Bookmarks Origami DIY Bookmarks

today I’m going to show you how to make
a simple basic corner bookmark let’s get it started first take a square sheet of paper or
any A4 size paper bring the top right corner to the left edge Cut the remaining part now we have a square sheet of paper
bring top right corner to the bottom and make a nice crease repeat the process on the other side it resembles a square bring one flap upwards now take one flap over and tap it inside
like this and repeat it on the other side your simple basic corner bookmark is just
ready to use now you can decorate with different
drawings and styles as you like take any square piece of paper and fold it into half cut the shape into half heart shape apply some glue and paste it our next style make small heart just like this eyes and lines cut small piece of paper
cut it in this shape and paint the inner section apply some glue and paste it if you like this video please don’t
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