Box with Lid Origami instructions

Box with Lid Origami instructions

hello dear friends of the folded sheet today we’ll fold the box with lid I recommend using a little stronger paper e.g. scrapbook paer you need two sheets of paper, they need to be sqaures besides that it doesn’t matter much what you use or how large the paper is for the bottom of the box we fold the sheet in half we fold a 4 times 4 grid in half in the one way and then in the other I recommend using single color paper but for demonstational purposes I use dual color as you allready noticed, I also fold the quaters repeat in the other direction open it up and fold up the bottom two corners corner to the first intersection of the creases fold the bottom up turn the sheet over fold the bottom corner to the middle line the same for the other corner you fold to the middle line rotate the sheet and fold the corners to the middle again not quite to the centre but align with the middle line you can fold point to point here for orientation we reverse that fold here so the flap gets a pocket and the flap can go into this bigger pocket here repeat this for the other side yet again tuck the flap into the big pocket there the folding is done, now just pull now you have the bottom of the box recrease the creases shape the box a little time for the lid second sheet again we fold a four time four grid bes ure to fold precise, so everything fits together nicely just like you did for the bottom of the box now we diiffer, we fold diangonaly you jus tneed to crease the corners just fold the first quarter make sure that the crease goes through the corner and not besides it once more we fold the bottom corners in so for the only difference is the diagonal creases fold the bottom in half before we fold it up again fold it together like a cubbord this step is similar to the windmill base it’s a squash-fold on to sides with the precreases we did it nearly folds itself to make the lid stand out we do the same fold again if you’re unclean here the box might not close well, so be precise fold the tips on the sides inwards so flaps will be the connection to the bottom of the box reinforce the crease by folding in half infold, now we have the lid tuck it in lef and right into the bottom part in case one flap hangs: work your finger into the pocket so the layers inside stopp sticking to each other

98 thoughts on “Box with Lid Origami instructions

  1. Thank you. This is the most satisfactory origami box I've folded. Easy, sturdy, spacious and your music choice is good. 

  2. Thank you it's very nice, I gave it to my friend cause she was so amaze with this origami! She saw it at my desk and she ask me if I could make her one and I did! Well keep it up. You're really good.

  3. this is stupid you need to turn the Irish music off so I can understand what you are saying. Sorry if I came off mean

  4. I dont mean to sound mean but i tried this and mine didnt work out at all. Im going to try it again but im running out of paper. This design is really cool but…

  5. This is definitely the best origami box I have ever made. With the right paper and design, it looks store bought. Thank you Tavin.

  6. Is this one of your original creations or is this a traditional origami creation? I was wondering, because this my first time to see an origami box in rectangular form.

  7. Thank you!! I finally made this box and I am going to use it to put in it 111 notes with the reasons why I love my boyfriend. <33

  8. thanks for the video. I like the step-by-step process and the clear instructions. I'm making boxes out of card stock this year to put cookies in for Christmas. 🙂

  9. @Tavin's Origami Instructions 
    I find that when I close the lid on the box, the side of the box caves in. Is there any way to fix this? It is highly annoying, as I am placing my baked treats in it and I don't want anything to ruin it.

  10. I had trouble following these directions. The lid is very hard, and the demonstrator's hand covers a lot of the folding.

  11. I am using the box for my son's Minecraft birthday party. They will be chests filled with different goodies in the theme of the game. Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. Super easy, but first time origami-er……you go tiny bit fast. Lots of pausing and rewinding.
    Thanks though!!!! 👍👍

  13. at 1:40 it looks like it can be s fiyable paper-airplane in this shape

    To make the airplane, fold it at the center-line and than fold the wings and winglets like you know from other paper-airplanes.
    myybe the wings 1/8 of the whole with away from the celter-fold ant tha winglets tha same way avay from the side-edges

  14. I make my own bracelets and I found it a waste of money and material to buy new storage boxes. With this tutorial I was able to make some boxes to store my different types of cords in and recycle some old scrapbook paper while doing so!
    Thank you so much for making this!

  15. Beautiful box. I love things like this for Christmas gifts. I've got this video saved and will be coming back this winter 🙂

  16. best box I've ever seen!!!!!!! I was about to put origami butterflies(tiny sized), mini hearts, and maybe diamonds.

  17. Thank you Tavin, I saw this video 3 year ago to do a birhday gift for my mom and now that I want a box for storage my origami figures it keeps here.

  18. I use it for keeping mini clay foods in side. ( I made them myself) Then after I use for playing picnic with my friends.

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