Bonsai Workshop on How to Shape a Wild Tree as Bonsai and Gain Taper Part 2, Be The CREATOR, July’18

Bonsai Workshop on How to Shape a Wild Tree as Bonsai and Gain Taper Part 2, Be The CREATOR, July’18

Hello This is Samar and I warmly welcome you in the Be The Creator channel. In this episode I will share my Tamarind Bonsai which I had reshape in last April… Ground layering too Now I will separate it from mother plant and transplant it in a bonsai pot It has passed more than 60 days after ground layering Expecting good grown roots That i can repot it And it will also be settled in a new pot easily Carefully separates the soil Note that no root damage should be made And for this I will use the comb Slowly remove the soil from all sides Some roots have gone below the ground that should be pulled out I will use saws to separate it from mother plant All the roots have to be tied upwards so that It do not damage the roots while using saws I will use paper for this I will use this plastic bonsai pot I will train it in the same pot for next 2 years As a soil, I will use perlite, vermiculite and coco peat mixer Bonsai soil should be well drainage And along with it the moisture content should also be good These perlite, vermiculite and coco peat mixer Keeps water absorbed Also gives mineral and organic support And allow the wind to move in the soil… which is very important for healthy roots Some brick pieces will be mixed with it It will work to provide a strong hold of roots First a layer of soil Little more soil It’s fine now Root length is to be reduced Properly spreading the root…. is very important While repotting Now the upper part of the soil Use of the pointing tool to avoid air pocket in the soil Some pieces of brick from above which prevent the perlite from wash out Now …. some rocks To keep the tree straight The roots do not hold the ground yet So the tree can fall from the strong wind Some stones, ….weighing heavily above the soil, will support the tree Look, this has moved on one side Some more rock has to be put in Now to remove some unwanted growth Should be cut flush I will put some medium size pebbles on the soil … to give support to the tree Now few pruning Initially when we transplant Bonsai Then, unless the root starts its work By the time bonsai lacks water Light pruning… and defoliation … balances the need and supply of moisture Tamarind leaves are Compound So the leaves can be cut half With defoliation …. greenery is also restored in Bonsai See, I’m deducting 70% of the leaves Do not forget to watering well in the first time Next 15 to 20 days lay it under the shade Let roots grow well Show new growth on the tree Then again to keep bonsai in the sun Fruit is not going to get, so I’ll remove the flower buds In the meantime I had worked in it once Here was a branch that I had cut flush Because it was becoming leader And there was the node, was also spoiling the beauty of bonsai It will look better when eventually it will fill the cut mark That’s all for today See you on next video Till then Goodbye Thanks for watching

49 thoughts on “Bonsai Workshop on How to Shape a Wild Tree as Bonsai and Gain Taper Part 2, Be The CREATOR, July’18

  1. Grate to see your Ground Layering meathead it is very useful for me to increase my knowledge. Nice work sir.

  2. आप इतने विस्तार से समझाते हैं कि रुचि और भी बढ़ जाती है

  3. Hi Dada Nice work on your Tamarind bonsai. You have not used any compost in your bonsai mixture? Only perlite, vermiculite and cocopeat. How will the plant survive without any food? Please enlighten us.

  4. Very well explained tutorial.Bark is very mature and enhancing tree's beauty.Thanks Samar da for a very simple n nice video.
    Regards from rainy n stormy Dehradun

  5. 💖Thanks all my green loving friends to support me to achieve the mark of 10000 Subscriber.
    I am grateful to all those my subscribers, who have inspired me for the past 16 months, have amended me with constructive criticism, and have stayed beside me from very beginning.💖💖💖💚

  6. What a beautiful day, just say down with dinner, and here my favourite youtuber is with a new video , thanks Samar.
    You know,, there is not too many youtube bonsai people experts left , that i like.
    Nigel S been rude and is all about plastic and capitalism these days,, mik bonsai guy says i have to get a facebook account if i wanna ask him questions.. ! i dont like that.. you seem to the only bonsai experts left i can talk with Samar. there is you , and maybe i know about 1 other, that vinny bonsai guy i think you mentioned before, he seems both smart and helpfull..
    now well,, good too see you Samar =) hope to see u soon again., and , cool tree =) hope it grows well for future..
    -Love from Norway

  7. From where you are getting Perlite, Vermiculite.. which brands ??? I have searched in amazon but only found powdered form.

  8. Sir, from where can I get wire for changing shape of the bonsai ? Wat sud be the size of wire for stem and branch shaping ? And is the wire rubber/plastic insulated or plane bare metal wire ?

  9. Main Bangladesh se aapka channel main subscribe Kiya hai main lemon key ki bonsai karna chahta Hoon aap aap humko A2Z bansal shikha eega to bahut accha hoga

  10. · You make such new videos and we get to learn from you a lot, really good..we really learn a lot from you😊 and

  11. Sir mere garden Mai ek 4 ya 5 saal ka mango plant hai. Kya use hum Bonsai mai badal sakte hai. Mai ne usse yek ya doh baar cut kiya hai, sirf branches ko.

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