Boat Interior Wrap Di Noc Vinyl Architectural Finishes – Rm wraps

Boat Interior Wrap Di Noc Vinyl Architectural Finishes – Rm wraps

Hi welcome on Rm wraps – Randy Miller and
when you seeing right here is a boat wrap everything you see in here is the wood
and also the white is a wrap and this is also where I’ve used on this one as a
dynamic material I use two rolls and the rolls are four foot by 164 feet long and
I’ll put all the description down below in the box and how long tick me and also
it took me 10 days to do also the materials and everything the the process
and there’s all the links will be down below at doing the video okay so I’m
going to show you a little walkthrough in the techniques that are not
techniques but the things I’ve done to this boat let’s start over here real
quick so what you see right here we wrap art up everything and you see all the
whip grains all the same uniform so it’s all coming right here so one way is
there’s so many ways to do the doors and this one right here I want to make sure
all the wood grain is the same so I wrapped the sides too so and also I use
my rapid I cut it but also use sandpaper right here so it makes it nice and
smooth believe it or not you can use sandpaper runs on this product it’s just
like real wood and also we wrapped all the way in and over and around every
joint we do it is is butt joint so there is no no grab so every joint
when we joined the the vinyl what’s called a double cut goes right through
the same thing every drunk we do is we don’t overlap or anything on this one okay let’s do I’ll do a little small or
slow walk through and right here we wrapped it with white also up here
was white or we wrapped it with white it used to look like you can see that but
oh you look like that right there of course I can’t see anything yeah
there that’s a little bit better and I don’t fall okay let’s do all right here so it’s a table in the table we’re gonna
put polyurethane over it it’ll be a little more durable but I told myself
every gets damaged you got plenty of vinyl left over and you can you can do
another wine on top of that forever gets damaged but the polyurethane would make
it more bowl proof that that’s one of the techniques and I did a video for
those that door right there if you want to watch the video of how to wrap a boat
door okay so in the back room right here we try to do everything in one piece so
everything right here you see right here is one piece and it’s dark let me see if
I can there you go that’s a little bit about
it’s kind of cloudy outside so right there it’s not everything right here
let’s go inside it’s gonna give you a little walkthrough right here so the
walls everything is wrapped clearing from top all the way down to the bottom
underneath is all wrapped we try to make everything uniformed and wrapping
everything so on this one right here of course we can’t move electrical we
wrapped all the way around at one piece also hit all the doors the cabinetry and
believe it or not that was fun to do because I couldn’t remove this thing
right here and I couldn’t remove this thing right here also I remove that
right there but I wrapped everything yeah look pretty good so we took a one
piece all right here and wrapped it all over there the only thing I couldn’t do
right there back there because it’s too far
to wrap is the back part right there it’s just really challenging to get get
it over so we did everything down here the oven is fine the vinyl will be fine
right next to the oven also we wrapped everything right here in white
doors the walls if you’re looking for our boat wrap or yacht wrap you can
always get a hole in these two oh eight six nine six eleven eighty our arm wraps
at you can go to arm wraps and pick out samples of what you
want to see if we have over a thousand materials you can use different textures
and colors and wood grains and stuff like that and I’m just showing you the
possibilities of wrapping this boat like again it took me ten days for one guy to
do this I want to show you somewhere right here is just the most challenging
part right here believe it or not is all right behind the pole one sheet this is
all one sheet it’s about almost four feet so I hit that and all the way down
and also it was a dozen most challenging part right there of this one of the
childhood with the boat okay there’s the closet medical hanger trying
little slow for you guys okay the bathroom so the bathroom was pretty
beat-up I guess that but man literally turned out really good I’m really happy
that turned out very nice okay the sink around the sink and everything
I had to do two cuts basically but you can see I cut all the way around cut
lines right about there so I did one piece all the way halfway around and
then I did another piece right around that okay so let’s go on the front of the boat there we go get the walls cabinetry the
shelves and again for the shelves and all for the cabinetry he was with
particle board and I use Zinser guards I asked the people of the boat people that
using those guards all around it and makes the vinyl stick a lot better okay
all done with the tour tell me what you guys think he needs it I say this is
actually the booming another booming business gonna be coming up because it’s
a lot cheaper wrapping a boat in a yacht instead replacing the wood it’s a lot
faster also with you can update it very well and I I see this is the next trend
of 2019 and up and it’s growing and getting more and more phone calls for
this so stay tuned I do travel all around the country I’m starting a shop
in Las Vegas and next week I’m gonna be down there doing a lot more videos and
getting the shop ready and I’m gonna show you how to do this and that and
also you want to stop by you can and also send the address and everything you
want to talk to me you’re in Vegas also in the first of the year I’m gonna go to
Miami and I thought you know but you have to do but also a high-end kitchen
to do and go from there so funny if you’re in Miami if you want gonna hold
me be after the first year and I can come over and check out some of your
stuff also whatever so okay thank you for watching if you like this kind of
stuff subscribe to me I get more videos coming and if you want gonna hold on me
208-696-1180 email me at [email protected] you can check all the
materials out or and I would recommend doing samples or even
one little sheet form a four by three sheet and you can test it out or just
see a bigger scale of what you’re seeing other than that again thank you for
watching this video hey talk to you soon

8 thoughts on “Boat Interior Wrap Di Noc Vinyl Architectural Finishes – Rm wraps

  1. when will you be in texas ? today i gave up on wraping the cabinets in an RV . i’m just gonna have to pain it. i’m disappointed in myself. I wants wrapped a car in gold chrome. but I couldn’t do the cabinets in and rv . Maybe I just had the wrong wrap material. the material was called unicorn white from vvivid. it will not hold in some of the areas that are inverted in the cabinet doors

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