Bonsai tree planting in Ancient Temple type treepot (with English subtitle)

Bonsai tree planting in Ancient Temple type treepot (with English subtitle)

Hello I have already shown you how to create the pot. Now I will show you how to plant bonsai tree in it. This is the drainage hole to make sure that the soil did’n came out through the drainage hole I place some small stone chip in front of it These are bonsai soil made by me This is a peepal tree I am cutting some root of it so that it can fit on the pot. This is a banyan tree see I have worked on the roots of the tree To know how I transform the root like this please see the video in my channel. The name of the video is “Create a new bonsai of banyan tree” This is again stone chips are placed to avoid the soil from getting out of the drainage hole After that bonsai soil is poured with help of a wire The banyan tree is tied up with the pot so that the tree remain firm the wire can be opened once the root is completely fixed with the soil To ensure that there is no gap in the pot The soil is pricked to minimise the gap After 45 days of planting After planting I have cut the long branches Now you can see bot the plant has started growing Please take a note after planting a tree for first few days until the tree start growing keep the tree in a shade Thank all of you for watching my video

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I'm so excited that you have English subtitles I love watching you work and creating awesome plants and pots.

  3. It's a good idea and project, but I think you'll species with smaller leaves that it'll look natural some day or a 4-6 times greater pot.

  4. Hello sir Mai apki Abhi composite wali video dekhi bht zbrdst video thi Mai new subscriber hn plzz mjhy asay plants btaye Jo room Mai rakhy ja saky jinhy dhoop ki zarurt nhi Hoti plz sir plz

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  6. Считаю, что с мелкими листьями растительность здесь подошла бы больше. Вы, молодец!

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