Hello! This is Samar Welcomes you to Be The CREATOR Here I’m present with Concrete Bonsai Pot Making Ideas, Episode 2. I’ve shown on episode no.1, that… How will you make the basic structure And … in this episode I’ll share … how will you give the basic structure …. a finished look. Here I’m using stone chips … with slurry of cement and sand in 2:1 ratio … to make the pot wall. After 24Hrs. …. the pot wall pot wall became concreted. Now watch the lower level pot wall … How I’m .. making it. Take cement and sand … in 3:1 ratio … make clay like this. And … follow this process. Please use Gloves while working with cement. On the top of the stone wall …. put a layer like this. The uneven finish of stones …. will become little even by this. After 24 Hrs. The decoration work will be started. I’ll paint the whole pot with a yellow cement paint. How to make cement paint !! I’ll share it too with you. To make the yellow cement paint …. use yellow stainer in white cement. Another interval of 24 Hrs. Now I’ll make black cement paint. In normal cement …. mixing black stainer. Mix stainer little by little … Until …. you get your desired color. Now the second coat of paint. Again you have to cover the whole pot with black paint. After complete the painting, now … wash the black coat, …. With wet cloth. The yellow undercoat will emerge. After another interval of 24 Hrs. Place the pot under a flowing water. For a week. So that the alkaline property of the cement get washed out. After that…. Use the pot. Please type your suggestions bellow. Don’t forget to Like & Share to support me. To watch more new ideas like this …. Subscribe to my channel and … Press the Bell icon So that you get notification of my new uploads. That’s all for now Friends. See you on next video. Till then Goodbhye. Thanks for watching.

24 thoughts on “BONSAI POT MAKING IDEAS- 2, Cement Bonsai Pot

  1. Did you try the finish method in a different order, say brush washing dark ochre onto the light cement into the recessed areas then "Dry"" brushing the gold ochre to the raised areas, give a try, also with other earthy tones?..General Rid Stump!!!

  2. Wow. What a creation Samar da! I wish I could have this beautiful n artistic pot.
    Now I'm awaiting eagerly what n how you compliment this beautiful pot with your amazing trees.Love all of your videos.
    Thanks n regards

  3. Are you interested in selling your bonsai .if yes then let us know.send your what's app number so that u send us the pics of bonsai plants.and do send us your address .

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