Bonsai Ficus

Bonsai Ficus

The Ficus is the most popular tree species
used for Bonsai, especially for beginners. It is an indoor tree species,
that is quite easy to care for. Its leaves are thick and shiny,
and the tree is an evergreen. Place your ficus tree indoor, unless outside temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit (which is about 15 degrees Celsius) The tree prefers a sunny spot. Water your Ficus like any other Bonsai plant;
keep the soil slightly moist, but never wet. Fertilize the tree twice-monthly during spring and summer, and monthly during fall and winter. To maintain the shape of your tree,
regular pruning will be necessary. To reduce the leaf-size you can consider
applying defoliation, once a year. Repotting a Ficus should be done once every two years. Finally, for propagation I would recommend taking cuttings. For more information about the
Ficus Bonsai, check our website!

14 thoughts on “Bonsai Ficus

  1. I don't what kind of ficus your growing, but I've had to repot mine twice a year, and its in a three gallon nursery pot. Its going nuts.

  2. I am join your community "bonsai empire " but some days I am out of your community . I'm trying many times to joining .what's the problem?

  3. i have mine indoor, i live in a small 1 bedroom apartment with 1 small window and does not get alot of sunlight, would it be beneficial to buy a UV light pointing towards the plants i have? also live in sweden so the sunlight totally disapears from october to march -,

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