Boat neck design with stripes | cutting and stitching

Boat neck design with stripes | cutting and stitching

Hi Friends….today…. I’m going to show you boat neck design but before that if you have not subscribed to my channel then… please Subscribe now. And you can follow me on social media…. Links are in the description. Let’s start the video friends…. I’ve took this paper pasting for boat neck Its width is 15 inches. and length is 8 inches. first we’ll fold it like this…. and after that… I’ll take…. 5 and half inches here You can take 5 inches or 4 and half, as per you want i’m taking 5and half for 8 inches shoulder and the length will be….. 4 and half inches now we’ll give it a shape. First I will create a square box It depends on you how much width you want to take. I’m take 1 and half inches. Let’s cut it… Our neck shape is ready Now we’ll set it on cloth We have to prepare that cloth. So I show you on the machine So Friends……. I have taken two different types of strips to make the neck we will joint these strips. These strips are less then 1 inches in width . So friends…. We’ll joint all strips like this… Friends… See I have attached all the strips. Now we’ll attach paper pasting on it. Like this… You can attach it by stitching or Ironing on this side of cloth. Let’s stitch it. So friends…. This stitching will be temporary And will be removed after the neck is ready. Now we’ll cut it in the rounding And now we’ll stitch it all around like this. first we’ll give some small cuts…. for easy folding at the rounds We have stitched it And now we cut the extra cloth. Now we mark on the center of the cloth Now we’ll joint it to our kurti… Exactly on the center cut of the kurti we’ll place our neck on the center of the kurti And will stitch it… This is the center…. It should match here. I have stitched it on the back side of the kurti…. Because we have to turn it on the right side. And our design will be shown on right side. Now we’ll stitch it here Stitch it very carefully I have stitched here. Now cut it at the rounding by leaving half a inch and give it some small cuts here. Now turn the neck on the right side Now stitch it here. And stitch it here as well. and will remove the temporary stitching at the last. So friends…. see our neck is ready. you can make it very easily. so friends…..that’s it for now… see you in next video And if you liked my video even a bit… then please like it and share it….. and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

100 thoughts on “Boat neck design with stripes | cutting and stitching

  1. Mem. Mera shoulder 7 inches hy. To my length aur deep kitni rakhun… Aur dusra question k pichy Jo gala bnta Hy wo 3 3 ka Kat kryn gy na

  2. ਅਸਤਰ ਵਾਲੀ ਸਲਵਾਰ ਦੀ ਕਟਾਈ ਤੇ ਸਿਲਾਈ ਦੱਸੋ

  3. anti namste kaise ho aap anti mera naam varsha h muje bhi boat neck banana h brst h 40 aur normal tera h sade 6 to boat neck m teera aur armhole kitna hoga aur dono taraf same gala hoga aapne pahle bhi reply kiya uske liye shukriya plz ek bar reply danywad varsha

  4. Aunty aapne nack bohot khhubsurat banana sikhaya hai,aapne frunt nack 5"1/2 or 4"1/2 liya back nack kitne inches ka lena hai?reply pls

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