Boy Finds A Little Girl Buried Alive In Sand

Boy Finds A Little Girl Buried Alive In Sand

In the event of an emergency the first
people to be saved are children but what happens when a child’s in trouble and
only other kids are around today I’m going to tell you an amazing story of a
heroic child and also the bizarre way that this child was able to save the day
thanks to a TV show I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at an 11 year
old boy finds a little girl buried alive in the sand before we get into it why
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Bostick a 5 year old girl was playing in the sand she was at the marina Tunes
beach in Monterey California USA she was doing something I’m sure we all did as
kids which was making sand caves she made a sand cave and went into the
small hole that she’d created in the sand but when she did this the
unthinkable happened the sand cave collapsed right on top of this small
five-year-old girl alyssa was stuck inside and she was not strong enough to
break out of all the sand she couldn’t escape and was buried in the sand and
there was no one around time ticked on and on until an 11-year old boy named
Connor Fitzgerald walked by now ELISA was totally buried
under the sand so Connor couldn’t see her but he had an odd gut feeling
something just wasn’t right Connor then saw Alyssa’s bag in the sand and
realized something was very wrong he looked around and then noticed at the
top of Alyssa’s head poking out of a sand there were no adults anywhere near
the area so Connor knew he had to act fast he tried to think about where her
head and body would be in relation to what he could see above the sand he then
tried to take ELISA out of the sand despite being only 11 years old he knew
that he needed to free her body area first and then her head so amazingly he
dug ELISA out of the sand and pulled her out but that’s when to his shock and
horror she was unconscious there was sand all in her eyes and she was knocked
unconscious Kona had no idea how long she’d been there for and wasn’t even
sure if she was alive as well as in her eyes sand was also in her nose and mouth
that’s when kala thought fast and remember
back to an episode of the TV show NCIS on the TV show he witnessed CPR being
performed and that’s when he did his best to try and perform the same CPR he
saw on TV amazingly his quick-thinking from that TV show saved Alyssa’s life
the CPR worked and Alyssa woke up Alyssa’s parents then went back to the
area and called 9-1-1 paramedics soon got to the scene but
Kona had already saved Alyssa’s life paramedics even said that if Corner
hadn’t done what he did and acted fast Alyssa wouldn’t have made it thankfully
within a few days Alyssa made it back to full health and Kona Fitzgerald’s dad
Tim says he’s incredibly proud of his son also Alyssa’s parents say they’re
super thankful for him saving their child’s life conis bravery and quick wit
changed the course of history for the entire family that day instead of
panicking and running to an adult which would have taken a long time he thought
fast and acted on his own most kids are told to seek out an adult if they’re
ever in danger but instead he used his own intelligence and survival skills and
saved the day fish really shows that we must remember safety on beaches not only
for kids but also for the parents of those kids sand dunes can easily
collapse on you and you may not have corner there to save the day so watch
out for your kids on the beach but luckily on this day Connor trusted his
natural instincts went beyond the call of duty and saved a life most 11-year
olds are playing for tonight and coloring in and that’s all fine but you
really have to give this kid credit for saving the life at just 11 he was also
very nonchalant about it in a news interview and said anyone would have
done the same thing if they were put in his position but now it’s time to make
your opinion heard when you were 11 what would you have done in this situation
would you have a panicked be when to tell some adults or see saved Alyssa’s
life like Connor did let me know in the poll in the top right corner if you want
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67 thoughts on “Boy Finds A Little Girl Buried Alive In Sand

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  3. Thats crazy where was her parents? how are you going to be at the beach with your kids and have them away from you long enough for all this to happen thats nuts !

  4. I would have done exactly the same as conner because when i was 11 i actually did save someones life. I was at the local swimming pool just minding my own business and the there was no life guards because it was a swimming pool where the parents had to look after the children but there weren't a lot of people and suddenly i saw a little boy looked about 5-6 years old fall into the pool. As soon as i saw the boy fall into the pool i ran as fast as i can and dived into the water without hesitation and pushed the boy above the water sothat he could breath. Then i got the boy out of the water then myself and asked the boy if he was alright. He gave me a hug for saving him. He then told me his name was Albert and then i told him i am Nicolaè (pronounced "Nikolai ") and then i asked him where his parents were and after he told me where they were i took him too them as i was walking in there direction they came running too there little boy they then thanked me and i went back to playing in the pool

  5. i would have done C but a bit differently. after digging alyssa out, i would find an adult whilst carrying her, in hopes of them knowing how to help her

  6. After I watched this another vid of that boy saving her showed up and it says that he was doing a contest with is friends but then he felt something and it was the girl ( here is the whole story of the other vid ) so idk which one is right.

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