Bonsai Terindah di Dunia – Salah Satunya dari Indonesia

Bonsai Terindah di Dunia – Salah Satunya dari Indonesia

The art of bonsai is a hobby that is loved by many people throughout the world, especially Asia This potted plant was first born in China with the name Penjing, introduced when the Tsin dynasty came to power and became increasingly popular during the Tang dynasty The name bonsai itself comes from Japanese, which means plants in shallow pots. So no wonder, if these tiny trees are found in Japan as a collection of Japanese masters and high-ranking state and conglomerates We have compiled a list of ten unique and amazing bonsai trees Top ten most beautiful bonsai trees in the world. please support this chanel with like and subscribe This extraordinary tree is known for its amazing and artistic age, this tree is reported to be over 800 years old one of the most expensive bonsai trees The owner Kobayashi is one of the most famous bonsai artists in the world has won prestigious awards from the Japanese Prime Minister 4 times Shunka-en bonsai gallery, located in Edogawa, Tokyo and open for visitors Goshin “protector of spirit” is a bonsai made by John Y. Naka This bonsai is named Eleven Foemina Junipers Forest John Y. Naka made his work for the first time when he attended bonsai training in 1948 Naka donated the bonsai to the National Bonsai Foundation in 1984 and was often exhibited at National Arboretum, United States. LITTLE BONSAI, SHOHIN TREE BY MORTEN ALBEK The work of Albek depicts Rockspray Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster horizontalis) This picture is taken in spring, when the flowering tree is beautiful in summer and has small red fruit in winter. This tree is only 9.5 cm (4 inches) tall and planted on miniature stones the pot is made by John Pitt, a famous potter. These 20-year-old trees have been exhibited in various exhibitions over the past decade. PINE SILVESTRIS, BY STEFANO FRISONI This tree is very realistic its character and art are highly valued prominently for the size of a bonsai tree As you can see bearing foliage is very dense, as if it were a cloud in the sky Initially Stefano Frisoni bought it just to add to his collection and finally he rearranged it to create leaves that resembled clouds in the sky Without changing the existing art in bonsai before. This beautiful Chinese landscape belongs to a well-known collector in Hong Kong, Man Lung. Birds of China Plum trees (Sageretia Theezans) and combined with the beautiful scenery In this landscape, trees, stones and miniature statues are placed in oval or rectangular shallow pots (made of marble) which are then displayed on an antique table Absolute Perfections This tree is an Azalea species that is only 14 cm (5 inches) tall Azaleas have tapered leaves like spears and are dark green. his picture was taken in late spring / early summer when the Azalea tree is really flowering Its appearance is supported by Japanese pots that make it so charming. TROPICAL BRAZIL TREE, BY BUDI SULISTYO This tree grows from complicated cuts The photo above was taken when this bonsai was 12 years old Originating South America Brazilian Tropical bonsai is considered one of the most beautiful tropical bonsai and one of the most popular bonsai in the world This bonsai shows a blend of some amazing beauty, bonsai, rolls and supporting plants. Together with other objects, this bonsai art creates a strong and attractive image, this bonsai was exhibited to visitors One of the most famous bonsai trees owned by a collection of European bonsai artists (Walter Pall) this tree is very beautiful and realistic a large maple (one meter high, which is the maximum size to be called a bonsai tree) Bonsai age more than a hundred years old A work without a doubt, arranged by an inspirational artist. Bonsai Master Masahiko Kimura, one of the world-famous bonsai tree artists his work is so enticing bonsai lover Kimura began studying bonsai art when he was 15 years old to master Hamano in the village of Omiya Bonsai To produce attractive and beautiful art, Kimura sometimes gives unusual treatment to his bonsai, and the results really Amazing. Top ten most beautiful bonsai trees in the world. Don’t Forget to Subcribe for more update

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  1. Untuk perbandingan, silakan diamati karya Masahiko Kimura, Fujisawa, atau karya Mario Staemberger, Bjorn Bjorholm. Masih banyak bonsai luarbiasa di luar sana.

  2. Suka semua pohon bonsai banyak cerita karakter pohon bonsai bisa meluapkan cerita kehidupan melalui pohon seni.

  3. Taaaaahhh nu kie bonsai,mantaaapp ,,,ulah eta loba vidio bonsai bonsai 15 juta atau sabaraha juta ai kanyataan ngan bibit kalapa😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Keren,,mantap2,,,,, Boyolali hadir,,,ijin iklan Kang, menerima pemesanan brbgai macam pot bunga/bonsai bermotif ukir,bahan tembaga,kuningan(motif ukir,bentuk&ukuran) sesuai permintaan,,WA 085600437876,🙏🙏
    Nb.melayani pemesanan se Indonesia &luar negeri.

  5. No.7 kusuka… azalea brasil, menampilkan kesan sangat alami dgn daun kecil2 miripnasem jawa.
    Salam kenal sobat
    Sukses selalu

  6. You Have see The German Bonsai Garden from Michael Tran " Minoru Bonsai " ? A student of Walter , its a Great Garden ,for me the best in Germany

  7. B͛o͛n͛s͛a͛i͛ p͛a͛l͛i͛n͛g͛ k͛e͛r͛e͛n͛ d͛i͛ D͛u͛n͛i͛a͛.
    P͛e͛n͛g͛i͛n͛ p͛u͛n͛y͛a͛

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