100 thoughts on “Box Clever – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #47

  1. Priceless! My cat does the same thing when she sees the carrier. The newest one has a zipped opening on the top as well; MUCH easier to put my cat into it than from the side.

  2. I don't know why i find this so relaxing after a stressing day. Of picking and choosing university courses for this semester this im so entertained

  3. My cat cries when I finally manage to put him in but not before a long battle same as Simon's hahahaha… Love this videos 😹

  4. 0:54 – Cat:  "YOU get in the kennel!"     1:55 – Simon:  "You're GOING TO THE VET!"     1:58 – Cat:  "okay."     Kitten:  "We'll talk later."

  5. Wow, man! Your lineart really cleaned up over the years! I'm so excited to have rediscovered your channel and to see so many new videos! Thanks for the consistent high quality!!!

  6. Oh My f* gosh ! It's me in 3 hours when I'll need to attend my visit to the vet… I'm already depressed even before having to… Option 2 I have a big dog cage. I'll go the the vet with it and… Is there a tiger in the box? No just a small kitty… ToT
    My kitties are frightful for their were mistreated before I adopted them which makes the whole thing even worse to accomplish.

  7. lol our cat do hesitate, he just goes right in. Such a calm cat, even at the vet! 🙂 He was adopted/rescued from a box on the side of the road, so he trusts humans a lot. Haha.

  8. I learned a long time ago that the only way to get a cat into a carrier is butt first with the back legs held tightly against the body until just before I slide the cat into the carrier, which is standing on its back wall in preparation. It doesn't always work the first time, but when it does, the WTF expression on the cat's face is priceless.

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