100 thoughts on “Brad Pitt & Adam Sandler – Actor on Actors – Full Conversation

  1. Love Adam Sandler. I don't believe they are friends at all but Sandler is a professional and will play the friend. He has no use for the stupid dumb Mr. Pitts except he is in the same business and he might work with him so he has to keep it professional. I never liked Brad he was just a pretty boy when he was young now he is just old and dumb. When making a few movies it is known that all he did was bitch and complain what a primaddona he belongs with the manipulative witch Angelina but she just used his dumb A$$ and then dumped it.

  2. OMG, CELEBRITIES TALKING….AND THEY'RE LIKE NOT THE SAME TYPE OF ACTORS..OMG OMG!!!!! Fucking retards with your retarded idols. America really is a spiritual shithole.

  3. Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp please.

    Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler was the actor on actor we thought we didn't need to see…..but we did.

  4. Your friendship is neat to see in to. I know it's strange that we get to look in… at the same time it's nice to see. Being from the 80's one of my favorite things about that time/class of actors from out here appreciate where we have seen actors step up to not forget your friends.
    A class of 80's actors who are the grownup now… gen xers.
    Still believe so many more stories to come… biography of Sandler and chirs farely. 伐
    Brad you can never really get away from midwest roots. Honor. Good work.

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  6. Sandler is the most baffling mystery, he makes atrocious film choices but has nailed the dramatic roles he's been in so thoroughly.

  7. This would have been a good show werent it for the "you're the best" "nooo you're the best" "No you Are" nooooope you Are… Kiss ass fake shit…

  8. It's weird coz Jen/Adam are tight… it must have been sad with Brad/Ang stuff for Adam.
    I think it's niceto hear them watching the business change and talking or complimenting each other on good moves as it changes. Also avoiding press now.

  9. "Actors on actors" my butt. Pitt is an actor, Sandler is a foul-mouthed hack who's happened to wander in front of a camera from time to time.

  10. Sandler was on point when he was talking about the moments. Nothing ever goes or comes, its just in this moment. So spot on.

  11. This is like your uncle on your mother side talking about work with your uncle on your father side. Its awesome,forced,and awkwardly hilarious

  12. I dont know whats going on for sure, but Adam Sandler is such s bad actor who can only play idiots in absolutely unbearable movies to watch. So I thought who is giving him roles to play?
    Probably he has relative some Jewish producer in Hollywood. The same Jewish guy probably forces brad Pitt to participate in this boredom.

  13. Wait it's says actors (where) Pitts acting is horrible and Sandler was good in exactly on film Punch Drunk Love. I hate when so many people's say a movie is great so I went to see Once apon a time in Hollywood it was average not great nowhere near it

  14. This series of actorns interviewing eachother is amazing. Its awesome to see people passionate talk about their craft together

  15. Adam Sandler is so intriguing to me. There are many celebrities who have a great body of work but apparently are divas or are tough to deal with in real life. To me Sandler is the opposite. Dislike pretty much every movie he has ever worked on, but i find him funny and likable when hes in an interview just being himself.

  16. This pairing reminds me of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the presidential debate. Well that one didnt work, this one here actually works. Enjoyed listening to them.

  17. FUCK YOU VARIETY GREEDY PRICKS. how much money do you want! I have seen 3 ads in the 1st 10mins! Refuse to watch the rest of this vid and any other. PISS OFF BIG BUSINESS

  18. The adverts fuck this interview up. Youd think vanity fair has enough money that they arent hurting to put like 5 fuckin ads in the video.

  19. That was painful. It doesn't have to be this way. Just swallow your dignity, Adam, and admit that it takes no thought to make comedy. And that the person you're talking to mattered.

  20. As someone who always wanted to act. I love these. As for movies theaters the problem is that it's to expensive. If you take your family you better plan on spending 100+ bucks for tickets and drinks and popcorn lol.

  21. Insightful conversation of two multi-millionaires kissing each others ass's about their times playing make believe. Aside from that I am a Pitt/Sandler fan.

  22. Once upon a time is the most compromise movie in history it is an absolute embarrassment for Tarantino how can you have Charlie Manson and not him? how can you have Bruce lee and not us him?! its a joke of a film fuck metoo movement and all feminist agendas which compromise creativity!!

  23. Almost anytime seasoned professionals talk together about their craft, the conversation is way better than when any old interviewer is quizzing them. Just two passionate people geeking out over each others work lololol

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