Bradlaugh Lecture 2019 – Andrew Moffat, creator of No Outsiders

Bradlaugh Lecture 2019 – Andrew Moffat, creator of No Outsiders

Good afternoon, everyone.
Welcome to this year’s Bradlaugh Lecture. My name’s Stephen Evans. I’m the Chief Executive of the
National Secular Society. The lecture itself is named after the founder of the NSS,
Charles Bradlaugh, who despite being elected by the people of Northampton
to represent them, was famously denied his seat in parliament on account of his
beliefs. And he was instrumental in bringing about a change in the law to
ensure that non-religious MPs could affirm, rather than swear a religious oath,
and therefore take their seat in parliament. Now, if you haven’t already, do check out
the magnificent portrait of Bradlaugh, which hangs on the stairwell right outside this room,
a gift, actually, donated to the gallery by the Manchester Secular Society.
So today we’re an organization that campaigns for the separation between
church and state, a secular approach to public policymaking and
equal respect for everyone’s human rights, so no one’s either advantaged nor
disadvantaged on account of their beliefs. Not a radical idea, you would
have thought, but in a country steeped in religious privilege, evidently it still is.
And Manchester has, of course, been an incredible hotbed of radical ideas, and
it seems fitting to be back here in Manchester today, for the Bradlaugh lecture,
which, appropriately enough, is called Reclaiming Radical Ideas in Schools,
and to deliver today’s lecture we’re delighted to be joined by Andrew Moffatt.
Andrew has been awarded an MBE for his services to Equality and Diversity in Education,
yet this year found himself at the center of, Brexit aside, probably one of the year’s most high-profile news stories,
the ongoing protests against No Outsiders, not only at Parkfield Community School,
where Andrew is Assistant Head, but also other schools within the region
and also across the country. So, No Outsiders, which aims to teach children
about diversity, inclusivity, equality and the characteristics protected
by the Equality Act, such as sexual orientation
and, of course, religion, has generated significant debate and attracted
considerable criticism, probably most notably from Muslim parents and other
religious conservatives, but also from others who, for various reasons, think the
content isn’t appropriate for schools. Some even thinking that the content
could turn their children gay. Now, at the NSS, we’ve been supportive of
No Outsiders. No child should feel that they are sinful, or in any way wrong, for being
gay. And throughout our history, the NSS has championed gay rights, actively working
in opposition, often to organized religion, to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender people can live openly, without discrimination and with equal rights.
Our former President, Terry Sanderson, who, I’m happy to say, joins us today, has probably
done more than most to progress this cause. For 25 years he wrote the very popular
Mediawatch column in Gay Times, which was, and still is today,
one of the most comprehensive records of the extent of homophobia,
particularly in the press, of the extent of homophobia in the UK.
Terry went on to publish a number of self-help books for gay people including
‘How to be a Happy Homosexual’ and, of course, ‘The Gay Man’s Kama Sutra’ which I don’t think
is on the reading list for No Outsiders! But if you’d listened to some
critics you’d have thought it was. This afternoon we’re honored to be hearing
from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, so it’s time now for me to let
Andrew address some of the myths, some of the misconceptions, around
No Outsider,s and explain why he thinks it’s time to Reclaim Radical Ideas in Schools.
So, phones on silent please, delivering this year’s Bradlaugh Lecture
please join me in giving a warm welcome to Andrew Moffat.
Thanks you. Right. Thank you very much everyone.
Good afternoon everyone. It’s not an assembly so you don’t have to answer.
My name is Andrew Moffat. I’m Assistant Head Teacher at Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, and the reason why I like the term No Outsiders, I love
that term, and there’s been calls recently for us to change
the name, it’s being seen as a toxic name, but I really like the term, because the thing about
No Outsiders is that everyone, every child, understands what it means to be
left out; no child wants to be left out; so no one wants to be an outsider.
It’s as simple as that. We’re saying in our school:
“Everyone is welcome. There are no outsiders here.” So that’s why I like that term,
and we’re going to keep that term. No Outsiders: there’s been lots of stuff in the press about it, being gay lessons,
it’s always the gay teacher with his gay agenda. My favorite headline, actually, was
“I’ll defy hate to keep our sex lessons” That was from The Sunday Times. For me, No Outsiders is not about being gay or lesbian,
it’s about this. This is what No Outsiders is about. Our young people, our children are not
wrapped up in cotton wool, are they? There’s a lot of talk with the protesters
about childhood innocence, that we’re destroying childhood innocence. But from talking to young
people in my primary school, children know about the world around them.
So, for example, these are all things that I think is the state
of growing up in 2019 today, that our children are not hidden from,
So Brexit is an example. 10 and 11 year olds will have heard the word
Brexit. They might not understand exactly what it means, but they’ll hear adult
conversations, or see snippets on the news, and they might see posters like that.
So what’s that poster all about? What is Europe?
What is an immigrant? What is a refugee?
Armed police on the street in Birmingham, now you see armed police all the time in Birmingham.
I remember the first time I saw a policeman with a gun: that was when I was 15 years old.
I was on a French exchange, and I was really shocked to see a
policeman with a gun but now a fight is he was see guns all the time walking
through Birmingham you know why why has he got
is it because he wants to kill somebody is he protecting somebody you know this
is the world our children growing up in Donald Trump the children in my school
know about Donald Trump they’ve heard of Donald Trump they have an image of what
Donald Trump is about and what he thinks of Muslims Mike my school is 99% Muslim
why would you want to build a wall you know what’s that about keep people out
or keep people in why are people building walls at the moment – no in the
world today that of the bottom right-hand corners is punished – Muslim
day now we heard about this first from a year one child served five year old on
the playground at lunchtime who said to a dinner lady I can’t go out in the
holidays because the Christians are going to get me and when we unpacked
what it’s about realized it was about punish the Muslim day which is last year
in April it’s a vile hate crime that was you know organizer through what’s up in
the social media messages and lots of our Muslim teachers teaching assistants
we’re getting what sort of fear saying when a sumo sling day you know it’s
going to happen on it I think it’s a third of April and what it was basically
it gave points for hurting a Muslim on that day so you got 10 points for
ripping a headscarf off or 20 points for winning over a Muslim now on the day I’m
not aware of it I think happening but it didn’t really matter because because the
damage had been done because it’s about all that dividing a community and making
it very clear to children in our community of our schools that the
Christians were going to get them instantly last week you might see on the
news the person that organized that has just been sent to prison for 12 years
yes absolutely the bottom picture is that the Troy
Christchurch terrorist attack and again our children they’re hearing about
toasts attacks we can’t hide our children from the reality of the world
around us where there was a rising tone attacks and especially rising far-right
activity as well the two boys in the middle they planned a column by Stan
massacre in their school in York last year they’re now in prison there were 14
years old when they planned that Massacre and when they were in print in
court I talked about they were only going to kill people that were infecting
the gene pool that was the words that they used so they were in the primary
school three years before that what were they learning about community
cohesion about being different about having
different skin you know what was that school you know teaching what does it
ethos of that school I’m not blaming the school but I’m just saying you know this
is why schools have got to have a clear ethos a clear in our to about
communication and difference so children don’t grow up with those ideas you might
have seen on the BBC that’s a headline from the BBC from a children in
whitening skin to avoid racial hate crime this is a state of a dozen 19
today you’ve got children who are whitening their skin invaders not
refugees was a bit of graffiti on a mural to recognize people who have died
on the borders of Europe as in Liverpool and that little lad day so a miracle
he’s 9 years old last year in summer he told his mom he thought he might be gay
and his mum was fine said I love you it doesn’t matter and I had a lovely summer
together and it said to his mum I’m gonna tell everyone in my class when I
go back and he went back to school talking with his class on a Monday on
the Thursday took his own life so what message was he getting about being gay
about being different about different families so for me this is what no
outsiders is actually all about it’s nothing to do with this you know just a
gay lessons or sex lessons it’s about community cohesion in the UK in 2019 and
it the home of a spirit of racial hate crime and for hate crime general are
very very clear there is a rise we’re living in a you know in a vacuum in a
moment where hate crime is on the rise 17 percent rise in fact in the last few
years and you might have seen 81 percent rise in transgender hate crimes that
came out in June this year and this these were all taken just from just from
June this year there’s one been thought headlines for one month about a rising
attacks on LGBT people now so this is the situation that we’re living in so
for me schools have got to have a very clear narrative and this the alternative
narrative in fact because whatever children are hearing outside the school
gates I can’t control that but I absolutely can control the narrative
inside the school gates and inside the school gates so that even my school is
very simple the narrative is diversity is brilliant diversity is wonderful
isn’t it great that in ask different skin different religion
different language disabilities different families will get on isn’t
that wonderful and whatever children here outside when
they leave the school I can guarantee they’re in school they’re getting that
very very clear message and it’s so important isn’t it because as I’ve
experienced in the last six months and children are getting a different message
outside the school gates you know and as an interesting piece ever put as you can
find it on YouTube if you go to Tristan Tristram hunt labor you keep or
something you can find it in this thousand fifteen Tristram hunt Labour MP
was doing them you know PR fillet party in one of my many elections last decade
and the BBC was following him and he was in a primary school is sick Monta was
some years six boys and it’s a little you know bit of footage and he says to
these boys who would you vote for an 11 year old boy says I’d vote for you Kip
and Trista was pops Watson says why would you do that and the voices to get
all of foreigners out of the country and it’s their one you to is there there it
was a BBC report and it’s time to be receiver to studio and the line is
something like all sometimes MP’s don’t hear answers they expect to hear but
actually it’s horrifying isn’t it there’s nothing remotely you know
interesting or amusing about that it’s horrifying as an educator that 11 year
old child would just openly say get rid of all of foreigners so it’s about no
outsiders about having a very clear narrative the school will set that child
from the age of four actually is taught the opposite of you that by Tommy’s
eleven is not going to be saying get rid of all of fun it’s going to be saying I
can live with anybody I just matter to me if you live
different skin white skin brown skin black skin disability is different the
legend blah you know whatever I can be your friend and that’s what no Outsiders
that that’s the message for flying with schools and it’s based on the Equality
Act which I’m sure you all know about is which is a you know a fantastic piece of
legislation before this I think it’s cause it’s were doing because we were
nice people but nowadays we’re following British law and that’s what I’m saying
to parents who are worried about this is it’s it’s a British law you know that we
are following and that line there I thinking is key it’s about foster
fostering good relations between different people were in carrying out
our activities us what we’re doing in school and these are the protected
characteristics in a quartet that we are preparing
children to meet as they grow older because you know I went to a school in
the Cotswolds recently there’s a 100% white school as a CEO B school actually
so I’m the % Christian as well 100% right and the Hetty said to me this work
is so important there because as I lead the school they can meet people that
aren’t white and aren’t Christian that’s as simple as that isn’t it they’re going
to be prepared for life in whatever to where they can live alongside
and work alongside anyone we don’t have to all be the same
Ofsted supports this as well is a great line officer it’s almost written for me
in fact it talks about difference is a positive not a negative that’s exactly
what we’re doing in schools it’s very very simple and the benefits for me but
is what iversity a very clear it’s self-esteem first of all I want every
child to be proud of who they are to recognize how they’re different are we
proud of being different so I’m proud to have brown skin white skin proud to have
you know a disability proud to you know be Christian or Muslim we’ll have to
dance you know or whatever we’re teaching children to be resilient so
it’s all based on picture books and this thought was just about being different
and that’s fine but as they go older we’re talking about well what do you hit
would you do if you hear a racist comment what you do if you hear some
being Islamophobic you know how can you answer that how can you respond to that
preparing children for life in modern Britain absolutely business is my verse
country and that’s what makes it a great place to be we can all live together and
I haven’t got any proof for this by I’m working on I’m doing a PhD on exactly
this I’m convinced that we are reducing potential have acquisition in the future
because solely if we’re teaching children for four years or onwards that
know not to fly till a person who is different and like a friend today if we
DIF different faiths to me or different skill different language soil does that
just disappear when they’re older or can we develop an inner core and love of
diversity and excitement of of living in diversity that stays with them as they
move through their adolescence and into adulthood I don’t know I don’t know mate
maybe it just disappear and I thinking when I was seven years old I was
obsessed with rubber I was obsessed with the years and song contest and I still
am you know so some things do stay with you you know so there you go
so enough so you sort of books that we use and this is one of them so you’ll be
forgiven for thinking about looking at the
various MPs and protesters there all our books are all about gay people so so I’m
going to show you the books that I use not all over 35 books that I use but a
base to whole scheme on this book actually I think this book is absolutely
and it starts the whole scheme off but look at some rainbow jelly in it so I
use it with four-year-olds and it’s about Nick and Sue
there’s Nick and there’s Sue and Nick likes red apples and she likes green
pears and he likes yellow socks and she likes yellow ducks and you know it’s all
a lots purple hair and every page Nick and Sue like they like different things
so cats and hats and cars and dinosaurs and jelly
but last page says that Nick likes sue and Sue lights Nick and that’s the end
of the story so what’s the message in that story the message is that you can
like different things and you can still be friends it’s as simple as that and as
we grow through our school we talk about how we’re different you know different
skin different abilities different faith but it all starts with apples and pears
with four-year-olds and there’s a bit of work there from a four year old we like
different things and niya likes dolls and Sam Mayer likes cars we’re all
friends and those are all the books that I’m using with four-year-olds you know
blessing Raja God’s God’s if MP talked about this book called why is gotcha gay
I’ve never heard of that book you know moment apparently I said my scheme knew
it’s not these are what’s in my skin you can warp like my mall in water stones
you’ll notice that Elmer is there always been in my school for thirty years you
know these are the books that I am using now there is one book there which is
apparently controversal which is a mummy mama and me so I use
this one for four-year-olds because I want some I want you to understand that
there are some families have different makeup so some problems have a moment
our dad some have just a mum so I’ve just a dad some have liver their grandma
with one pass and have two moments to have two does so I’m living a foster
family all problems are different so this one is about two families got two
mummies in it and let’s just say there’s no sex in here it’s got a very very
quickly so maybe he picks me up an airport you see my kirpan comas my hair
what’s me in my chair paksy yummy snack slides on her back go around and around
slide to the ground count 1 2 3 hide behind the tree post on
our lap blaze me down to nap lets me help her cook mama house we read a book
going the tub scrub scrub scrub 9:30 nice and tight mommy mother kiss me
goodnight I see so you read the book and we talk about does your moan do that in
your family what does your dad do that if this go to the slide you go to have a
bath do you have a yummy snack who’s in your family who join your family who in
your family who’s in this family let’s all do our families that’s it now I
think that would always a reception you know 30 40 years ago I probably drew my
family you know it’s not nothing new really here is it you know but there you
go so that’s probably the most controversial book in my scheme that I
keep seeing all over the news blue commune is about a chameleon who is
lonely and he thinks you have to be the same color as someone to make friends
with them and the same safe as well so it tries to change every time to make a
friend try to change shape and change color as well and everyone ignores him
and they guess what he finds out at the end he finds out at the end that you
don’t have to change color actually you can you can be yourself so it’s about
you can be proud to be you so know that there’s all these books like this and
I’ve got them I’ve got here I won’t go through on without them you can see them
at the end of the year you can look I have been here with this press stuff
before he says these are from four years ago that’s one four five years ago but a
headline this is how not starters came about so that first headline gay parent
teacher resigns after parents complained they did not want to teach their
children so that was me and Birmingham in 2014 and the reason why not happen is
because I used to have a resource called transient homophobia in primary schools
it’s a single issue resource I was just interested in you know a resource about
you know t-shirts were no different families and I went to a school as a
very diverse school in centre of Birmingham and I didn’t really involve
the pair of us who didn’t know how to avoid the parents get scared to involve
them so I thought we’ll do it anyway we’ll just do it quietly and I went to
the governor’s to say camera Julis resource and the governor threw it out
so absolutely no way not doing that resource here it’ll cause a riot it
won’t work so I thought why I’ll prove them wrong I’ll do it anyway
wrong thing to do being able you know just – elegance for the know I’m right
so I sort of did it quietly really with a couple of my friends in here older
yogurt so we did a couple of years just like dropped lessons in here and there
it went fine and then I came out came out and assembly now I’m in favor of
cheetahs coming out probably not in assembly you know think if you’re
teaching that I would recommend you don’t do an assembly you know you live
and learn you know that’s probably the wrong thing
to do and then a couple of weeks later one of our teachers when I friends did
one of the books that I still use I so later on called tango Makes see about
two gay penguins and we had our first compare and complaint and it was a skier
from a Christian parent who said that he was Tristan and there I can remember
sustained a quote to quote said as a Christian I want my child to understand
there were different people in the world but it also needs to know the correct
way of life that’s why you said so I want to do is try to drawn from all
future you know gay lessons and the next day nine letters came in you’re doing
gay lessons we didn’t know about it you know whatever and a problem was because
I hadn’t involved the school and public’s class you asked me not to do it
four years ago I hadn’t involved in it you know I hadn’t I got a leg to stand
on there was no policy there was nothing backing me up so it all just caved in
very quickly as there was a public meeting in the school I didn’t go to it
but the head said it was a worst experience of her life there were calls
for me to apologize publicly for coming out and it’s just a disaster so I I left
a school but it’s actually faking a pregnancy fake news I can actually
resign I’ve got a mortgage heartless design I
just find another job I find another job and then I was asked what you do isn’t
it you get another job Vinny resign you know it’s not quite how it looks on
there but where do you go next so that was no point in going I was tempted to
go to somewhere at night you know sort of there where I thought it might be
sort of you know gay parents you know I thought I need to go where there
challenges on it because that’s fit that was been embarrassing for me with that
whole experience and there so I thought if I’m gonna have any rebirth my soul to
lead to go to a place where I might meet the same challenges so I went to portals
scooted 99% Muslim and I thought what I’m gonna just start again I’m gonna do
it completely differently so scrap the old transphobia lessons and I rewrote it
as no outsiders and no longer was it just about being lesbian gay it was
about all you see equality at so as if the focus
was being different as opposed to being in LGBT so it’s about you know you don’t
have less thinking about it it’s obvious isn’t it we even think about it in a
primer school you’re not going to have on Monday the lesson about being Jewish
on Tuesday a disable day on Wednesdays the gay day on Thursday it’s about being
black you know you have lesson about equality and about diversity and they
talk about being disabled gay Jewish black you know what no wherever you know
you’re put in context because it’s really important for children that we’re
teaching that you know not one pathetic atrocities is more important than any
others but also not one is less important than any other no it’s all
there in contests for each other so that’s how how where it came from and
the second thing I did differently was I recognized that you’ve got to involve
parents from the start you can’t do this on my experience show me that without
the you know the support really of parents so so what I love wrote about it
in the book there are Outsiders over a whole chapter on this we have parent
meetings small groups in fact very small groups where so the all of books and I
chose 35 books to use in the scheme that covered all sorts of ways of being
different and got the parents in fondness thoughts so the wall of books
so listen quite tricky discussions to know but but in the end people support
it because they saw we were up front about who a transparent and we could
show this is what it’s about this is what it isn’t about and for four years
it worked fantastically there was really no complaint there was nothing went
wrong at all we had office 2016 we got outstanding
for the first time and there’s a lovely line in the report where it said one
people spoke for money when she told inspectors everyone is an insider at our
school there were no outsiders whatever their beliefs their color their gender
or sexuality I don’t know who said that I wasn’t it
was a year six chakras we don’t 2060 ala T in year three you know but by year six
for using the word inequality at their sexual orientation so it would have been
a year six child but that’s exactly what we say all the time in our school we are
all insiders everyone is welcomed you can be you can be who you are I made a
film with some parents to know which I still use no Anderson quotes from
parents but I say things like you know and this is how we got to know we talked
about the whole sort of oh no the faith sort of question
among who said that are we the parents to know about this so we can show them
the two sides so we’re accepting that okay I hope you can teach this at home
you can do it to everyone but in school here’s what we’re teaching and one mom
said okay here’s our religion and she hold her two hands I can picture us in
this meeting here’s our religion and here’s the writer world is it support of
our children to accept both pewter and put both using their head and accept
both views and we’re not saying as a school at one is right and what is wrong
we’re just saying yeah there’s different ideas I’ve just and I’ve master to work
around this for the last four years and what sticks in my mind is I’m a minibus
driver at school to one of the many things that I do and and I’ve strived a
lot of minibus to us and football match so I just ladder different sitting in a
front seat and I say I kept looking at me i corner his eyes thinking all
there’s gonna be a question coming and he said can I ask you a question mr.
Moffit I said of course you can and I said why do you choose to be gay stuff
to have come out why do you choose to be gay so I said really interesting
question what her to see me gay so our answer of asking you a question
why don’t use to have brown skin so I didn’t choose to brown skin so I didn’t
choose to be gay either it’s just the way I’m just it’s just a way it is
SoDo right I need pause and he said I ask you something else said of course
you can he said then well in mosques they say that um you can’t be gay but
you say you can be gay so which one is it
so I said well and this is the answer I give all the time well haven’t me that’s
that very often but a case not being asked it and listen the other song of
all time I say yeah well I secretly am i living and britain isn’t it we can have
different ideas but loads of ideas floating around people believe and
probably even this with a blissful evenness and we can add debated
discussion and we may not always agree we can start respect for each other
that’s it that’s it no we may not agree but we can still get
along so we’ve been doing this for four years and it’s worked fantastically so
what went wrong in October last year the government put out consultation for new
RSC guidelines relationship and sex education and it’s right they did that
because it’s been 18 years since I last there
and lots of rumors started spreading around about what this would mean for
sex education in schools and there’s a really interesting video on YouTube we
can look at dr. cake go through four sets I’m supposed to about Miami
plugging her parent came to me in December said mr. Moffet you’ve got to
watch this video everyone’s talking about it it’s going
around a community like wildfire and I watched it I see what some Christmas Eve
it ruin my Christmas because it because it is on the
left-hand side as it is what this video is saying it’s saying that the new
oversea guidelines are going to be like this kind of stuff
teaching four-year-olds pornography sexualizing young children that
innocence is going to be destroyed it’s a war on spirituality so war morality if
we do nothing our children will be lost and it’s brainwashing children now
suddenly in January the first feedback we start having petitions for the first
time ever that know it started about sexualizing children your sex sizing
children and and and the protocol is up some of the books that I use you know
and very very quickly people are linking no outsiders to such as occasion now
there’s no sex in though Outsiders there’s no books about how babies are
made as no naked bodies and nothing at all but because I talk about LGBT people
in four of the books four out of 35 it’s a very easy thing to pick on look here’s
an example of what’s gonna be happening in all schools as far as a gay agenda
and very quickly rumors started spreading about things that I’d done in
school and rumors became facts and these are sort of ones that I heard about I’m
sort of lots more that I haven’t heard about but you can either as a teacher in
a school walk around with these kind of allegations against you so I upon a walk
down a corridors high-fiving children are saying I’m gay
I suppose of myself and my partner in assembly I talked about sex after
children at the protest starting upon after the first protest I took children
into my office just trying to project it to me personally and they missed their
playtime didn’t happen he told my daughter she was a boy trapped in a
girl’s body he told her class that I’m Christian and I’m gay you can Muslim in
gay I have never said you Muslim in gay now I have lots
of people I’ve met a special assessments who identify as Muslim in gay I’m very
very careful in my school I say you can be Muslim should we Christian agree
Hindu can we go a lesbian though I’ve never put the two together because I’m
aware it’s very contentious to know so I’m they cave and I’m sick I never said
I’m a Christian and the gay curs I’m not a Christian teachers are making clay
models of sex acts I have evidence that I’ve asked fascinating because if you
have this that means you’ve got an ELISA bit of a cock made out of clay so
someone’s made a penis out of clay and poker fern said look this is what we’re
doing in school I’d love to see it it certainly wasn’t what a film nice are
that’s all for my school so you can imagine all these rumors and these did
they become facts very very quickly it’s very random that’s why the protest
became very very big and very frightening as well and before long we
had protests about two three hundred people outside our school some parents
but many not parents I have to say this was the this is literally that the
problem of the RSC guidance so this is the government guidance for RSC released
this year in July and these are the lines that are difficult for schools is
what makes it difficult so schools are to a sort of that issue in a sensitive
and age-appropriate and what does that mean no sir it’s a funny doesn’t isn’t
it so what is sensitive to me might not be sensitive to you would that schools
consider it appropriate to teach pupils are LGBT so so it’s something to rest
them so our parents would argue that you shouldn’t eat it at all you know it’s up
to us to decide when it’s appropriate you know what we need is for schools to
the government to say you need to teach this in primary schools but it’s just
it’s not not prepared to say and that’s the problem and schools are free to
determine how to do this so our community is saying you shouldn’t do it
yeah and it’s left us out on a limb there’s a FA accused and the guidance
again does not certification to take account of my faith in all schools when
teaching about is successful it’s just back while appeals must be taken to
account when planning teaching sir topics okay pretty handled what does
that mean you know again that makes it very difficult for us very difficult if
you’re in a school nine percent Muslim population or see a V crab or Catholic
populate you know I mean so what is that saying about you know what’s more import
and again this is what certain facts as well will it cover LGBT relationships
and I think this is a bit contradictory actually so people should be tall at
first sight in their growing up yeah absolutely I would agree with that
obviously submit needs of all pupils develop of developing sexuality or
identity absolutely but then further down it says there is no specific
requirement to teach where LGBT and primary schools they can cover ldt
content if they can serve an age appropriate to do so so again there you
go left out on a limb it’s down to us and the community of saying to us you
don’t have to teach it why teaching it they’re not teaching it why are you
teaching it so the government if they once the teachers have got to step up
any more robust about what they want primary schools to do so you’re a seeing
what happened very quickly and all these are from from Birmingham it got very
nasty oh the Glenwood teacher was an
interesting one so I was up for I mean it’s a fantastic in lots of ways so I
was at for a global teacher in a year and Bakke Foundation Teacher of the Year
this year for a million dollar award and million dollar prize I was in the top
ten but you see further protesters this was further evidence it was a global
conspiracy it was a global conspiracy the global gay agenda you see is going
to win a million dollars in his going to you know spending on making children gay
you know so I she didn’t help in a way but not had a great time I didn’t win I
had a lot of fun I went to Dubai is had a great time we know and you know that’s
good so lots of good things happened it was odd this day yeah there’s some very
difficult times but it’s just been some amazing results toughest as well Ofsted
I don’t often say officer a great but goodness me I’ve said I’ve been
fantastic like this actually you know there’s some great quotes from Ofsted
about you know it’s right that children are taught about same-sex couple was
it’s just it’s very very simple you know offset our backing schools tutor to do
this often came back to us I was popular that day you can imagine you know we
were standing before we get a phone call often coming in because of protests and
because of a parent complaints so they came back now if we’d have lost our
standing so to start with that when I went to that would have been a big
signal wouldn’t it you know you’re no longer outstanding but you know look
what know what’s I just don’t it has done wide you know what we were tained
our outstanding status we remained outstanding you know so that was a mess
you know victory afternoon actually and there was a great some great coaching
after inspection for the school you know that one down the bottom a small but
vocal minority of parents filled a staff do not submissive listen to their
concerns their viewers at PSAT education and equalities focuses on LGBT issues
and this work is not age-appropriate inspectors found no evidence that this
is the case so thank you Ofsted name in highness their previous such Christian
minister said that parents should not be able to given a veto on what schools
teach so again all the right things being said we had a a mediator come down
a cheek retractor on prosecutor and as a rough cylinder and he was very clear
about the protests and the people that he met and there there’s a great quote
from him I’m concerned about people manipulating fairness in his motto walk
around with materials and documents that they pull off the internet most a
wrongly and maliciously say the school is teaching I have examine a curriculum
myself and there was no specific LGBT content no offense again at all there is
reference as a should be to equality and just Philips in Parliament said you know
directly to education minister in June this year was a teacher to say to a
child who asked is it okay to be gay and Damien Hines replied they should say yes
so lots of you know good things coming out to this no MP saying the right
things I’ve had lots of you know fascinating letters and messages of
support from all across the country and this one really resonated with me this
was really affecting me because it was from a a man and he’s given give me
permission to share his letter and he basically talked about his upbringing in
Newcastle in London in a sense 90s I mean it was like being in a very racist
environment he was in prison for GBH for a time and he and he said he wouldn’t go
into what he did he was ashamed of it but he’s talking about violent violence
that he was involved in and it all commented when he knew the person that
killed Stephen Lawrence it was a neighbor of his and he says should those
guiding our young minds back then I’ve had the prospect of opening up the sort
of no Outsiders an early age then I have no doubt the task of opening us up to
more acceptance of others would have been easier our teenage years could have
been much more productive and preparedness
I delivered in a big wide world of many colors instead it was about stopping
prison being a highly likely prospect and the siphoning injuries inflicted
public services could have been saved and I could have avoided being a burden
on policing courts and hospitals here’s a very long letter but its conclusion
was if no outsize had existed in my early years it could improve things so
much for all concern especially myself the prospects of such a scheme has for
raising young potential in life is boundless now just this last week gavin
williamson the new education minister made a comment about Augustin about LGBT
education and lots of headlines were you know they held on to things like all
especially Minister backs schools in 6000 GBT we see for me again it’s very
frustrating because the top line the hot top off light is great everything is
perfect yes the purpose of new glasses to make sure that every single school is
able to times written as it is today lovely I wish you’d stop there because
look at the next bit I’ve always had a flexibility to ensure that it has an
understanding community it operates in thanks very much so yes again nothing
has changed has it you know so this is the frustration that we have with a DfE
and a government if they want schools to teach they want all schools to teach our
LGBT or diversity they’ve got to be clear about it and you’ve got to stop
hiding behind this idea that you know be care for the community living either you
want all children to know the different families or you don’t you know tell us
which one it is there’s been loads of really good thing has come out of this
though you know and I think what’s the most important thing is for children
isn’t it that’s most important thing about this and it’s been an amazing
response for the children in my school when the protis first started happening
the children on the protests a lot of them and and that’s very upsetting you
know and very very difficult for me to be inside a school and to be hearing 300
people chanting get miss them off it out get missed them off it out just awful
and we have to teach children after that should would then come in you know and
I’ll be teaching them and I saw attitudes change towards me you know
it’s been very difficult however at the same time I was Dell used with an
avalanche of little postcards and notes like this things would appear on my desk
you know on a Cowen’s children right and things like
I’m happy apart for school there are no outsiders I really enjoy this school you
know I fact that the little girl II gave that to me I found it I said why did why
do you like this and she said because people are being nasty about you and
want to cheer you up you know children the great on its or to understand what
not sighs about that they’re not frightened of no Outsiders the
professors say that I’m confusing children and I think I’m confusing
children or children they understand a state in the summit is about it’s about
everyone being welcome you know I’ve never had any child confused about what
this work is about so they you know this was given to it the day before went to
Dubai and took with me to device wise big from fooled well this is exactly
what nice house is about it doesn’t matter if we are different because
boy/girl boy/girl boy/girl Christian Jewish Muslim Christian Jewish Muslim
everybody is welcome in our school we make sure there are no Outsiders in part
for chemita school we always do our best that there are no outsiders and everyone
can do and play with with everyone they want because all you have to do is be
yourself that’s what you know that’s what you want children to understand
isn’t it that’s the I don’t even know who made that so what you would lives
left on my desk but you know that that’s what that’s that’s what you want Jordan
to be talking about isn’t it and the lots of other thing is a really good
happen because of this so the gay pride march in Birmingham pride what does it
say in Birmingham I was asked to lead it and that was a phenomenal experience
because it felt like the whole of Birmingham was out in support of no
outsiders and pride you know it was all about supporting that Silas that day and
suddenly there were there were groups of LGBT Muslim individuals savaging
communities you know who are suddenly who were telling me that they had a
voice suddenly there were people on the news talk about Matt being Muslim and
gay you know they were always there but maybe people talk about silence before
and I just would be aware that people started tweeting things like this
t-shirt here that people are stuffing using this term no outsize what time I
should just know just wonderful I think I just started cup a couple of their
books with a LGBT content the second series of Qantas I’m talking about so
I’ll show you tango makes three so this is the book that again in a my cinema
tour Derbyshire this week or teacher from Cheshire Simon kid well he
read this book – so no Outsiders book this is a true story ‘no sebat a couple
of penguins in new york city zoo they’re two male penguins and a couple off
together and there’s no sex in it and i Miccosukee which says all it says oh he
says all they must be in love you says they notice all your depends I’ve got a
chicken they haven’t got a chick then to understand what haven’t got a chick and
I sit on a stone for a bit this stone doesn’t hatch and as it was
ceaseless and he gives them an egg I’m Victoria Dodgers almost saying they
stole an egg no no no no they didn’t steal an egg the zookeeper gives this
there look he gave them an egg they sits on it after a bit out pops
tango tango is the first penguin there’s who to have two daddies and that’s it
that’s about adoptions about different families or families being valid you
know and yeah I used that you know you know in year five in my no outsider skin
which is ten year olds be important I’m going to show you how I use it so I go
in the in SS Empire talk about how this book is actually banned in Hong Kong
this bunker and I think in Singapore I think you may be in Utah it’s on the
tops off and alive you have to ask for it so there’s some places where hard to
read this book and that’s interesting isn’t it that’s interesting because why
why are some places you know thinking this shouldn’t be read by young children
you know what are they worried about you know so we talk about you know so that
where does that come from what what what I feel worried about with
this book and we talk about what it’s like you know you can’t you can buy an
Amazon the UK it’s not bandicam get it in libraries you know I’m reading it to
you now and you know so why is I so why is that
different you know and so why some poor frightened and watching we’re not
fighting and then we write about our response so I asked children to write
you know said 20 write about the book write about why simpler things to be
banned and then the ends write what you think and I always say to children oh
this is this is your time to town what you think is not a right or wrong answer
here you may think it should be banned unless absolutely fine as long as you
back up your arguments and tell me why you know so so this was done about by
some kids in a school I worked in last year and if some lovely language here
some people are saying it’s to be banned because inappropriate they’re saying
children can’t be taught being gay lesbian or bisexual good spelling a
bisexual oh I soon be banned because it’s an outsider
story and so when we the children grow up we won’t be mean together lesbian or
bisexual people or people can be probably they want one over there says
have to read it from here so I can see it I hope you can still hear me it says
some people are saying it’s to be banned because it changes their child’s mind
and they don’t know about no outsiders this book simply banned because it is
educational and children have their own mind on what their own choice on what
they want to do a tomorrow it should show other people that that everybody is
welcome no matter what skin color you have what religion and your parents
moreover good word for year five moreover moreover it would help children
learn about other people now in this lesson most of work was it
was like that but but a couple of children did why something like this and
this said this story you should ban dirty books it’s inappropriate and it’s
disgusting and parents won’t like it I think it’s a panic as parents won’t
like it and we are too young to know so I just put interesting opinions here you
might solve clear well done sort out your Spelling’s you know because I’m not
saying no that’s that’s wrong no I’m saying I’m allowing children to have a
difference of opinion you know so there’s no indoctrination here there’s
no right or wrong answer I mean I’m encouraging debate and discussion and
children understand that not everyone agrees but you know what unique a this
is what the law says well I’ll just show you one more book so
be more badger I think it’s a real book for our times this is just fantastic
reminds me of a world leader I can’t think who it is maybe you can work out I
kind of remember remember his name maybe you can pick it’s all about a a badger
who decides that in the forest everyone is to be a bit more bad to like him and
he builds a wall and if you’re not a badger enough you get chucked over the
wall and no one argues against him and I was a quite a frightened they sort of go
oh um maybe his right he sounds so sore muttered moose he must be right of
course I’m right beamed badger as of today you wanted to be a bit more badger
like me they’ll just say gosh I saw Dennis Burgos that’s all I respond so he
makes them dig under under the deer car digging says no deer here
here you might dig going to going over the wall
I really thinks that moose I agree badger interrupted the worst thought
look a bit more badly already he makes them fit into small holes and
there the moose cart straight Chuck’s them over the wall and then if you can’t
bark like a badger to go over the wall and the butterflies are too colorful so
they go over the wall as well in the end it is all by himself and he
realizes that that he paints one last sign and he says I’m a soggy
he understood badges aren’t best friends are well that’s the great ending because
actually I see I don’t like the ending I think it’s quite a weak ending I’m just
you know it’s a great bookseller J James I love I use it all the time but I do
that the ending is weak because the whole story is about you know the badge
of basically being you know AB holland and then the last play just like I’m
sorry it’s like oh okay we’re all friends again that’s not your life is it
that’s not that’s not how life works but as a teacher that’s a great that’s a
gift that is because we rewrite the ending and we say well is that good
enough you know what they’re going to say to him a she’s interesting that
they’re the backs are turned they’re all smiling are going towards
him are they so maybe you often knew what she was doing maybe the motives on
purpose so we write about you know so what I think they’re going to say to him
how come I saw what never ever happens again you know and said the work for
that I’ve got some love examples of work here that did in a school somewhere
where it was and I just said right I want you to write responses to their
badges so when the badges has badges are best how are you gonna respond that’s
the perfect response no one is no one’s perfect
great great response what if I just has been more badger its kids return why I
love that response it’s so simple isn’t it that’s what you need to say just ask
why because badges are our best anyone anyone not like a white coming over the
wall and it stars it and everyone’s the right to decide who they want to be so
no and we are staying no deer here no deer here why is it anyone argue yes
they’re here yes they’re here fantastic and I keep going back to the tool our
solar children this this page is perfect for this kind of work when he’s going
but is there best in every habla what do that I would say they say gosh that’s
all they say you know is that a good response my son is being racist or
homophobic or is Kovach what’s a better response than
just gosh so I thought that’s a great lesson I’m gonna forget I did like ten
minutes more honor on another thing I’ve got a website you almost look at it no
dust outside us calm and part of that is I do assembly pictures because the books
are fantastic but they’re not enough and sadly pictures that give us a chance to
do a weekly injection of no outsiders I know across the whole school when the
purpose of sunny pictures are they are current affairs really I find good news
stories because I’m recognizing that children see lots of stuff outside of
school that they might think is a you know a bad world that we live in
toast attacks you know vases attacks you know people people being unconscious or
so I’m finding examples of them of stories where they’re good things
happening so I can say look they agree with us now they would love no outsiders
things to put some use in this week in my school was a first week back this
lads on the right it’s a store but basically his moments a t-shirt printing
shop in the US she said to him right you can have whatever designer on artis that
you want choose a design to have it in teach it for the first they like at
school I just thought it was going to have a
dragon over you know a football or something and he chose I will be your
friend and that’s lovely isn’t it no why do you choose that if he says because I
want people to have friends on their first day at school and his called Blake
and that went viral and people started tagging Blake’s hashtag hashtag Blake’s
friends and we’re still having t-shirts saying hashtag Blake’s friends it’s
wonderful isn’t it that’s a perfect way to start offering a year I can’t wait to
use it on Monday you know all the kids cross the school you know we want to
write breaking I Blake in our school why doesn’t he say I’ll be your friend if
you’re white I’d be offended if you’re Christian I’d be a friend if you’re
Muslim doesn’t care about that he’ll just be your friend and this
little ad here on the left is the black kid saw the other the white kid crying
in the corner first at school again in America the white killer has severe
autism was frightened one of them one of the kid do
he went over grabbed his hand took her into school that’s lovely isn’t it you
know again that’s what we want in our school today the kid didn’t think about
race or or gender or an authorial ism he just saw a kid upset took his hand you
know he wants to write saw that no one knocking outside him in your school he
will help you into into into his school on the first day he’s a perfect no
Outsiders pictures and and there’s so many of them after that I use
I’m constant of time so I just flick through a couple of them this one I love
I love this one it’s because this this went viral in the UK this used to say
just speak English that that that that didn’t go by one and then sort all these
little words but what’s that what’s that but it what’s that I did what’s the most
important word in that time like defeating its we isn’t it that’s been
why do they put we because the recognizing in our community this
users– and that picture went viral now and again it’s to missus honor first of
all does the whole matters of what what what a picture is saying but for me also
the fact that that went viral but speaking us didn’t go viral so as to
actually everyone agrees with that and that agree with the first one they agree
with that one because most people like us want to celebrate if I have different
language than our community and isn’t that wonderful
so there you go also we also talk about why does someone why speak English no
what why I write in that and the reason is because the content understand they
don’t understand about different language different people some people
have writen different language whatever different to sound the same they don’t
understand that they’re fearful of it you know how do we stop that by showing
them that it’s great to be in a you know world and a school ward workplace with
different language and different skin you know we’ve got to show them you know
a and so that there’s nothing wrong with being different this file to say to more
I say three more than our stop this one is from the Mexican border in America is
from last year you know when their story when them the Trump administration was
separating families on a Mexican border so the route contrasted to you pictures
look at the two families how they same how they different
this actually is about a family on the left at the top
live in California they saw it was happening and I wanted to help so they
contacted a law for a law firm in the u.s. to say if we can employ you to help
one family stay together to employ a lawyer one person’s gonna how much would
it cost sanderfoot law firm said it cost one a half thousand dollars he said
white will raise one or thousand dollars so they put a crowdfunding page on
Facebook and on a Sunday night I said one of those
$1,000 just to help one family say together and by Sunday that account had
20 million dollars in it so what’s that say about American people it says a
Mogan people want to help other people are different language different culture
different skin I don’t care if you’re different you know there’s want families
to be safe most people like us look at our family
on a bottle and I feel and I thought I want to help the world is full of people
that want to help just like us they would agree with no Outsiders just two
more pictures terrorist attacks really hard to talk about your primary school
children but we have to talk about them because the children know about them and
children the fightin of them we know our questionnaire use once a year to assess
how northsiders going and one of questions questions is I feel safe in
school because a kid tick agree/disagree don’t know last couple years lots of
more children start ticking disagree and when I delve into that it’s because
there’s fighting the bombs they’re fight and toast because they haven’t see it on
the news if they’re feeling unsafe so we have to talk about toaster tucks so how
do we do that so what I do is I wait until a day after a week after a toast
attack and I’m so pictures like this because whenever you have an attack and
it happened in Manchester actually you know there was a fantastic despair
solidarity the day after wasn’t there in a city spray and I use that picture and
a lovely picture of all these people coming together and what are they saying
well first of what do they look like and it’s a saying this is Westminster Bridge
you can’t see their faces but isn’t they’re all white Honeywell black are
the all Asian audio male or female other young Muslim or Christian or able-bodied
on a all gay you know what’s that so they’re all different they’re all
different and what are they saying they’re saying we want peace they’re
saying we want to live together they’re saying we’re different or we belong in
the UK and that’s what we’ve got to focus on and a child once said to me
why did a terrorist kill her in assembly I was really goodness how do you answer
that you know to a ten-year-old never was looking at me and I said what I say
I’ve said ever since I said because he didn’t understand this stuff to the
Paris attacks I see it’s the first time at this is when it’s happened he said
what a terrorist you I said because that person didn’t understand
he didn’t understand about difference in diversity some people think the world is
better we’re all the same the same skin the
same religion you know the same culture you know they’re fighting their people
being different we know the opposite is true actually we know it’s great to have
different skin different religion know different culture but that Pleasant
haven’t heard that yet they hadn’t understood it they weren’t looking if to
go to a school like ours where we talked about being different so what can we do
about that children we’ve got to talk about it all the time for me and if we
hear someone say yeah I caught your friend because you’re black why can’t
your friend because you’re a different religion we’re gonna say them no that’s
not true there were no outsiders we can be
friends you know we’ve got to teach people because that’s how we stop that
happening again but a bottom line is that okay the toast
attack happened that happened one person could cause an attack but look at all
those people there were tens of thousands of people there and they agree
with us so one person didn’t agree but 10 two thousand people do agree with us
and continue to agree with there still more people that agree with us and now
it’s Ines then don’t and the final picture up in Tucson is
this because this is my favorite picture from last year and then you know there’s
not all this criticism about you know that I’ve got this gay agenda and you
know and I’m making children gain all this rubbish so here’s an example of a
picture I used to what different families because of course when I used
to turn different families what they’re talking about people again there’s been
a mine there were lots of different families this is a great picture and
that supposed to Delia D Blackburn it was on Twitter went viral on Twitter and
a story behind this is last summer is a the the man who’s running as a bride’s
father and the my understanding at the back is that is advised stepdad and the
bride and the bride stepdad has been looking after it for most of her life
and and advice but advise father was walking down the aisle so as the
assembly started and I started my own the oil the bride’s father decided it
was wrong and he ranted but run ran to the front he grabbed stepdad
he took him back and they walked the the door down together he said you have as
much like to be here as I do now if that is a lovely story isn’t because again
it’s different families this this this good this girl’s got two dads they’re
not gay there might be of no idea and I don’t think they’re gay you know it’s
the different families are different families everywhere you know it’s a
loads of stepping out of this kind of you know are these kind of pictures
right I’m going to end it there so splatting – like it so I have offset for
charity not sociology have done that because the protest made this worked too
big for just for me to handle and tool for you until recently I just it was
like a hobby I did a weekend but now suddenly it’s just you know it’s it’s
growing bigger and bigger so I I need funds basically I need your team around
me so I’ve done that over this over summer there’s the website do you go out
and have a look and yeah answer questions and them I’ll leave it there
thank you very much

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