Bonsai Shohin Expo (2/2)

Bonsai Shohin Expo (2/2)

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! The size of the bonsai doesn’t mean it has not all the advantages of a larger tree. Sometimes it is even more impressive
to see a jin or shari on a smaller shohin than on a daibonsai of 80cm This Shimpaku It’s just amazing. The shari of that cotoneaster accompanies all the trunk, and the jin of this rigid juniper is impressive. Let’s look at some fruits and flowers
in this exhibition. As I said, the cabinets must represent
4 seasons from plains to observing the slopes of a mountain. By the size of the trees; fruit sare often unique and flowers illuminates compositions. We have many early prunus
that fit very well in this winter season and Komurasaki are popular in
Japan. This Charcoal Hamilton is one of my favorite : flowers, pot, labor trunk and composition … top. 13 elements make this presentation Yellow: Hamamelis japonica We saw it with jin and shari, trunks
of conifers and others are impressive considering the size of the trees. Here are some examples Again, there are all trees less than
25cm … trunks quality and branches is exceptional! It was the 46th national exhibition Bonsai Shohin in Ueno. I hope you like this video. Feel free to leave me a comment
in the description where you will find the names of trees which I speak in the video
and other interesting links if you Want to learn more!
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12 thoughts on “Bonsai Shohin Expo (2/2)

  1. Salut Monsieur Bonsaï super tes vidéos comme d'hab.
    Petite suggestion, pourrais-tu nous confectionner des terrarium.😊
    Sinon bonne continuation

  2. Hello Monsieur Bonsaï,
    deux très bonnes vidéos avec des explications très intéressantes. Top, merci beaucoup! 😉

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