BOX FORT ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE!!  ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฑ The Walking Dead Box Fort!

BOX FORT ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE!! ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฑ The Walking Dead Box Fort!

previously on the last episode infecting
the people is the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person
activating the virus now slim we wave when we get out there there might be
zombies who want you to follow me we’re gonna run as fast as we can to the woods
don’t stop this video sponsored by next games what let’s go grab my hand let’s keep
them just keep moving I can hear them behind us I don’t know we just gotta
keep moving away from the Lord sounds like the walkers are gaining on
us let’s keep moving
maybe one behind us these walkers catch-up for dunes the rivers blocked
off there’s a gate there we’re gonna have to go up Jake there’s a walker
right there we gotta go we gotta go well we gonna keep moving keep moving
we gotta get far away from that prison as we can it seems like the whole
world’s affected I have a runoff fumes for the last few miles
here take a break here all right a few seconds but we got to start moving man
what’s Walker hold on wait are we good clothes that should do it
high let’s just keep moving man we gotta keep going hey take a quick break here it seems
like the sound of the hordes die down a little bit when seconds lay down Jake
what are you doing what do you mean we just saw a zombies and you’re gonna play
a game I’m playing The Walking Dead no man’s land it’s official mobile game of
AMC’s The Walking Dead and Logan with the season 8 update coming out on the
23rd of October it’s given me some ideas so what are you trying to say look if
this means I haven’t just had fun playing The Walking Dead no man’s land
I’ve been learning Logan I’ve been learning how to make an outpost if we’re
gonna ride this thing out we need to set up a base we need to build a base like
in The Walking Dead no man’s land it’s the only way we can defeat the Baron
okay I hear you we gotta get going though it’s pretty much pitch black kind
of like being in the woods but its pitch black we gotta find a place to build
this base I don’t think the walkers have gained on us but we gotta keep moving it
seems like a package or something old survival package whoever was fleeing the
city must have dropped it we better take it with us come on let’s keep moving hey
I know if it old abandoned house up there it’s a little far walk up the hill
but if we can make it there we might be able to fashion a base over the back of
it hey yo what’s going on guys Papa J Q from G bit me and we are back with a
brand new video and today guys we are start in the very first day of zombie
apocalypse week that is right we’re going full Walking Dead with this build
okay this is a week full of zombie adventures and post-apocalyptic fun
before we get any further into the video I wanna let you guys know that this
video is sponsored by next games the creators of The Walking Dead no man’s
land I’m gonna have some gameplay of this game a little bit later on in the
video but if at any point you guys want to check out the game you can use the
link down below and download it for the App Store as well as the Google Play
Store also guys if you use our link down below you will unlock negan completely
for free and you can start playing with them in the game so basically what we’re
gonna do guys is we’re gonna have a massive wall that’s gonna protect us
from all the zombies and walkers that can come and try and eat us during the
night so what we’re gonna do first is we’re gonna start by walling off the
fire let no zombies can get in and then we
can have a gate that only me and Logan can get in and out of once inside we’ll
have multiple different areas that will build up over the week so we can have an
amazing Zombie Survival base of course we got to start with the headquarters
which is the main place we’re gonna sleep eat and store all of our items
that we find during our scavenging missions but we got to get going fast
guys as you guys can see we’ve got this massive fence which covers the entire
area over here so no zombie no matter where they come from can’t get through
this thing I found this kind of rural slash bundle of wire fencing it’s like a
wire fence that we can actually run across the main fence itself to
reinforce it also behind in the compound there is a big metal fence over there
so I’m thinking we combine both the wire fencing as well as the metal fence with
some extra cardboard to make this thing super secure but if zombies breached
this wall we’re gonna be in a lot of trouble so we gotta make sure that this
thing stays on lockdown so just finish putting on the fencing and it dude this
looks so cool it’s actually really secure at the fencing now it’s like
really hard to get through and it holds up the wall really nicely I was talking
to Logan and we thought it’d be really cool to put like spike traps up made out
of cardboard but I think we might do that in a future episode so don’t forget
guys if you want zombie Week to continue select that like button down below let’s
get a hundred thousand likes on this video and we’ll keep doing zombie week I
also went ahead and scavenge a little bit and found this fence here which we
used to reinforce the fence this is solid steel now we can bend down like
this we can hide away from any walkers or even any other Raiders coming to try
and raid our outpost and then if we want to look up we have a whole view of
anywhere they can come from we’ve got to make the main council building over here
which is gonna be the center of the entire outpost we’re gonna have a
medical bay a food bay I’m also thinking about building a farm back there but
those are for future episodes in this episode because it’s getting dark
because you guys know once it gets dark that’s when walkers are most active we
have to scavenge for food we have to scavenge for supplies and stay warm
right now it’s not too bad no I’m in a regular shirt and everything like that
but tonight it’s gonna be cold so we got to get a fire going and we definitely
need some more supplies for defense pastor I think I see something up ahead
there’s lights watch your step look sis I’m gonna
started building this outpost and abandon it it’s got a fence seems clear seems like they left the gate open and
walkers got in whole place is clear but building supplies are here this is where
you build the outpost looks like this wall is pretty secure solid reinforced
steel wire mesh and the rest of the outpost is covered by a large walls this
is perfect those Walker noises were getting lower
but we gotta be on the lookout I don’t think we’re gonna have too much issue
from behind but this gate Falls they’ll be swarming in here I want to make sure
that we have eyes looking out that way at all times this fence will hold but
unless we get this camp built we’re not gonna have a chance surviving here for
longer than today we need a Town Council med base sleeping quarters if you want
to live here we’re also gonna need to think about making a farm of some sort
to gather food but tonight though let’s get the council built and see if we can
scavenge for supplies in the area well definitely with someone’s survival crate
they must have left behind it’s a few things in here mostly it seems like
clothing but think I’m gonna need to change your clothes a survival blanket
definitely gonna need that got pants more pants jacket must be getting cold
out here – all right foot and steel keep us a little bit warmer but we’re
definitely in need to start a fire I think before we go out on our scavenging
mission we got to get this main building built if we can get that bill at least
we have a place to survive and sleep for the night – check it out the walls are complete
this is where I’m gonna sleep this is where we’re gonna go ahead and kind of
spend most of her time you still want to do the medbay
basically now oh wait look looking we got a walker all right I got this I got
this hold on hold on little vidi weapons dude that was close I think we really
need some weapons yeah we definitely do man that was way too close
well it’s getting pretty hungry and it’s getting colder by the hour
I say we finish this roof and then we go out on the scavenging mission for food
supplies and definitely firewood so we just finished putting the roof on
this box for it it’s looking super secure we got a nice path all the way to
our fence Jake just went on a recon mission to get some more supplies I
found it in the scrap pile of cardboard over there it’s an old beat-up fire pit
but we can use it for our fire tonight ah if we can find some wood and maybe
some old food we can scavenge we’re gonna have some meals all right
come on let’s head out there’s an abandoned house it’s not too far from
here stay close and watch for walkers all right up here I see some wood let’s
grab it we’ll definitely need this for a fire there’s a gun too
looks like someone was here all right let’s move in you stay outside I’m gonna
search this place for any food and supplies got some water nice there you
go grab it I have to we can find another supply pack there we go water okay now
we see some food zombie outbreak survival kit this might
come in handy house tip is anything back there I think I see some food up I had
its can of beans perfect it’s exactly what we need this
lighting kit some extra flashlights all right I’m gonna pack this up and bring
it with us this might come in handy when we rig our main base definitely got to
keep this thing definitely don’t want these leftover cookies this this will do
got some more beans all right Logan I’m coming out wait Logan go to Walker we go
to Walker’s clothes what’s going on there CH are walking
I got him no don’t worry here grab this applies we gotta get out of here invite
you more talking in the back I got a box full of ice as well
all right we’re good to go let’s get back the vases get a fire going I’m
absolutely starving here’s some walkers in the distance but we should be okay if
we keep moving and keep quiet inside close the gate I’ll be in charge of getting the fire
going I need you to get inside the bases start rigging the lighting okay some
light and warmth in here if we’re gonna survive it sounds good we got a few
extra flashlights cans of beans should be able to cook these up on the fire
tonight rule a tape an old journal might come in
handy got this what is that some sort of zombie emergency guide I mean I don’t
know if it’ll help the guy before us but might be able to help us now some toilet
paper it looks like a military axe cutter and use this prepare the fire
tonight we’ve been dealing with walkers all night and we need to get some food
in our bellies I couldn’t find any matches but we doing some putting steel
which it should be able to make this lightly fires lit and we got enough kindling and
wood the last is the night this should be able to keep us warm for most of the
night and help us cook our food the fire doesn’t make a lot of noise so it
shouldn’t attract walkers when I’m more worried about as other survivors but we
definitely need it tonight so now that we got the main council built any
outpost is coming along we’ve got a fire we also faded out the entire inside at
the fort here so it’s all decked out for us to survive for the next 24 hours
we’re gonna cook up some beans for dinner and they get inside and start
getting ready for bed we found two cans of beans until we find more supplies
that we needed rations so we’re only gonna eat one canopy is between the both
of us tonight we’ll go on another scavenging mission in the next episode
but until then this is all we got so now it’s time to cook these up on the
fire eventually it should be hot now some nice yummy beans it’s not the
finest meal but I’ll have to do just finish eating their beans of the
night fueled up we’re feeling a lot better
we hydrated with some water haven’t heard any walkers or seen anything
behind the fence but so far it’s looking pretty good let’s make sure the gates
locks do one last check for Walker’s not seen anything out there looks like we
should be good let’s head inside and start getting ready for the night –
welcome to the council this is our base and our main headquarters to the rest of
zombie week we’re gonna be surviving here and building off of this of course
guys like I said if you guys want the series to continue make sure to smack
that like button down below share this video with all your friends or even have
plans to go on some more crazy recon missions out in the wild to scavenge for
supplies and I’m even thinking about trying to make a zombie car that we can
use to travel around before we start getting ready for bed I want to check
out that package that we found inside that abandoned base zombie Emergency
Operations CD interesting it says here we can’t get bitten by the zombies
whoever owned this must have been close to the barren this is all the ways you
can avoid the baron’s infection so you got remedies for if you get bitten
should put this up in the fourth this is a bite kit so we’ll definitely need this
she put some of these supplies in our lockbox over there we got some tape here
might worn off some other survivors if they see it now it’s time to get our bed
ready and start setting up for the night we don’t have a lot we definitely need
to go on some more missions hopefully find some pillows or maybe blankets so
for tonight we’re gonna be using the emergency blanket it may not look like a
lot but between this and the fire should keep us toasty tonight
all right here you go logging your blanket not much it’s time to get to bed
hopefully we don’t have any Walker’s tonight now we’ve got our council / base
here which should protect us throughout the night and keep us warm tomorrow we
got a lot of repairs to do a lot of fixing up to do so see you guys in the
morning good night it has been one of the
longest and hardest nights to survive in a history of our box Ford videos it
started to pour rain last night and start to leak through here and that’s
what woke us up originally it’s we had to run outside we had to go ahead and
start scrapping for supplies in the middle of the night while avoiding
Walker’s we were able to go ahead and get some tar P so we tarped up this base
to get it dry we got like an hour of sleep but now we’re up and it’s it’s a
new day just the crack of dawn it’s pretty dark outside but I think we’re
gonna go up we’re gonna start a fire cuz both me and Logan are just absolutely
chilled to the bone we’re soaking wet everything’s wet let’s go outside
hopefully we get a fire started and get some warmth because I’m absolutely
freezing you guys what we’re dealing with here this is the entrance to the
fort as you guys can see we had to go ahead and turn most of the fort and get
it rigged up during the night here we go guys it is absolutely pouring rain out
here I’m a little concerned because during the night the wall has been
completely getting also the fourths roof was just
completely soaked when we woke up this is quite literally going to be the
hardest survival week of all time I think in episode 2 we’re gonna have to
do a full upgrade of this base we’re gonna have to redo all of the outposts
to make sure that the main council has a tarp on it like this the big continues
to rain all week and this cold keeps up there’s no way we’re getting through the
week like this especially if you can’t find a way to upgrade this wall I think
for now all we’re gonna have to do is just keep adding cardboard to it and
keep it alive this is truly survival in a zombie apocalypse completely soaked to
the bone out here during the night guys while Logan was sleeping and a little
bit of time to work on a pet project of mine we’ve been having some issues
getting weapons to fend off the walkers something I want to show you her name is
Lucille she’s gonna help us survive she’s gonna help us make it through
zombie week bitch is between this rain and the walkers out there the cardboard
crumbling around is we will not stop we will not be defeated we will survive
we’ll survive and we will take down this barren we’ll survive against the walkers
we’ll survive against the the hunger the cold there’s nothing that’s gonna stop
us this is zombie week now we’re jumping on board and we’re playing some of the
Walking Dead no-man’s land as promised guys we’re gonna get into some gameplay
but I thought I’d start off here with my outpost to kind of show you guys what it
looked like we actually modeled our box fort after
my outpost from the game so we had our council in the middle with our campfire
on the right-hand side and everything and this is kind of what we’re gonna be
building our box for week into so we’re gonna have like a farm we’re gonna have
over here like some tents we’re also gonna have of course a hospital but the
main thing here is the fence check this out guys so in the game it’s exactly
like our box fort fence well not exactly I mean I mean our fence didn’t have a
bus it wasn’t reinforced steel but still nonetheless it’s you know it’s an
outpost and although our boxford outpost might not be as big and might not be as
cool it’s still ours and you know you guys can in the game place your farm
wherever you want to if you want to put your farm over here you can put it over
here I like mine here cuz it looks cool which probably isn’t a good idea cuz if
a walker ever broke in he would you know ruin my potatoes but anyway that’s not
important and before we jump into the gameplay guys if at any point during
this video you guys want to download the game it is completely for free and if
you use the link down below you can actually get negan unlocked for free he
is super-awesome hero that you guys
definitely need in your game he’s a great addition to your outpost and the
game’s free to download on iOS as well as Android so he doesn’t get it in like
the Google Play Store he doesn’t get it in the apple iOS store as well but let’s
jump in here and start playing some of our missions so the cool thing about the
season missions are that in season 8 it’s gonna be following the show so each
Monday there’s gonna be an update where you get to play a mission that reflects
the show from that previous Sunday so let’s jump in here and check it out
because season 8 was just released it’s out now so if you guys get the game you
can jump in and start playing but let’s see we got sanctuary siege I already
played the first mission because I couldn’t wait to be honest with you guys
I was like I have to play I gotta check it out we can do a hard mode but I’m a
little worried about doing hard mode so maybe we’ll just play some some of the
regular modes start out in so let’s jump in here and start playing some season 8
all right so we got Aaron we got Maggie we got Rick looks pretty good here so
let’s let’s start our mission up there we go all right let’s jump in here got a
pretty solid squad here Maggie with the sniper Rick and Aaron with the pistols I
love it the cool thing about this game guys is
you got to be really tactical when you’re playing like you got to make sure
that you have your players positioned where you want them so for example
Maggie being a sniper you can put her in the back and kind of have her like on
overwatch looking out and taking out people while your other guys move up and
you got to be careful too because for example if I take Aaron and I put them
over and you know I don’t know making loot over here check out that that trash
can you could get surrounded by walkers very
quick so you got to make sure you got one of your guys to come and help him
out unless you don’t want Aaron to to lift
and then you can just let him go over there but we like Aaron so we’re not
gonna let him get eaten by walkers so let’s uh let’s start here looks like
we’re gonna be taking out some enemies as well as walkers and these kinds of
guns so we’re gonna be careful of that oh I got snipers up here too okay I just
got two snipers behind the fence and looks like one guy’s got whoops one
guy’s got a melee weapon and there are a bunch of walkers surrounding us so the
walkers are gonna attack both of us which means I’m gonna take them out to
start cuz it looks like they’re already kind of dealing with those guys let’s
move Aaron up here let’s see what he can do go for it Aaron
there we go that didn’t do a lot Aaron all
make him bleed air and that wasn’t good enough he’s still standing pretty strong
let’s see if Maggie you can do anything mmm all the Walker moved in I thought
you didn’t get the Walker as well all right sweet
and we’ll have Rick kind of want to save the walkers cuz they’re kind of working
to our advantage right now this is part of being tactical all right you know
what actually I’m gonna Rick around here so we can take out these snipers pretty
quick all right you missed that the Walker did
not get us but he is exposed Oh Oh Rick don’t worry don’t worry we got the rest
of the crew coming up to help you oh you came right in all right all right we’re
gonna take this guy out Maggie’s gonna go for the snipe boom and Aaron should
be able to finish him off let’s see you there and yeah there we go dude all
right Rick’s behind here all right they got Joe on the other side whew Walker’s
still got the sniper over there we still got that guy so you know what I mean I
the Rick go ahead and take out the sniper there we go nice because Joe’s
just got a a measly little knife here the fence won’t save them let’s clear
the rest and move out okay how’d they close the fence on us all
right so we still got two snipers mm super drink Oh always taking some bad
damage here we’re just going in for the shot got a critical hit but that’s not
gonna be good enough oh we got something Walker’s keeping up
on us too you guys got to be careful as well because if you use like a really
high-powered weapon like maggie has you can attract more walkers so typically
you know you might want to have one guy have melee or like a silenced weapon if
you’re lucky and have one but in this case we’re just gonna try and take these
guys out as quick as possible it’s over it go around oh I should’ve probably Oh
nope we got a nice I got sweet so we’ll throw Aaron up and
start taking out this guy and I should be able to snipe him with Maggie I’m a
little bit worried about Dale over there it’s gonna be hard to get to but I go
for Maggie boom man we got the Walker nice hi walkers turn hold her moving and
quick oh they’re definitely moving in quick
all right luckily for us I think Dale’s gonna yeah Dale’s gonna try and take out
some walkers which is actually gonna help us out oh there’s ah there’s a lot
coming all right all right let’s move Maggie up here oh she got stuck
dang alright let’s move Aaron up and let’s move Rick over as well there we go
nice I’m a little bit worried about Maggie but she should be okay alright
let’s get out let’s get our guys together strength in numbers
oh no we’re surrounded please surrounded by walkers alright quickly if we can do
this we can do this guy’s we got this all right we need everyone to hold in
deal keeps moving away oh no we kind of we kind of lined that up for him all
right you know what Dale we’ve had enough of you
Aaron’s coming in Maggie’s coming in boom there we go we got him all right
horse coming let’s get out of here all right let’s get out let’s go I’m gonna
have to wait one more turn I think we can do this all right Rick’s gonna give
some defense here Erin’s taking a little bit of damage I don’t say I think we’re
just gonna run for it let’s just let’s just run for it guys
you can do this Erin you can do this man nice we did it guys there we go victory
got Walker’s killed all right XP oh now we get to choose our boxes all right
here we go now this is also very tactical all right guys you got a pick
three boxes here and you gotta make sure you pick the right one so I’m gonna
start with the middle one all right all right that’s so that’s a good start nice
little XP okay let’s uh let’s do top right corner okay all right oh wow
that’s actually a lot of food all right we need one of those gold cards hmm
bottom left mmm oh sweet that’s actually pretty sweet okay cool
nice got some good loot on that one guess all right let’s go back to our
outpost and check it out here we go grab some more food awesome and I can
show you guys who I’ve got in my survivors category here so I’ve got some
pretty cool heroes I’ve got Daryl I think he actually might be my only hero
here although I I i consider max a hero all right I’ve had max ever since the
very first episode that I started streaming this game and he’s you know
he’s my homie okay I’m not gonna get rid of max I don’t know who Roger is or
Danna they’re dared not my homie but max max is my homie and Roberto is pretty
cool I guess but yeah if you guys want to add negan
to your list of Heroes here like I have Daryl but if you want to get negan
absolutely for free again guys use that link down below download The Walking
Dead no man’s land is completely free-to-play guys and trust
me you will not regret it I cannot tell you like it is such a fun game to play
I’ve been I mean I’ve been playing it for seven years now I guess it’s not
years what do you have start play it’s been quite a long time that I’ve been
playing this game but yeah I mean ever since I started streaming it you guys
have loved it and so the fact that we could do a video modeled after the game
has been such a fun experience for us and this is just the start of the week
guys so we got lots more awesome content to come but I want to thank every single
last one of you for checking out this video if you guys did stick around this
far put a hashtag panda down below some of you guys are truly savage I’ll see
you guys next time for another awesome video

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