Boat Insulation, Cedar, Dragons, and Cannons and more

Boat Insulation, Cedar, Dragons, and Cannons and more

welcome to SVC Corrine this video you’re
gonna see the some installation work well here’s all the clips this is the
kind of stuff is going on this video think you’ll enjoy it especially the
cannon oh my god cold air one it blows higher out the other the week started
off with a whole lot of insulation work the aft cabin was first and it’s a lot
of work with that pink foam board this one-inch thick foam board it gets
measured and cut fit in place and then Bree cut and fitted again it’s a really
tedious job but it’s a great way of putting insulation in as long as you
have the mindset to be able to handle really tedious work and I was really
fortunate that I had a couple of guys come in to help me finish it out and we
not only got the aft cabin W in this video you see we also get the forward
cabin now this is the first layer so we still have one more layer to go after
this one and then it’ll be done shut off this video go outside making your dreams okay so you’re still here alright we’ll
go on then mark from Texas Organa’s was coming back in so yeah look at there
another stack a red cedar six-foot oh hell these aren’t uh shit
you know we’re going to use these as furring strips they’re supposed to be 5
inches wide they give you 4 if there’s some feather are some fives yeah and
there’s some this is a weird set okay well we’ll peel out the Fonz we use the
rest referring strips yeah thank Goods eeeh hey man now this time we’re using an automotive
clear coat it has more UV resistance in it than spar did simple two-part mix you
could probably brush it on too but sherry goes faster with the sprayer
paper is coming off looks gorgeous who wants a bill Jack there you go
can’t mess for you Oh what was that was that what is that oh yeah girl yeah
here’s yours is usually like that beautiful day we got all of that plane
yesterday that’s the BART that’s a lot of freaking work there pretty on both
sides so now all we got to do is take them down to town and they use his saw
to rip them in half and we’ll have 3/8 inch boards and the rest of that is for
other projects maybe cabinetry don’t know yet and today’s job is to make
furnace strips out of this pile so I hope you’re doing something fun and
wonderful today if you’re not find that thing find it Sam and I have come out
this morning and spent all morning slathering coal tar on two burning
strips we have a nice organized way of calling them up day that’s up that a lot
so tomorrow we’ll go stick them into the forward cabin
I think so we cleaned up all of our panels before it starts raining and we
intentionally just painted three sides of it so it can still dry out that one
side well both the painted side into the boat and then once it’s had a little
more time to dry we’ll paint that remaining side marks giving one of his
famous long-winded tours you want to spend a lot of time on the boat that
bark through the door don’t ask him that Vietnam boy you’ll put him another hour
and it’s time for our shade material to come down just walk back in here you
wanna check it out – yeah this is David and Kelly from I guess you’re from Fargo
West Fargo no the better part of Fargo huh with a modified trike onto a sales
right you actually rolled this thing how much Matt miles are when did it take we’re such a tiny little sale that’s not
bad at all well yeah okay well hopefully your roads are paved better than ours
are here in Oklahoma and so you just used the rear suspension like it was man
it is not much wind it off the shocks worst worst worst stock to the bike
would you weld this on four I was gonna put fender we had one it’s gonna have a
sender and this is just a handle to lift it yeah
wind definitely moves it front disc brakes yep okay can I try it yeah all
right good you’re looking at that cat don’t look at
the cat this thanks to watching videos of SB seeker for the last eight years
realizing that not being good at something is no excuse not to give it a
try amen to that I started out building an
electric bicycle from scratch and after I had that and had so much fun building
it I decided to build a tricycle and it’s a lot more complicated because you
have steering geometry that you have to figure out and work it this came started
out with a set of plans from atomic zombie yeah and it got heavily modified
from there and then you made it yours I made it line and then it ended up
thinking well you know I live in West Fargo North Dakota and that’s a very
flat part of the country and then we have high winds and I thought I should
have a sailing vehicle I decided that I could put a sail on this I’ve got 14
square feet of sail and I’ve only capsized one time and I was trying to
make it turn under under wind at the road rash and I got a road rash from it
oh well done and very adventure needs a good scar and broke one of my hi-fi
speaker stands when I fell over and when I got back on and wrote another hour
with a 20 mile an hour wind you get about a 10 mile an hour thing definitely
handling without pedaling well this was all at a crosswind because I was being
fair okay so you can turn around come back the other way there so I wait I’m
so lazy I wait for a 93 I hope it doesn’t shift when your way down range
so I can always get back home that’s all well thank you for bringing a vine
Charlotte I appreciate that watching your videos and
build next but I’ve got room on here for a motor and I’m looking for someone that
can build me a 50 cc motor that will fit in the behind the seat and the frisbee
is what the frisbee gives you lift if you get going fast lift I can adjust the
angle the rotation it’s really no cop as a camera mount okay and you got a knob
down there that you gets filling wherever you like to look right yeah
well that is creative as hell I just love it.tell can you put pontoons
on it and go in the water you want skis to go on ice don’t you yeah Sam is
moving or Fergus trips into the boat and the tricked stacking ferdy’s driven wet
paint just put a piece of plastic down on top of the wet paint and then stick
your stick board on top of that and start a new layer there drying out very
nicely in here then half the weight that we brought them in and they dropped the
rain from the forecast today so we got another nice sunny day which will make
that forward cab and warm up lovely and that’s where we’re working are you doing
taking a walk yeah why not we Bergen a husband here huh did you run a moss ah gorgeous winter morning it’s been a
warm-up to like 60 something today it’s a Saturday so we’ll have lots of
guests buy it today we’ve got some exciting things to open up the package
arrived yesterday we didn’t open yet then I have not shot a lot of video this
week it has been very tedious work in the pudding in the foam finishing the
first letter foam in the forward cabin and so it’s between not time they will
get to start the second layer of false the pink room I just wanted a pink room
do we hate this job it’s job job it’s one of those tedious
jobs one thing she’s got to do with your boat building is everyone you gotta go
push through a lot of really tedious work there’s sexy work around here heavy
on casting and welding and writing the plasma cutter but foam is not one of
those things it is a lot of meticulous work you try not to get your finger
dirty look at this watching on lovely God’s gift to you called a finger this
works just gorgeous we do it any way you like anything you do is something I
don’t have to do so we’re talking any little gaps in it now to make it an
airtight layers airtight as we get but you can see the cuts are really close
and when they’re not we fill in with a piece of foam and then we’ll put the
caulking over that to make sure it’s sealed up again the idea is no moisture
against the hole nothing to condense you good at that let’s get up short people to do the
short jobs then I know why are you down here on the floor wasting my talent yeah
talents like seven feet above us let me show you up here in the core just to
give you an idea for how many little pieces are in the puzzle that we’re
going around the furni strips the boards and so there’s just a lot of work in
there and every frame we’ve got a little pieces Jim getting around it even up in
the quarters behind the angle iron so it’s on 100% sealed surface and this is
the stuff we’re using for the caulking it’s peeled 300 glues the panel’s end to
wherever we need that done because it might be loose but all the panels are
actually cut and shit tight enough that they stick in there without any glue or
caulking to hold them in that’s done after the fact this is the aft cabin
it’s done the same way as it forward there so here’s an example of a panel
that’s not quite tight enough it and it bounces out now what we can do is take a
little piece of foam and wedge in there little piece of foam wedged in there
makes it tight enough and he can come back across it see little bit locking
point this today is the Unabomber oh yeah watch the keywords get banned for something this is Sam
Houston from where you call yourself from San Diego California he’s been
traveling around the United States in a camper and enjoy in the United States
taking a break from he does high-end copper work for roofs I can’t even
afford coppers too damn expensive I can’t imagine that I’m making yeah six
zero yeah depending on I don’t plan to live that long Hey in my hairpin here
this box it always got three hundred year warranty on the brackets and a
hundred year warranty on the gutters when do you gathers you’d always say
that that’s great any goes your grandkids are gonna have to fix this
and it’s mostly Doug yeah of course it’s messy I would have given you a lesson
look at this I don’t have to hold my block oh you stack here yeah it’s better
than a days whether I’m either caught I don’t have to go bother and go give you
a little look banger wait you call us remember dog unlock or else who knows
yes I know it makes a nice slag types that you don’t let off the pressure but
Jeff Miller here is back with us actually he was we did the hydraulic
tank in the engine room last time you daddies yeah and we finished up the Rope
the jobs tender oh yeah yeah and Jeff has a cool job he was a marine and they
took the kill of electrons to the Marines
yeah and then he got out of the Marines in one piece and you want a smoothly
mostly and your extra pieces and he works on electron microscopes now it’s
weird another sodium around but apparently
there are not just for medical but for steel mills
steel nanoparticles that’s really big right now carbon nanotubes stuff like
that would you like nail particles nano nano
particle tiny little things I’m thinking nails I would like 10 nanometers 5
nanometers we can measure those so you’re checking for people making
whether they call those fucking tubes mm-hmm yeah carbon tubes yeah if you
have a look to that technology cool stuff they’ll be making boats out of it
someday I’m sure oh yeah not to be confused with carbon
fiber and then everybody remember step on the
wood you missing would you go in a hole to me the answer about how to get
through the boring work or the tedious work is there’s two things first off you
got to find joy in it you got to have the little successes about getting the
little piece fit in just right and that feels good and the other thing is you
gotta occupy your mind with something else because it’s not gonna take very
much of your brainpower to get that done and for me it’s audiobooks so I listen
to books I got them hooked on it we went through all of killers of the flower muj
is a wonderful book about the Osage Indians just up the street here from us
and all the murders that happen to them the creation of the FBI so fantastic
book for them watch this – Alexa pause alright alright so mr. Sam Houston
you’ve been here for what this is day how many days we’ve been doing follow
oh it’s day three on the phone yeah yeah and they for folk and Bernice trips
weren’t much different than this either no they went faster though yeah they’re
a little more interesting for some reason yeah yeah so how do you deal with
the ability to get up in the morning and do work like this every day
it took you for the high dollars that we pay I mean you have to push that aside
yeah we triplet a raise I think this we yeah yeah three times zero
you know performance I typically I kind of shut my brain off sometimes
we’ve been listening to some books and music
and you know the occasional joke here and there they don’t how to keep your
mind off the tediousness but it’s all part of the process so I think
everything needs to be respected the same you know awesome and your work is
kind of like this – I mean I mean putting in gutters on a house sometimes
you get to a corner and it’s a complicated thing yeah but a lot of it
straight runs so yeah well yeah or what a little like pattern layout you know
like say if you’re doing a leader head or something and you have two
intersecting radiuses that might not be you know it might just be a lot of times
we lay stuff out with French curb there you know actually you know it’s very
like that easy I find that you know it requires everything you got and
everything you start is flat so it’s kind of sometimes there’s trial and
error involved you know so I’m kind of used to hey do it a little this but you
know almost like I and that’s how this is you know you put it up there and yet
he kind of got an eyeball because the woods not straight yeah there’s a lot of
variables the right angles in here at all no no my babies you just make a
piece of bits you know so and if you don’t you ship it if you want to
appreciate you being here you’ve done freaking awesome thank you yeah yeah
which means the caulking goes a lot faster – yeah mr. Miller yes sir so how
do you do with this you call the tedious work it’s not tedious work yeah you have
this shape here and then that shape we’ve got to cut a hole for that you
have these shapes those shapes it’s not TV so you stick your way through it all
that yeah it’s it’s a different thing every time I got a put a piece up it’s
something new different definition of tedious that you’re absolutely right I
mean there’s no two shapes here that’s saving his mom and it’s so sad it’s the
challenge of getting a right to you oh you never get it right that’s what the
caucus work but that’s what the challenge is you’re trying to get it fit
into perfectly yeah I guess that’s what Michaels done
on his octopus out there you know it’s funny of this video we have of a mindful
that’s coming up he does our octopus you’ll see that later today he does I
mean he puts the little scratches on each little sucker cup to make it look
fleshy I was like that if there’s a just a mindset you have to get into I think
and I think Jeff’s right you pay attention every little part and when it
gets to routine you distract yourself with something else to engage your brain
but it’s work that has to be done and you know if you’re not a fort then
you’re not up for it and that’s too bad because you know life slipping by and
you’ve got every big thing that you have can build has some of those little parts
in it core gist we’re opening up our floors again so we move around in here
you know I hate to bring that foam back down in here but you’re making space for
it I don’t want to do that though let’s put it up on deck because we’re going to
be foaming in there well we can bring some of it down here for the second
layers here okay this is Saturday if you want to come see the boat sorry is a
perfect thing to do I don’t know one of these guys is a CNC machinist named Matt
and he’s made a cannon we’re gonna show you that okay because that’s going on
the boat but say hi folks there you go Saturday’s 10:00 to 2:00 love showing
you through the boat those canvas turned out really nice didn’t they oh that’s a
lot of fuel for – what that’s a boat that’s not gonna be
running on a throne out of know if you ever seriously you want to do that I’ll
hook you up and and I’m keeping my filter to mark the tail alright I want
to do that use these filters got to show you this this is Matthew’s creation now
you did this off plans on the internet right well I started with plans on the
internet and then modified for what you know you you gave me certain
specifications that it needed to be so long so yeah yeah yeah so we changed
things so the end results is a line throwing gun or a signal gun or it could
be used as an offensive weapon but the idea is to mount them on the bulwarks of
the boat up there on a pivot so in the olden days we’d call it a swivel gun and
Matt is the absolutely best person for doing this cuz well he likes firearms oh
yeah I got the base for and everything and he started off with a paintball all
your things just big bore air rifles is Western oh really he served with air
rifles and drop down to paintball guns no no paintball I don’t do much
paintball really so your stuff is his air rifle big boy here’s Borah rifles
you’re the perfect man for those we hunt game you know I thought is paintball
this is pit bull air guns I’m thinking paintball you’re the real McCoy what do
we specialize in a 357 caliber heck yeah whoo that is awesome it’s like to each
group out of a bulldog at 100 yards whoa I’m a happy happy boy so I could buy a
357 air rifle off of you you don’t just make parts for some other manufacturer
no no we start whoo so what we started with was it got started with the
Benjamin Bulldog 357 air rifle it’s a bullpup design air rifle and then so we
started tuning them and I bought one and started playing with it and made more
power out of it and made made him quieter and all that stuff a varmint
hunted with it at first right and then people like hey that’s cool can I have
one of those and it just turned into a business but we we take a bulldog and
turn it into a pitbull I see and so that’s nice we do more than that now
this isn’t a potato gun or is it what’s the county considered these you could
consider this potato gun but it’s got it’s not the old style where you just
had a hole in it that you sprayed your hair spray and
then struck a striker it’s kind of it’s got what we call it some people call
them different things I call it a dump valve but it’s got a little valve back
here and the barrel comes in all the way to about here and then you have a piston
that has a seal surface on it that plugs up against the and it stops the air from
going on the barrel right when you air that you close this valve you air it up
so the air is on the backside this came around yeah yeah and so it fits the
barrel it fits this tube really close it’s just barely a slip fit and then
when you the air pressure because it’s bigger on the back side of the piston
that it is on the front side because you’ve got zero air pressure on this
part it holds it up against it you dump this it drops the pressure off the back
side and it just slides back a little bit and then all the air that’s in this
cavity here runs around 180 goes down the barrel and then we built just a
simple little lion carrier projectile you got a groove in it groove in it so
the line can run down beside it and then the line will be hanging out the end of
the barrel right so it line ties on to the back and it goes in like this and
fires out right and it’ll just carry the line then drags the line the rest of the
way and you’ve already fired this thing I’ve only fired it a couple
but I have and what’s the range I was getting about city five yards with the
line we’re carrying the line without the line actually hearing this line carrying
this style line it’s five record paracord right well that is wonderful
and this thing won’t even kill you no that’s I was trying to make something
light for you that wouldn’t hurt somebody yeah it’ll take you’re firing
towards somebody this is the projectile here let’s piss him off
right yeah and if we bore a hole in that put some blood in it then it would be
something that would go a lot further or we could just machine you something oh
you have aluminum and it would go a lot further so if we’re shooting toward land
we could use something heavier get the line a lot further out and did you fire
this with a heavier projectile yes would you shoot I shot a solid chunk of 2 inch
aluminum about three inches long and how far they go about 375 yards that’s nice
now I appreciate over a lot of surf breakers right now so the reason for
doing that is if there’s somebody on shore that they’ve run aground with a
boat or something we can’t get ours in there and getting a line to them is
complicated things so you get as close as you can in fact we can even take this
onto the tinder get the tinder in close to the breakers and then fire the line
over the ways so that they can then use the small line to pull a big heavy line
in the tinder takes the big heavy line back to seeker we tie them on to the
stern post at the rear and we can pull them off we could drag them across Rock
at that point this is glued together it’s all just pushed together because I
didn’t know exactly how you’d want to set it up right but well we don’t you
can reconfigure it if we want if you did it straight up and down then it it
wouldn’t fold back but like you could have it like this oh very clever just in
case it was always pointed at the ground it wouldn’t fill up with seawater
yeah sea gull poo any of that stuff this is you can loosen these clamps and slide
it up or by see some real thing this is a real pipe fitting yeah ordered that
off Amazon love Amazon
as wonderful but you could you know move it forward or back to get a different
center of balance like if when you let go of it if you always wanted to go down
you can move it back a little bit right yeah or if you always wanted it to point
up you could move it forward a little bit man I didn’t think this would be
such a useful thing to set up plastic but it is and it’s lightweight well this
is just version one remaining how many psi do you put in this this one I’ve
tested it up to well I’ve put 200 psi on it so I would say not more than 150 and
when he fired fired the line thrower with the wooden element I was only using
about 120 okay yeah that’s nothing I had a little bitty compressor that I could
put in the back of my truck to take to the gun range how loud is it well that’s
not too bad it allowed 100 110 decibels this is it’s
just–see okay a couple of rags rolled up together for now I’m not gonna press
that in there first you want the valve to close so they do is push it up where
it needs to go and then we can oh then you show the load down okay
make sure that this valve is closed and then you oh you got another bow oh I see
that the valve it’s aired up that’s all it took the charge you closed that so when I turn this the most air or your
there’s a big section air that’s gonna pop off the valve right and the rest of
it the most of it goes out the Burrow great yeah right here we are Debbie v40
yeah any kind of lubricant just to help go down the barrel oh just lay that in
the groove and then what you use for the stopper material on that that’s a it was
in the pipe Department it was some kind of a little coupler for like inch and a
quarter inch and a half tubing for the sewer or something we’re just just
connected him together and don’t ever don’t ever look over the barrel while
you’re loading it all we have it beside just in case and don’t put your in your
hand over the end of it always hold it from the side will you come around come home with all
your fingers right and your teeth we’re gonna shoot again hey Bart don’t have a
heart attack so here it up hopefully we’ll just go through the
lines here you ready ready holy cow oh and all let’s hit the car it was too
high to catch it’s laying down there in the grass but I swear I hit the hit mid
center of the street yeah that’ll definitely do it
well done man well done now see regionally I thought I said I
saw his pit bull air guns I’m thinking paintball no and so and then I sent you
those plans for this thing I didn’t think you you really know what you’re
doing I don’t know you totally do and you sit back that reply that said oh
with this psi in this kind of careers of were you getting is like it’s like I
said okay ignore anything I said you take care of this deal and you certainly
have so this is beautiful but this is not this is not the end of it okay you
call this a prototype but it’s a working useable perfectly usable gun that a lot
of sailboats not a carrier around technically this was my second or third
version of this but the only thing I changed was the piston the way the
piston activated phrase the only thing I changed so if we put up a link to the
plans that you’ve built this problem is it close enough to thinking here yeah
yeah yeah that whatever the likes you sent me yeah we’ll get you really close
I’ll get you really cozy and pretty much built this gun yeah but then like
anything in life if you don’t change a little bit of ain’t yours this is yours
yeah yeah oh man we appreciate it yeah I’m glad too all right after lunch we’ll
show you the real gun so it’s supposed to be says in there it’s a 12 ounce mall
and this one’s supposed to be 16 but you’re gonna use the 12 ounce ball all
right and that’s 12 ounces calculates to 5250 grains you know like a normal
pistol bullets like 140/90 grain I thought grain was the measure of the
powder no well you do you measure but it’s also
it’s just a measurement of weight okay they’re weighing the bullets and the
powder so it’s five thousand two hundred and fifty grains so we round that down
to five thousand just in case right and if I can get it moving 800 feet per
second which i think is Google 800 feet per second is not that fast that will be
over seven thousand foot-pounds of energy right so they equate that 50 BMG
has between ten and fifteen thousand BMG browning machine gun okay aircraft the
big huge ma deuce to ticket about is where you will be in a few weeks this is
what you must learn in a short time to beat the eggs like a 300 Win Mag deer
rifle I don’t remember exactly how much but it’s like four thousand you go to
google and you type it in and you do all that stuff so I ran that through a
website that does cannonball stuff yeah and at 800 feet per second with that
amount of energy at 15 degrees of elevation not not just flat with the
water 15 degrees up yeah it should travel about 1,500 yards before it hits
1005 there your heart yes and if you run it to 45 degrees it should go past 3000
I think it was like 3700 what your accuracy is like non-existent well yeah
what do you need your accuracy to be minute a boat no I just needed something
up go loud bang bang with a splash yeah I think that’s enough that’s gonna be a
big splat yeah we want you to turn around and with a rifled barrel it
should be at a hundred yards it should be within six 10 inches I mean at
worst-case there I’m hoping for better than that
but that’s worst-case scenario this is this pattern is evening for that basic
pattern yes this one has a side cocking lever this was what we make 357th out of
57 air rifles it has a side cut instead we’re gonna have a big cocking lever up
here what’s the hole for you’re gonna be able
to drop two rounds I’ll do with these Oh all right there breech-loading oh shoot
you can cock and load again and it’ll load the second one you can lay a scuba
tank on the ground you can get ten shots before you have to fill up this to the
time it’s gonna have a this is the barrel and however would you call the
155 caliber or just 40 millimeter and then I’ll have an air reservoir
underneath it so it’ll look like a double-barrel thing for those of you
worried about the rules okay Rico over there is with Homeland Security I shit
you not tell the whole world don’t get dirty dirty toilet lacquer for touch-ups
oh thanks did I tell you that Michael didn’t overlook anything okay oh my god that’s it oh my god oh yeah
it’ll come off it rubs off you know come on homeless is only yeah preps right off
that is a gorgeous he grabs around the spokes that ships widget that’s gonna
happen in the kitchen I’ve been looking at pictures of this thing for a long
time now and it just does not do justice to the work that he has in here let me
show you here there’s the scratch marks that he put into them so they look
fleshy now I tell you what that is just absolutely stunning this is the hub that
he goes over the top oh yeah so that’ll be like that
source and then the rocks come in through look at that perfectly fits so
that’s how it wraps around that’s cool and then this will be yeah so there’ll
be one rim right here and then there’s a gap and there’s another rim and that’s
the work that you could did that’s walnut that’s gonna be so cool if that’s
not the best helm on the water call you a liar that is going to be so cool so
Michael thank you one more thing arrived this week this is
from Larry Reeves in Lebanon Ohio we often get asked specially when it’s
turning winter how we’re gonna eat the boat Larry has the answer for us here
these are out of oh my god these are brand new units oh my god this is steep
in juice I thought these are gonna be used Larry this is a well basco heater
all right Larry this is a lot more box than I was expecting
that’s the thing I’m used to seeing that must be a pump I don’t know I’m gonna
have to look at what this is but this is the heater so it actually has the flame
inside here blows sucks in cold air and wine and
blows hot air out the other and we could even use this the heat water with a with
a heat exchanger out here added on to it very nice stuff thank you very much and
yes I will figure out how it actually gets used and this is the kind of heater
you get it will have on the boat so each cabin will get one of these or some form
of it or if we wanted to heat off diesel we can we also have a radiator system so
if we’re running the engines then we can just run hot water through the loop so
it kind of depends on what we’re doing it for under sail this thing is a very
efficient way you don’t have to burn much diesel I get a lot of heat out of
this oh yeah okay this is perfect that’s the heater for just heating a cabin this
is the one that heats up the trucks engine coolant now this one can be used
to heat up our engines but it also can be used to heat water and it can be used
to be heat water and flow through our red arrow
a radiant heat system when it uses the radiator so dam this covers both of them
that’s sweet beautiful fall evening the cap the day
off and tomorrow what work this is just high-tech music box what do you have in
there bluetooth module battery controller lithium ion bag
and some laptop speakers where’s the speaker

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  2. 10:30 TIP I learned from an oldtimer applying urethane caulk.
    ===>>> "Spray 409' or soapy water over the bead then some on your finger before you spread it out" . It will not stick to your finger and it will smooth out much easier. You can even apply more over the 409' and it will still bond.
    Then if doing driveway seams and cracks pour fine silica sand over the top. The sand stops bugs and dirt sticking to it and it looks more natural. Obviously, for pink foam, this part does not apply.

  3. @ 9:53 God gave me the finger alright! ❤️✌️✌️
    It's inside /hibernation season up here in Canada. I'm a GAWDAAMMED BILGE RAT, and I can't do a thing right now…getting cabin fever already.

  4. Fargo, ND has a FINE Little Aviation museum! They have a Zero, and were Starting on a BF109 when I was there, those planes were TINY! Dayum! A Rifled AIR CANNON! Why didn't I think of that! An it's Legal just about Everywhere in the World! 1500 yards will have The Range on all small arms up to HMG's, too. Maybe even RPG's. That will fuck up some Fiberglass, too. Or an Outboard…RIB's will be HISTORY. Start molding balls NOW, and save up milk jugs and styrofoam blocks, for targets…Will it shoot Golfballs, too? Put a Golfball across their bows as the Warning Shot, then load with the Real Thing. Better, Bounce one off their Pilothouse, so they know you can Do It.

  5. Doug, I'm sure you're already very aware but don't leave that on the deck because PVC will degrade and become brittle really quickly. At least paint it, but I would still stow it away when you're not using it.

  6. using the rounded edge of a 6 inch thin drywall knife cuts pink foam like butter on the pull stroke. Cheap and self sharpening.

  7. Those webasto heaters are junk. I have used them in boates and seaweed harvesters and have had constant problems with them. The burners in them clog up and the exhaust must be short and straight or it will get clogged with soot. They rarly turn on when they have been off for a few weeks or months.
    I have no experience of the water heting units other than i had one boat with a 9kw unit witch never worked(brand new) and i mean never.
    Constant error codes and have had to clean out the burner weekly wich is a very messy job. The chineese knockoffs are cheeper an have less problem.
    Anyway hope you have beter luck with them than I have had.

  8. Yes I'm still here Doug. I just installed a bunch of 3" pink foam on my house. In the winter. I'm ready to relax, okay!?

  9. HAH! I turned ON the video because what I'm working on has caused Fusion 360 to grind to a halt and it gave me time to fire up YouTube….

  10. I thought the canon was as cool as it could get … then you explained the ships wheel!! Mine blowing stuff! WOW! Thanks for the video!

  11. Thank you for that call to action at the very beginning! I did exactly like you said, walked out to my garage and worked on a project that has been languishing for years. Please continue with your motivational messages, they really work!

  12. Copper roof, when properly installed, will last soooo long. Pity it is so expensive. Aluminium roofs can last pretty long too.

    Also, paint the air cannons if you are going to have them on deck all the time. UV will rot the PVC pretty fast when you are in warm seas.

  13. Hey, I'm a homebrewer and I'm just watching your video while my starter wort cools down; so I'm accomplishing something. Now roll some more of that beautiful foamboard footage.

  14. I followed the forum posts about building the ship-wheel octopus. Yeah, it's going to be the most awesome wheel ever.

  15. Pressurizing PVC with air is generally frowned upon. The plastic can fatigue when pressurized and depressurized making it subject to exploding.

  16. Twenty years ago I built an air cannon that shot 2" diameter basswood projectiles. Had to paint them orange to find them again. Couldn't figure out a need for that except to hurt somebody and went no further with it. I did have interchangeable barrels for different kinds of projectiles. This cannon is actually a great idea.

  17. Great 'Not a Potato Gun' design, you can always use a heavier 'slug' as long as you glue a 2" foam tip on it, It should float when over-shot on the water and should be soft enough to just 'piss off' anyone it hits…

  18. Doug, you are a legend, I hope I become a man with your mindset one day!! I had a request: can you make a time lapse of the boat build since you started, I saw your older 7 year one, you can add to that, it’s just a suggestion. Great work with everything!!

  19. E-books ; Good idea for my ADHD for monotonous jobs
    that gets you through those
    tasks of no brain power. I'm
    sure their are other applications to accommodate other functions. Good humor helps. Good people , good humor.
    If it was easy , everyone
    would be doing it. Boat building is not house building . Keep up the great
    work! 👍👍👍

  20. You know Doug is going to spend way too much time playing with the air cannons, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! 😀

  21. Check the laws in a lot of south pacific countries for weapons. The line gun won't be an issue, but even air powered rifle could cause you massive legal issues in some. They have a zero firearms allowed policy. Better to know and avoid having any confiscated ( permanently ).

    It's odd, here in British Columbia anyone can go and buy a bow or crossbow, no license or permits required. In Nova Scotia, if I remember correctly, the crossbow is a banned weapon. Odd that different parts of Canada allow different weapons. That oddity carries into international travel on a boat.

  22. Hope you have not gone to far yet ripping down the cedar. Clean up the edges and glue them up to width. I have a cabinet shop and we have to do that all the time I like Tidebond marine grade glue. The glue joint will be stronger than the rest of the wood and when joined up correct it is often hard to see the joint.

  23. Seeker, just got the coolest toy. I hope they never "have" to use it, but I hope they use the heck out of it. Great Job!

  24. The Webastos are nice, and will work well for your application, as long as you don't try to stretch their efficiency too far.
    I, however, opted to skip them. I have no other use for diesel, didn't want the mess, smell, or exhaust stench, and wanted my batteries to run a bit longer (the Webastos are amp hungry).
    Worst case, you can always fire up the Egg and find a way to pump that radiant heat through the boat…

  25. I would suggest a QEV valve on the Airgun. It dumps air quicker. I was shooting wine bottles 150+yrds. Be careful, after being left out in the cold afew nights, the sched. 40 PVC cracked at 120psi. Better to make it out of metal pipe if you are going to cold climates. Just my personal experience and thoughts. Very cool though!

  26. For your friend with the trike, electric conversion is a piece of cake and quite cheap. The perfect combination of wind, pedals and electric like Jaime Mantzel's new boat.
    Awesome new addition to your floating art work. The detail on the suckers is purely practical. How else could it grip the stainless steel pipes?

  27. I tried that foamboard glue and found that it did not work very well. I have been using GE Iron Grip. Cost more but really holds strong and stick to anything. I also use it for caulking.

  28. Was a very pleasant surprise to see Matt from Pitbull Airguns on the episode. I've modified my Bulldog airgun with the parts he manufactures. He is very knowledgeable with airguns and makes good quality parts. Good choice getting him to make you the cannon.

  29. Those planer knives look like they’ve seen better days from the one closeup exiting the planer. Or something causing a chatter pattern. I think those dewalt knives are reversible.
    Doing that much planer work you must go through some knives lol.
    Nice video, always fun to watch the progress!

  30. When running them will basco heaters make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in the cabin we run them in trucks with sleepers and when they start to fail it can end badly

  31. You might need more than one of those air cannons would come in handy if you run across any pirates lol . That wheel is cool what a artist

  32. Are you wiring the boat with Ethernet? Also have you tested a Wi-Fi router onboard? Curious how it would work. Might even need some fiber optic for all that research in the future!

  33. Too much fun! I am sure that you are aware that schedule 40 PVC pipe is also available as gray, UV stabilized, conduit. The pressure specs are the same, but it would negate the need for coatings.

    It is phenomenal what you have accomplished thus far. I look forward to the sea adventures!

  34. Your comments of people that don't donate are so called bilge rats sucked out all the joy I got from watching your videos so I unsubscribed,,you forget how lucky you are with where you are in life, I live on less then 11000 a year due to a disability. and give up alot to have the Internet .

  35. Doug, that was a pretty good pep talk you gave those guys who were doing the caulking work. Yes, it looked tedious to me – even though the big guy says it wasn't. And I guess the audio books would be a good way to keep your mind from getting numb – but did you ever think of providing exotic dancers? Or would that be a distraction? 😊

  36. SV seeker- Doug- I've been watching your journey. This may be strange as you don't know me, but you have to hang in there. I have had this "vision" where something happened to you… I cant explain it, I understand it sounds bizarre…. but you must keep going. This community needs you. Don't give up my friend, you are in the home stretch. The battle is hardest in the final hour, and you've made it this far. You have this knack of bringing people together. You are needed my friend. You can work the other stuff out later, just hang in there.

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