[Bonsai Handmade]How To Make Mini Bonsai Tree Wire Copper

[Bonsai Handmade]How To Make Mini Bonsai Tree Wire Copper

A small pot 21 pieces of copper wire, 40cm in length And small gem stones Double pieces of copper wire and put gemstone beads in Keep tight and twisted with a length of 0.5cm Do the same with the remaining pieces of copper wire twist three pieces together to form small branches can twist copper wire to shape the tree branch Scale proportionally in a pyramid shape to create a balanced tree This tree is 3: 2: 1: 1 the distance between the branches is 1 cm This is the top of the tree and a small branch Next is the second branch from the top distance with the first branch 01- 1,5 cm Twist tightly to create the stem of the tree the distance between the last branch and the second branch is about 2cm tightly twist the stem to a length of 3 cm Balance the tree and start creating the roots I made 3 small roots Twist tightly to create a natural and beautiful curve And start sticking plants into pots I am trying a rock but not fit :)) I use white glue and white mini stone 24 hours later, the glue begins to fix the shape of the tree Create curves in small branches And we have a mini bonsai 😀 Please like and subscriber to support me. : D

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  1. I will actually try this one! I think I have just enough wire. I definitely have enough beads! You are so talented –

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