50 thoughts on “Bonsai Beginner Series – Material Selection

  1. I look to further my skills in bonsai with hope that someday I can take your classes and get the most out of them!

  2. Now we are talking.. Finally MIRAI is adressing newbeginners, something our channel have dedicated, worked HARD too do.. This is exiting for the community. . And EXACTLY what is needed.

  3. Well done Ryan ,you are a Bonsai Master and teaching us the art of Bonsai creating!! Thanks and can't wait for part two. GOD BLESS you and Family

  4. Thank's for making a video for beginners. Setting a foundation for Bonsai is extremely important, especially for an art form with such a steep learning curve.

  5. In my opinion, trees that are easy to care for (dare I say, "hard to kill"), and are fast growing are best for folks new to bonsai. These enable early success, and success breeds joy and makes it easier to delve more into bonsai. Killing a tree is demotivating, and a slow growing tree just doesn't provide enough required work to engage someone new. For these reasons, I bet most beginners would do well with just about a ficus (if they're more apt to overwater) or baby jade (if they're more apt to underwater). Both grow pretty fast, and both are forgivable. As well, both can grow indoors. As an added bonus, both are pretty easy to propagate from cuttings, thus enabling a noob to expand his or her collection in a pretty inexpensive manner.

  6. Yeah Mirai! Looking forward to the series. Can’t think of anyone better to nurture beginners. It’s exactly what the community needs as Bonsai Talk says 👍👍

  7. Honeysuckle is a terrible invasive here in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Be careful. Beautiful flowers foliage and bark though.

  8. I'm going to try my hand at this. If I have a knack for it I might get a subscription to live for my fiance and I.

    Also, do you schedule tours of your garden? I live in Portland and would love an opportunity to experience your garden. Thank you for the content!

  9. So good! Excited to follow the progress of this series! Relates to my current level of initiation! I get so overwhelmed when I go nursery hunting for good bonsai material. But I love it!

  10. THANK YOU so much for this! There is so much material on bonsai, but this is great for beginners. Looking forward to raiding my local nurseries.
    Thanks again, guys! 🙂

  11. Some feedback to the editing team – please don't try to overproduce the content. Cliche background jingle music, fancy rolling shots, etc. Excessive production value is very off-putting especially for a hobby such as Bonsai. Please please take this seriously as anything that takes away from the content is a distraction. Take a look at the success of channels like PrimitiveTechnology – just pure content; or take a look at old Mythbusters episodes from 2005. Excessive production is my biggest pet peeve. Just talk, teach us and stay minimal in your video production.

  12. Great video guys! I'm not a beginner… but I really enjoyed the way You designed this video, and the setup. Nice work!!!

  13. i just read that albizias doesn't live long :O is that true?! don't want a tree that dies after a few years due to age

  14. This is the perfect type of video for the true bonsai beginner! I am very excited to see the next in the series and appreciate the true beginners approach.

  15. After getting my first bonsai last year, I have been floundering around trying to figure out what I am doing, from horticulture to creative process. So I am really looking forward to this series!

  16. Thanks very much for putting together all of the videos you've produced so far. All of them explain both the horticultural side and all of the principles plus the artistic/creative side of bonsai. Theymake sense to me. These are the only videos I watch now because they are very well thought out, organized, educational, comprehensive and explicit, complete with drawings, demos, guests, etc. …thank you so much for sharing with us. More power to you and your team. I wish you continued success in all that you aspire to achieve.

  17. @Bonsai Mirai I'd love to see you as a pro work on a lonicera nitida / pileata. it's growing extremely fast, it's very easy to shape and super healthy and robust. It has tiny leavs and a nice rustic bark after one year already. You can literally stick cuttings in the ground and they will start growing. imo the perfekt tree for beginners like me :3

  18. Thank you so much for this series! I am new to bonsai, and looking forward to beginning. I live in PA, so no nurseries are stocked yet. I have been watching alot of your channel as well as others. I really enjoy these videos aimed toward beginners like myself and the way you progress through all the aspects.

  19. Dont you wish you could carry a root rake with you when looking for nursery material 😎👊 lol Great video🌳

  20. This has been a super helpful video. Ryan and Josh thank you both for taking the time to make this. Josh, I can't wait to see how your trees develop!

  21. Ryan, when would you say, is the best time of the yer to start Bonsai in Europe? I am planning to collect a tree in spring and then start it in a pot. Is this okay, or is it better to collect in fall or winter before the snow comes?

  22. This guy shares so much golden info he’s gonna start a bonsai renaissance in the U.S. save yourself some time and listen to tha man.

  23. I wish that I could buy some small Chinese Elms before they have been shaped so I can make them from the pre-bonsai stage. I cannot find anywhere on-line to buy any young Chinese Elms.

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