovered and annoy less fish and allow sunlight entering the water

  21. 1. A sort of vacuum or filter
    2. Turn the islands of plastic into actual structured floating islands
    3. Invent some sort of tourist attraction where people get like a token, that makes them feel better about themselves or benefits them on a tax return, for going out and picking up trash
    4. Have prisoners do manual labor to clean up the major areas
    5. For little stuff we will need some sort of invention. Maybe a microbe that only eats plastic and is dissolved in the stomach acid of animals.

  22. 1. There are plastic-eating bacteria being discovered and it would be better to use them…
    2. Reverse Engineer plastics and break them down to its molecular level wherein you could use them as fresh and new raw materials for another product… If they are made up of natural materials, they could again be returned to natural materials…
    3. Send them to an active Volcano but Engineers need to figure out ways to make the process safer and less harmful to the environment and the people…
    4. Send them to outer space towards the Sun…
    5. Turn them into houses or construction materials so people will no longer have to quarry… Houses attached to poles wherein they float when there is a flood but stay in place because they are attached to poles…

  23. 1. Make it so that schools encourage students to vulonteer to clean up oceans.
    2. Education at an early age about waste management, furthered by the building of plastic recycling plants.
    3. Manufacture of clothes made of less plastics, with biodegradable materials instead
    4. Fish for consumption be farmed in secure areas with clean water whilst some wild fishes are treated everyday for plastics and put back into the sea
    5. Introduce orgamisms that digest plastics into the ocean, these should not compete with aquatic life tho

  24. 1) giant plastic vacuum
    A boat that will suck the water and keep only the waste that it founds.

    2) use a plant called "Chanvre" as plastic alternative.

    3) stop the use and abuse of all petrol based material. Corporations will have their best interests shifted into plastic alternatives and come up with interesting options.

    4) build an engine that consumes plastic to generate electricity.

    5) water drones that can travel the ocean to gather large amount of waste into one location. Pic up the waste then do use it with the engine on #4

  25. 1) Companies producing plastic should be held responsible of taking back same amount of plastic. Something like plastic credits.2) Disposing waste in oceans need to be banned.3) There needs to be an awareness with people on ill effects of consuming ocean fish which will bring down the price of same and hence generating interest in people involved in ocean fishing business.4) Ships getting into oceans including all types (cruise, military, fishing..) should be allowed to carry back the same quantity of plastic as they started with.5) Getting plastic 1000 mts closer to sea shore should be banned.

  26. 1. Create plastics that disintegrate upon coming into contact with salt (NaCl) water.

    2. To remove the existing plastic waste, need to tie up with the immediate beneficiaries (fisher men etc)

  27. 1. Plastic Collection Vehicles/boat should be employed
    2. Fine should be imposed on the defaulters who throw plastics in water bodies.

  28. Plastics should be recycled,
    Plastics can be collected and made into huge coagulated mass and accumulated in one particular place that way it does not affect marine life ……

  29. We can reduce plastic waste in the oceans by NOT Dumping plastic in the oceans. Why is this happening? Recycle plastic on land and make weather proof objects such as fencing, picnic tables, etc. Produce less plastic and use biodegradable or reusable containers to reduce waste.

  30. 1. we should start using plastics in making stuffs collecting unusable plastic and we can use it like raw material for making road,2. buildings and other stuffs like that which needs massive amount of substances,3. while we throw plastic away we can make it more convenient for people to put it in a different dustbin somehow,4. find alternative of plastic,5. use plastic as energy somehow ;-; i didn't thought on this one but somehow i said it but we cant burn plastic so we will have do something else about it ig.. yea that was what i thought quickest i can

  31. 1 utilizar menos plásticos e resíduos
    2 ser mais consciente no descarte de resíduos
    3 cada nação ser responsável por sua área marítima
    4 educação escolar por pessoas melhores
    5 bolsões para recolhimento do lixo já descartado nas águas.

  32. 1. Create a robot that could identify and collect trash.
    2. Form a new job that collect trash from ocean
    3. Replace most of the trash with other materials.
    4. Reinforce laws that could make people reuse most of their trash.
    5. Create a something that could destroy the material without causing harm to the Earth, animals, and people.

  33. 1. Tell the goverment
    2. pick up trash floating on river
    3. Change to environmentally friendly bag
    that's it. :/

  34. 1. Modifying marine species (e.g fishes, octopus,…) that can eat plastic as the main source of food without dying.
    2. Opposite the 1: Make the trash that wouldn't suit fishes's taste so that they couldn't consume it.
    3. Creating something like a vacuum that can gather the rubbish automatically.
    4. Making trash become biodegradable when immerse in sea water.
    5. EXTREMELY strict rules for ocean protection.
    6. Simply don't use any plastic – based stuff.

  35. 1) Ban on single use plastic
    2) Awareness to the people about ocean contamination through plastic and its effects
    3) Heavy fine to the people if found polluting the ocean with plastic
    4) Megha drive by all the governments and people to clean the ocean and get the plastic back from the ocean and use it to make the roads
    5) all the major companies who use plastic for the packaging has to move to non plastic packing.

  36. 1. By prohibiting tourist and ship to dump waste on ocean while traveling
    2. By dividing the area of ocean and giving the responsibility of regular check-up regarding it's cleanliness to different countries
    3. There should be competition among countries regarding cleanliness of the ocean near them
    4. Through advertisement by famous people on Earth who have large influence on people
    5. In school that particular topic should be discussed among students not just for test but for influencing young minds to come up with idea!.

  37. 1)Stop the Manufacturing plastic Bags /Ban on Plastic

    2)Manufacture new destroyable or reusable bags

    3)do not throw the plastic bag on the public space. keep the unusable/Destroyable bags in the dustbin

    4)provide a social message to the public that does not throw the bags out of the dustbin

    5)Give the social Messages n the School and colleges

    6)find the solution for cleaning the Ocean
    7)Educate the Country peoples not to used plastic bags and find the new similar solution

  38. 1. make law companies have to design for product's entire life at design stage not to the point it is taken off the shelf.
    2. add fishing nets to pipelines with sewage water that enter the sea to block plastics passing through.
    3. Create an app which can analyse how a digital company like facebook or uber negatively impacts the environment in terms of plastic and provide a rating for how harmful that app is to the oceans
    4. go to oceans and release a device which collects plastics by attracting plastics to it and once stuck can never be released again from it
    5. release device in oceans which can pin point where all the plastics are and in what concentrations in the oceans

  39. 1. Collect the plastics and throw it away to the sun
    2. Convert plastics in to fuel
    3. Convert plastics to be an organics Goods
    4. Reduce production of plastic
    5. Make a new organic goods to replace plastic

  40. Reduce use of plastic
    Recycle the plastic
    Collect the plastics from the sea shore
    Ban on the plastic on beach area
    Clear the ocean if any plastic collection is found
    Use papers bag instead of plastic

  41. 1. تقليل استخدام البلاستك بشكل عام
    2.عدم رمي المهملات عند الشاطئ
    3.القيام بحملات تنظيف للشاطئ
    4.على الدول منع رمي المهملات من قبل المصانع في البحر
    5.فرض غرامات كبيرة على كل من يرمي المهملات في البحر

  42. Make plastic density more so that they sink and add chemicals to plastic so that the chain dissolves with salt content under pressure

  43. 1. Uppmuntra människor till att sluta skräpa ned
    2. Få ut Miljöpartiet ur riksdagen
    3. Plocka upp skräpet vid stränder
    4. Straffbeskatta nedskräpning
    5. Värma upp vattnet så att all plast smälter

  44. 1.reduce the use of plastic by other things
    2.clean the sea step by step.
    3. give the awareness of this news around the globe
    4.recycle the waste plastic
    5. reward the people if the recycle the waste plastic

  45. 1. Using a net with a material that attracts the plastic but allow fish to escape alive
    2. Making a trash challenge for divers
    3. Heating the garbage and pick out the plastic that will stick together
    4. Hire professional divers to clean payed by the council
    5. Making robots to clean and recicle

  46. 1-make more biodegredable plastic
    2- raising price of plastic
    3-make it illegal to throw plastic wastes in oceans
    4-establish more recycling factories
    5-awareness raising

  47. Most of the time creative writing is extremely pleasant experience but occasionally nothing written is worth of publishing.

  48. 1. We were brainstorming for our Sci. Investigatory Proj. and thought to combine plastic when recycling paper but our teacher said there isn't an adhesive element unless the plastics' pulverized. So yeah pulverize plastic and combine it as an ingredient when recycling paper hahahha
    2. Water bottles should be banned from schools or works or malls and instead promote the use of tumblers.
    3. Schools can hold clean and green fieldtrips every year for all grade levels.
    4. Seriously, use ecobags @ groceries instead of plastic bags!!!
    5. That's it I'm too sleepy right now hahahha

  49. 1. By reducing plastic usage and using alternatives.
    2. By disposing plastics properly.
    3. By encouraging producers of alternatives for plastics by buying their products and helping their businesses.
    4. By innovating alternatives and encouraging others to innovate.
    5. By organizing group-cleaning projects in beaches.

  50. 1.- Poner rejas resistentes al final de los vertederos al mar.
    2.- Pulverizar plásticos y fundirlos para crear otros artículos cuyo uso sea longevo.
    3.- Negar los plásticos en la playa.
    4.- Inventar un "imán de plásticos" y recuperar todo el posible del mar.
    5.- Comprar plástico a las personas a buen precio para incentivar el recogerlo.

  51. 1. Use less plastic 2. Develop bacteria that eat plastic. 3. Fine plastic dumping 4. Educate the world on the damage of plastic

  52. 1.Make plastics that can be eaten by fishes
    2.make fishes which can eat plastics.
    3.recyclable plastics
    4.plastics which can be used as fuel for automobiles
    5.make plastics as a collectible item

  53. 1. Engineer plastic-eating fish
    2. Bots to clean beaches/ocean
    3. Mass produce plastic that dissolves in water so it's cheap
    4. Tax benefits for dissolvable plastic
    5. Programs/incentives to collect trash from the beach

  54. 1) ban single used plastic everywhere
    2) stop eating seafood, but have fishfarms and give it back to the ocean
    3) pay people to do beach clean ups
    4) pay diver to clean the ocean
    5) support NGOs that clean the oceans!!!!
    6) make it politics!!!!

  55. Create a designated area where plastics are allowed, ban plastics, create new plastics that are actually edible, reward fishing boats for cleaning up trash, boil the oceans

  56. We can burn the plastics and dump them in the land

    We can ban the plastics and move on to sustainable items like leaf, mud and metals

    We can start massive ocean cleaning

    We could recycle the already existing plastics

    Educate people

  57. 1)building a new sea.
    2) building a giant plastic compressor and trow that plastic to the sun.
    3) or trowing the plastic to volcano.

  58. 1) Giant filter like a fish net
    2) New chemical that will dissolve plastics but not harm ocean life or PH Levels
    3) New sea Drones that will be controlled by ppl to find and store trash
    4) Create a new species of fish that eat plastics
    5) Engineer plastics that biodegrade within a couple months (shorter life span)

  59. Stop buying things in plastic
    Tax higher anything that comes in plastic
    Ban plastic
    Refund some money when people return plastic
    Bring back glass bottles

  60. I'm Sorry but what's THIS? !!
    I'm an English student at the high teacher's education school and I'm kind of confused bcz the teacher told us that brain storming has 3 steps 1 Brian storming 2editing 3 1s t draft 4 2nd drsft or final work

  61. 1.Provide dustbin everywhere
    2.Discovering a vaccum cleaner for ocean
    3.Cleaning the garbage area every week so it is new full
    4.The one who has collected for garbage in their dustbin should be rewarded
    5.Finding an idea to recycle the garbages

  62. Make an plastic alternative.
    Make a giant aquarium that is suuuuuuuupppppeeeerrr big and put all species of fish in it and don't let plastic there.
    Burn it.
    Make edible plastics.
    Make plastic eating bacteria

  63. gather all the wast and rest them
    2.baning the use of plastic
    3.reserch on way to decompose plastic
    4.find a place to dump them until the research.
    5.make people avair about harmfully effect of plastic

  64. 1. limit the use of plastic
    2. recycling the plastic
    3. find alternatives for plastic
    4. most plastic goes into sea through rivers so make sure plastic waste is not poured into them.
    5. plastic should be strictly banned on tourist beaches

  65. 1. By not consuming plastic materials much and focusing on more organic and recycled materials in ouy daily life.
    2. By raising the awareness in schools and public places of not throwing anything not just plastic into the ocean..
    3. By setting large fines on the company's that produce plastic materials and forcing them to create an alternative and more environmentally friendly products..
    4. By using the prisoners of every country whose near any source of water to contribute to the overall tasks of cleaning the oceans every now and then that would give them a chance to go out and also do a good thing.

  66. 1. A chemical or smell on plastics so that fishes don't eat it.
    2. Stop eating seafood altogether, or go vegan.
    3. Separate place or island for disposal of plastics
    4. Stop the manufacturing of plastics

  67. 1. make robots that can search for platics in ocean and "eat“them
    2. make water soluble plastics
    3. put in solvents that dissoleve plastic into ocean(safe to living creatures)
    4. make special webs that filter out plastics
    5.make plastic that taste and smell bad ,only for marine lifes, so that they don't get close to the plastics

  68. 1. We should have a machine " garbage cleaner " which only detects plastic and any metal material, not the living creature, We do not need any humans for running the machine, it will work on its own once we set the function in it, in the ocean, slowly it cleans everything, and sea creature will have pure water.
    2. put the banners on the seashore " Do not the dispose of garbage, and feed animal rather than hunting them down".

  69. expectation: a wall full of crazy and interesting ideas. reality: a wall full of everything we already know, tried, and thought of.

  70. 1. destroy plastic bag factories
    2. use paper bags instead
    3. create a platoon for collecting plastics in ocean specifically
    4. make plastic edible
    5. extensively increase the amount of recycle bins for plastics

  71. 1. Ban the plastic manufacturing which get harm to fish and world
    2. Make a new recycle machine of plastic and put in every area of the city so people use and through on the machine.
    3. Aggressive Aweaness program of not to use plastic and more environment friendly.
    4. Cleaning the sea & beaches
    5. And not eat any fish for 1 year.

  72. 1. Genetically modify dolphins to be able to eat and enjoy eating plastic
    2. Create a robot that swims the ocean munching all the plastic
    3. Have a scheme for all ports to have a return and reward scheme for every a4 piece of plastic

    4. Make non recyclable plastic illegal

    5. Do that thing Germany does with removing your plastic in the supermarket – so you don't take any home

  73. Make an subject on plastic bags for school children about this & life threatening for future so the new generation will be more carefully about such thing an will not harm humanity in future an we can live long

  74. I think we have to divide our souls into 3 groups and have plastic bags and the ocean will be cleaned up as soon as it can

  75. 1.Throw it in space
    2.Stop making plastic bags.
    3.Burn to get electricity maybe
    4.Plastic Fishing Day,,,,whoever picks most gets 1 kg gold
    5.I don't know

  76. 1.We can switch the plastic conteiners to glass or cardboard
    2.We can go with big boats a lot of People and colect the trash
    3.We can put trashcans on the beaches so that people will trow the trash in the bins
    4.We can make the plastic biodegrabel,so it can be eaten by the bacterias like an rotten apple
    5.We can create a robot that is like a mechanical fish and when it meets the trash it eats it and we do a lot of them so that when a fish comes back with the trash another one is trown in to the sea
    These are MY ideas, let's see your thoughts

  77. 1) ban plastic , use bio degradable/ recyclable materal.
    2) every country/ island should be responsible to clean up its sea waters and shores and and international agency should audit these twice a year or so
    3) Kids should be taught practical home recycling techniques at school nd it should be put to practise at home by parents.
    4) Country producing most of the plastic wastes should have tourism restistions imposed by UNO etc
    5) Use reusable stuff instead of one time useable stuff.

  78. 1. Re-usability of plastics for manufacturing non-deniable plastics products.
    2.Can be used in the dam to prevent contamination of wastes by other waste.
    3.Can be used to grow plantlet or sapling in plastic conatiner
    4.can be used for maufacturing scientific equipments.
    5.Can be used to prevent water leakage in roof ceiling of houses or ware houses(where ever needed)

  79. 1. Locate dustbin in every part of town/beaches
    2. Create a company that functions as used-plastic buyer.
    3. Ask the company to reuse and recycle the plastic products that they bought.
    4. Do ocean clean-up twice a month through volunteering program
    5. Authority should make the company which produce non-biodegrable plastic products to pay extra taxes for ruining our Mother Nature.

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