Bob Is Bullied While Shopping | Season 7 Ep. 21 | BOB’S BURGERS

Bob Is Bullied While Shopping | Season 7 Ep. 21 | BOB’S BURGERS

[music playing] [bell tinkles] What do you want, Flapjacks? We’re closing. Hi, uh, I just
need a few things. I– I’m decorating
a float, and I’m really not sure what to buy. Well, you have one minute,
and then we’re locking the door. OK, fine. Just tell me what to get. Petal paper. Excuse me? Petal paper! I– I don’t know what that is. Floral sheeting. It’s called petal paper. Buy some. OK, OK, OK. 30 more seconds. Come on. Deco puff pomps. – What?
– Puff pomps. What? The clock’s ticking. I just don’t
know what that is. Oh, you’re out of
your league, Tubbs. [sighs] What else do I need? Float festoon. Wait, what? Festoon. Open your ears. They’re garlands. To Get them and get out. Fringe. He’s out of time. He needs fringe. Buy the damn fringe. Where is it? There’s fringe. There’s fringe.
Take it now. I got it. Put it in the thing. Bring it to the counter. Here, here, here. $65. Seriously? That’s a lot for different
forms of tissue paper. You need it. See you on the
parade route, newbie. Your float’s gonna look like
a lousy joke next to ours. Wait, you guys have
a float in the parade? Yeah, and we get
our fringe wholesale. Yeah, instead of
at 1,000% markup. – Sucker.
– What? We’re out of bags. Pick it up. [groans] Get him out of here, Harold. I’m sick of looking at his face.

49 thoughts on “Bob Is Bullied While Shopping | Season 7 Ep. 21 | BOB’S BURGERS

  1. I hate this couple just about as much as I hate 'Jimmy Pesto' because they're such rude jerks to poor 'Bob'. : /

  2. I laugh so hard whenever there are scenes with Edith (I laugh hard regardless tho) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she always sounds so angry!!

  3. "HE DOESN'T WANT YOUR WATER". Proceeds to kick cup of water as her husband crawls to it. That had me dying.

  4. Should have just talked out of the store due to them not helping him and just standing behind the counter and yelling i would have thrown it at them when they said the price.

  5. β€œYou’ve got balls comin in here demanding half cut prices on google eyes”
    Tina: β€œAnd your gonna do it too Dying mom and pop shop or I take my business to the barn yarn” πŸ˜‚

  6. I know that price gouging after an emergency is illegal in several states; what about price gouging a single person?

  7. The most accurate portrayal of small business owners of all time. Treat customers like garbage, have insane markups and then whine when people would rather just go to a big box store and blame the liberals when their businesses fail because no one wants to shop there anymore.

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