Bokeh Background Technique with Distress Inks

Bokeh Background Technique with Distress Inks

Hello crafty friends! It’s Jess from and today i’m going to be showing you a card that features the Bokeh stamping technique and some
stamps from Gerda Steiner Designs. So to create this
Bokeh stamping background I’m going to start by blending on some Distress Ink over a stitched rectangle panel from Lawn Fawn. I’m using 110 pound white cardstock from
Georgia Pacific and I’m using the peacock feathers evergreen bough and cracked pistachio
distress inks. These are all different versions of blue
green colors with the Evergreen bough being most
green then the cracked pistachio and finally
the peacock feathers which has a lot of blue and is much more of a teal color. I am adding the different colors throughout the card. I don’t want to create an ombre effect where I fade from one color to the next. Instead I just want to lay down a variation of color as this will create a base for the
bokeh look and so I added first the peacock
feathers in three spots then filled in the evergreen bough
there was always a little bit of evergreen bough touching where the peacock feathers was already laid down and then filled in what was left with
the cracked pistachio.Once I had a layer down of each color I came back in with the
peacock feathers and blended it all out so that every
surface was colored Now that I have just a general blending of ink everywhere I’m going to go back with the round dauber from Tim Holtz and get a lot of ink onto the dauber in a
particular color and then placed it down and make like a
swirling motion to create a large dot of color and I’m going to cover most of the
surface in large dots of color with some overlap but I’m trying to
create the circles that are part of the bokeh effect and I am trying to mix it up to
make sure there’s a little bit each then I dried the entire panel and I’m coming in with Hero Arts white pigment ink and it’s important to completely dry the
panel from the distress ink as you will get
then a blending of the colors which isn’t quite what I’m looking for. Hero Arts is a pretty solid white stamping ink and I’m just taking a clean foam pad and the same round
distress ink blending tool and doing the same technique where I’m getting a lot of ink on it and pressing
it down doing a little swirling motion and creating those large dots with the
pigment ink. It does not dry very quickly and so it’s going to be super important
that you dry it with a heat gun so that you do not get spreading and you have those nice clear round areas Once I’ve created my bokeh panel I’m ready to do some stamping. I decided to turn this
into a birthday card using the Gerda Steiner Designs Late but with Love clear stamp set. It includes some great birthday images and
it includes this really adorable turtle and snail image but I won’t actually be
using either of those today. I wanted to show a different look. If you’re
not as into the cute-sy animals or if the recipient of this particular card isn’t I wanted to show you that you
could get a different kind of look with the same stamp set and I’m thinking
about stamping the balloon and I decide though that I don’t want
them to be solid instead I want to stamp them on vellum
so they have that transparent feeling that an actual balloon and I wasn’t sure
how this would work but I decided to just just to try some distressed stain and peacock feathers over vellum and see
that if I dried it would that stay to color the vellum. I
knew that Copic markers would work if the Distress Stain did not
but just in order to keep the color palette pretty similar and create a tone on tone effect I
wanted to use the distress palette. I lay the color all
over the vellum and dried it and it actually stayed perfectly once I did hit it with the heat gun. It kinda does curl up a little bit at first but as you continue to dry it will flaten back out again then I applied a piece of solid adhesive tape such
Score Tape all over the vellum panel so that way when I
peal the tape you won’t see any of the adhesive
because it’ll be consistently across the entire balloon I’m stamping four different balloons I
only intend to use three but I wanted an extra case I smear anything or make
a mistake and I’m going to fussy cut those out.
I stamped with archival jet black ink because once it’s dry will be
permanent even on vellum then I took the cupcake and candle images and I stamped those just on again
110-pound georgia-pacific cardstock and I’ll be coloring those with Copic
markers I stamped it with the MFT black licorice hybrid inkand I’m using some pinks because I thought that the pink and teal
would look really good together a lot of times I’ll use teal with orange
but I was looking for a more soft look and given that the teals generally leaned towards the
greens with that cracked pistachio and evergreen bough. Green and red are
opposite on the color wheel but because I’m not going quite to green I didn’t go
quite to red and Ipulled back to the pink color and so that’s kinda how I chose my colors.
Then I am going to also fussy cut out the candle and the cupcake Now cutting out fussy cutting out that
candle was a bit tricky. It is a very tiny flame in the end but I think it’s worth it to create
a truly special card and I did stamp the candle down onto my
background paper to give me an idea where I would
actually want to place it. Once I have the little cupcake focal point arranged I’m ready
to work on the sentiment and balloon focal point
that will balance it out but the balloons and the sentiment at the top
left and the cupcake in the bottom right to create that natural flow from the top
left to the bottom right that visually is appealing because it
the way that we read from the top left to bottom right and I
have creating a scene or cluster of 3 of the balloons because odds look
appealing to the eye and I decided to arrange them such that that the balloon detail isn’t too lost like I don’t want to cover up all the
balloon and because I don’t want it to just look like
more bokeh circles. I wantit to stand out a little bit more but again not too much because I use the
vellum so you can even kinda see that Bokeh through them and it creates
more that feeling of being a balloon without
going so far as to use glossy accents I decided to draw in my own balloon strings. There are
balloon strings included in the stamp set but I felt that drawing my own would be a little bit more
appropriate for this particular card because I wanted some different lengths and I wanted a more straightforward string. I stamped this happy birthday let’s
celebrate sentiment from Sophie Sentiments from Lawn Fawn and I use the same Copic markers that I used to color the cupcake to
color those two sentiment panels. I made one darker and one lighter. I felt
like with just the one sentiment panel the pink was a little bit unbalanced
and also I didn’t get the feeling of fullness on the card that I
was looking for so I went with the two panels and this
basically creates three areas of pink on the card and balances things out a
little more visually appealing I decided that I wanted to use some
sequins and I have the sequins from My Style Stamps. This is the Bahama blue. These
will be released this coming Saturday and what I really like about the
sequence is how shiny they are. They’re iridescent. They
catch the light and even though they are blue they have hints of other colors like a slight green to it. And so it really matched the color palette today and I thought they looked better than
the pink sequins because I wanted the teal to be the
overall dominant color in its instance and so I just made three gatherings of
three sequins in a visual triangle across the card I also create my own
custom pink matte to place this card panel on
top. You’ve seen me do this before if you watch my other YouTube videos. I just
take the Copic markers and scribble along all four edges so
that it looks like I have a coordinating piece of pink solid cardstock behind it but I
don’t actually it’s just a piece that I created I only have the
color on the side there and that helps to really finally tie
and all the pink and my card is finished. If you like this
video you can give it a thumbs up. If you’re interested in seeing more crafty
videos you can subscribe to my channel. I’m going to leave you links to the products in video description below including this stamp set from Gerda Steiner Designs.
Thanks for watching! Bye!

11 thoughts on “Bokeh Background Technique with Distress Inks

  1. Jess I love it!!  I was very surprised that you can still see the white dots through the balloons.  What kind of sheet adhesive did you use in order to achieve that effect with your balloons?  I have Elizabeth craft adhesive sheets and I don't see being able to get that translucent  effect.  Thanks so much for sharing.  This was a really fun card! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing the process in making a Bokeh print. Using the blue greens like you did was a great plan. The pinks and sequins finished it off perfectly. Great card. Think I will Bokeh today.

  3. This is great! In other videos showing the this technique, you had to have, or make a stencil of circles to be able to do this. I think I like this just a well or maybe even better.

  4. I love how you achieved the Bokeh effect on the card! So awesome! It's really cool how you can see through the balloons as well! LOVE this card- thanks for sharing this with us:)

  5. I really like everything about this card from the cool bokeh background to color choices to theme and sequins. It is a cheerful card that is sure to make the recipient smile.

  6. Other than the haul video, this is my first experience learning from you via the video. You are an exceptional teacher, integrating colour theory and design lessons seemlessly. I obviously have a lot. Of homework to catch up on your videos and blog!!!😎

  7. That is absolutely a great car. I love the way you did the picture frame effect around of a balloon section it really is nice I'm definitely definitely going to try it I'm always out looking trying to find things different ways to make cards what I like to see is some of you ladies that are very experience to making cards do something with the inside nobody seems to pay attention to the inside only the outside not sure I can decorate my front and post inside pieces doesn't make me right don't make me wrong just makes me having fun have a great day and thanks again I love you card my name is

  8. Sorry I should have proof read that comment before I get the send button it was supposed to say card and at the end my name is Gail I didn't see if there's any other right mistakes I don't use I don't type I use the microphone and it doesn't always pick up what I'm saying correctly again have a good night

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