drop seemed like they’re coming in well
this’ll do came in nice got some here for dinner that should last us to the
next two days it’s a good change of the food these kind of walkers haven’t yet
look I was thinking today we go on a recon mission try finding some more
supplies I’m taking a look at that Journal I found it’s got some mapping
and some other information look I’m thinking if we’re gonna get out of here
and we’re gonna find the bear and we need some wheels we need to build a car
yeah that sounds like a good idea but where are we gonna find it’s out of
wheels Jake got some info here in the journal I found most of its gibberish
and unrelated information but it seems like whoever owned this was close to the
Baron and close to whoever created this virus the back here though it’s got a
pretty interesting map first I was a little bit confused about the map but
some of the information Kirk gave us it appears that there’s an abandoned garage
not too far from here and right there that’s where the barons had endowed this
is the neighborhood we’re staying in if we could make our way across here not
too far down that way a couple blocks there should be an old car garage grant
I don’t know if there’ll be any vehicles left but the best case we can find
something we can fix up can take that car down along the freeway here and back
down into the forest should get us fairly far along the trail I don’t know
about you but I’m not sitting here anymore win for walkers to get us I said
we make the first move but sit fairly quiet if we travel by daylight walk
across the left fence I’ll go all right let’s get this food and sack
ones you a quick checkup in the medical Bay make sure we’re healthy that’s a
show yo what’s going on guys pop Jake your from tube man we are back with a
brand new video and today guys we are picking up where we left off in a a week
long the zombie week you’re chilling inside or zombie survival for now we got
Logan over there just relaxing this of course is inside our main base and this
is kind of where we’ve been sleeping where we’ve been hanging out and stored
all of our supplies we’ve got a supply locker over there as you can see we got
some nice fancy signs up on the side here this is no hazmat gear and we’ve
got some informational stuff about zombies know how to dispose of them what
happens if you get bitten all that kind of good stuff and guys it has been a
long week between the cold the rain the constant threat of zombies it has been
crazy we lost a good man to my friend Kurt he was a good man peace he was
super good still don’t know what his last name was but he was a good man Kurt
got bitten and unfortunately turned on us late last night if you guys saw that
episode be sure to catch up on all of zombie week otherwise you won’t know
what’s going on or know what we’re doing right now but today is a very special
day because today guys we’ve decided that we’re no longer gonna sit in the
base like scaredy cats we’re gonna go out we’re gonna try and find answers to
this zombie apocalypse we know that the Baron has answers and possibly a cure
but in order to get out there to find new supplies to go to where we think the
Baron might be regardless of if the Barons there guys we are going to a
military base that we think is located somewhere in the woods and that should
have a lot of loot and supplies problem is one there’s a’m be two there might be
people there that might try and hurt us and three we need a way to get there
which is why we’re gonna try and make our way to an abandoned garage to fix up
a car today but before we do that we need to do a quick medical examination
on Logan nobody right nobody you’re not you’re not lying
cuz Kirk lied Logan we almost died you call me a liar chief what are the bites
on you I have I don’t know bites on me look I’m wearing gloves where’s the
zombie gonna buy me plus I wouldn’t even let us ami you’re close to me oh the
other than Kirk and other than that one that came in here the other day but
other than that Knoll Dom be used on close to Papa Jake all right yeah if
anything you’re more likely to have a bite I pop a Jake zombie hunter alright
I don’t get bitten so we’re gonna go in the medical Bay guys and we’re gonna do
a check-up on Logan and then we’re gonna head out and go find this abandoned
garage make sure you don’t have any bites or
anything got a disposal unit in here as well as
some other signs in case we need to well spoke but I think you’re okay all right
let me just check your eyes here all right open your eyes luckily for us guys
we also found out that if a zombie is infected he has green blood so we’re
gonna take a quick blood sample of Logan this might hurt a lot looks like you are
clean Logan that is not green soft well of course I’m clean Jake I haven’t been
bit we just had to be careful don’t let me know you’re okay it’s time to pack up
and gear up we’re heading out to find this abandoned garage pretty low on
supplies as well as ammunition that zombie horde in the last episode took a
number on us we’re gonna take what we can and move out as much as we can we’re
not gonna be using our weapons the more we use our weapons the more we attract
the walkers if we can do without firing your weapons or attracting walkers we’ll
be good we’re gonna stay low stick to the path and make our way into the
garage hopefully there’s nothing in there this is all we got left Jake yeah
we’re looking pretty low on ammo man I got three shots
I’ve got Kirk’s old pistol let’s move out we’ve gotta find squash gates locked up camps looking good
let’s move out all right this should be the place it’s looks like the abandoned
garage y’all ready I don’t know what’s gonna be in here way to buzz let’s check
this place out hope these know we’re walkers in here looks like we’re clear
it’s definitely the place though is it let’s play still has power trying it the
lights turned on any motors running look around see if you can find any Wheels
cars scraps it’s gotta be an engine or something in here
bingo Logan it’s an old electric scooter motor we could definitely repair this
check it out there’s an electric motor over there if we can break this motor
through the scooter we might be able to reinforce it this is definitely
something we can use as a vehicle if we can reinforce it strong enough the
walkers shouldn’t be an issue for me I can drive right through them time to
start building their up and getting it ready
we got a long journey ahead of us check it out the zombie vehicle is
complete guys this thing is looking awesome we completely outfitted this car
rebuilt it from scratch we’ve got everything you need to survive the
zombie apocalypse we’ve got a front-facing nerf gun with a
saw windows are reinforced with this mesh here so no zombies can get in the
side or in the front and everything’s being reinforced around the entire car
itself unfortunate guys this is only a one-seater so it looks like I’m gonna
have to go on the solo mission alone but that’s okay I’m gonna gear up pull all
my supplies and we’re gonna go ahead and find this base in the woods so we can
put a stop to the Baron I’m gonna head back to the base now and hold down the
fort I get the front garage open we should be able to move out here with all
the debris around it’s gonna be a little bit hard to maneuver but this thing’s
fairly small they can make you down the trail I should be able to make it
through the woods and find this base there’s an old control panel over here
should be able to jerry-rig it to get it up nothing alright give me a second here
ah there we go don’t fit my guns at the face if I don’t
make it back you hold down the fort you will make it back you should survive
Logan you survived I’m gonna find out what’s going on here I’ll put stop to
the bear Hey see this is gonna come the mud broke down
pretty quick these two took care of that walk this
shouldn’t be too far from here all right let’s fight this thing looks like I found the military base let’s go somewhere over there there shoot geez looks like we got
military Walker’s these things are geared I gotta be careful someone’s
still alive in that thing and they’re shooting at me I gotta flank him he’s got a zero tell me God looks like
this is the base she’s right where was right on the map Scott I don’t have time
health happiness if he wants to run that’s fine
I gotta find the information some files can be important could be about the
Baron is there these documents about the
infection these guys were linked to it is their
sign offs from the the Barons medical team these are all the information about
the infection when it started causes viral infection toxicity levels
Sheen doesn’t spread by hair friends my bites it spreads from one to another
that’s why they’re so aggressive he built them to be aggressive see 9 7 C 9
7 is the only cure for the infection and will remain at the Barons stronghold
under extreme supervision this is it this is where the parents hiding out
he’s waiting for he’s waiting for the infection to spread and for everyone to
die gotta go there we gotta go there if there is a cure we can go there and we
can stop this thing I need to Logan about this and the files I need to get
back to base camp I gotta go tell Logan

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