Blossom’s Fake Video Exposed by food scientist | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Blossom’s Fake Video Exposed by food scientist | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today due to popular demand I’m going to be testing the ‘Is Your Food
Fake?’ video by Blossom! So many of you sent me this video and said: we know it’s
probably not true but it’s causing doubts. First up we have cheese 🧀 … they have
processed cheese with chemicals is difficult to melt and natural cheese
melts. Now there are a couple of things to look at in this video … number one is
the wording … ‘processed’ with chemicals versus ‘natural’ assuming they’re saying
natural is good and processed with chemicals is bad. It’s very interesting
to note that processed with chemicals is something that a lot of people go oh
it’s got additives it must be bad and it’s generally when it’s chemicals that
they don’t understand what they are or what they do. So if I said to you most of
the cakes that you buy and eat have the additive sodium hydrogen carbonate added
to them to make them a little bit better then you might get worried about that.
But if I told you that sodium hydrogen carbonate is the name of baking powder
then you go oh that’s fine I know what baking powder is I know what it does it
makes the cake rise and without it it would be flat and not very nice. So
you’re familiar with it you understand it so you’re not scared of it. That’s the
same with most of the food additives in the food chemicals they’re added to the
food for a reason to change something about its properties, to make it more
palatable and nicer. If you want to add an additive to food that hasn’t been
used before you just can’t until that’s in the food laws and the food laws will
test it and test it and find out the amount they know is safe and then that
safe amount gets divided by hundreds or thousands and then that’s the amount you
as a manufacturer are allowed to add to your food. So if even people bought a
hundred different foods with the additive in they’d still be below the
safe intake of it. So that’s how additives tend to work … so not all
additives are bad. Baking powder is a chemical additive – not bad.
So don’t go oh chemical additives bad. The other flipside of that is ‘natural
good’ is natural good? I mean rat poo is natural and we don’t
want it in our food uranium is natural and it will kill us! ☢️
the problem with ‘natural’ is it’s actually not been defined
by law of what is natural and what isn’t when it comes to food labeling. It’s just
such a hot debate as to what is and isn’t natural and it gets so complicated. I
mean they’re the FDA in the US has asked for public comment on this they’ve been
debating this for years now and they still haven’t defined it so that should
let you know how complicated natural is. so for the moment if you see natural on
a food label it doesn’t really mean anything! So just flip it over read the
ingredients and decide for yourself. But let’s actually do this test let’s
actually get some cheese and a flame and see what happens. Okay so we’ll start
with the cheese singles and you can see that these do in fact burn … don’t do this
at home because you might actually burn your fingers you have a very very
careful but it does in fact burn when it’s exposed to an open flame. Now if we
try with the natural cheese in front of the flame it melts and drips down. So why
is that? Blossom have implied by their video that was because of the additives
in the chemicals in the cheese singles that it burnt. But if we flip over the
back of the packet which is what I’m encouraging you to do and read the
nutrition information panel then you can see that this one the singles per 100
grams has eighteen point nine grams of fat … remember that number eighteen
point nine. Whereas the natural cheese has a fat total per 100 grams of
thirty-three point three grams so it’s nearly double the amount of fat in one
cheese versus the other and it’s the amount of fat that allows it to melt and
is allowing that cheese just to flow over each other and just drip down. So
the video really should look like this low fat cheese burns under an open flame
high-fat cheese melts and drips down under an open flame but that’s not
really a shareable sensational type video so that’s not what they went for.
They’ve kind of showed you an experiment and then drawn the wrong conclusion 🤪 If I
told you the more firemen that attend a fire the greater the damage will
therefore firemen damage! Now you can see what I did there
I took a true fact: the more firemen that are at a fire the greater the damage
bill. And then led you to the wrong conclusion and you knew it was the wrong
conclusion you knew that that’s not the reason that’s exactly what they’ve done
with the cheese. They’ve taken a true fact one burns one melts and then led you to
the wrong conclusion. Rice mixed with plastic bits to increase manufacturer
profits. Surely plastic bits would cost more than rice itself … rice is pretty
cheap! This was disproved again and again the reason why it had so much testing
was because it kept getting traction on social media and going viral in
different countries. Articles about it saying this is a hoax this is not real
this is not a health concern, people don’t need to be scared about this but
thanks Blossom for bringing it up again to do the rounds again. Baby food
these are ground up rocks advertised as fortified calcium. What do you think? Do you think this is true or is this false? There are some truths in here so what do
you think is this one a true one and how do you tell? Well let’s get some baby
food and put it into a bag spread it out and let me get a really strong magnet
this one can lift the whole jar so it’s pretty strong. I’m gonna run it across
the baby food and absolutely nothing as expected. If I tip out some calcium
lactate for you you can see here calcium is just not magnetic it is a mineral but
it’s not magnetic and it’s usually white not black so that
makes the whole video a bit suss from the beginning. So what did blossom add to
their baby food to make this video? I was just trying to think in my mind what was
easy to get hold of that I could use for this? So I actually got a magnet and
smashed it with a hammer into little pieces and now I’m just gonna drop that
into my baby food and mix it through really really well
and now I’ve just used my magnet to pull all those little pieces to the bottom so
you can’t see them. Now on camera I can run my magnet across and you’ll
see that it pulls the black bits all the way over to the corner and the magnet is
attracting those little bits of magnet that I have added that weren’t in the
baby food right to the corner. This is just the definition of scaremongering!
This is going to make parents worried that can they use the baby food from the
shop and again let me reassure you the food standard codes are so tight on baby
food and what can be added. You can flip it over if you’re concerned and check
the ingredients it will tell you exactly what is in that food. Next we have
vitamins on a tray in the oven. Synthetic supplements burn and natural
ones won’t. Now they don’t tell us what temperature their oven is they don’t
tell us how long these are in the oven for so I’m just gonna randomly select
some tablets (tablets are really expensive) and then we’re gonna chuck
them in the oven and film them which really this is the bit you wanted
because this is the nice footage of watching tablets doing weird things in
the oven. 🤢 my kitchen stinks and I’m sure these fumes are not good for me. The
first one which has not burnt at all but surely must contain some food coloring
additives in order to get that red colour is an iron tablet then we have a
vitamin B tablet then a probiotic which has gone brown on the inside …
next a mega magnesium complex next to that the impressive one is an antibiotic
not a vitamin I know but it’s fun to bake. Next to that is esmaprezarol this is also not a vitamin but just showing you something that is completely
synthetically made didn’t burn at all in the oven … next to that is nurofen again
not a vitamin but didn’t burn at all. then we’ve got fish oil which heated up
and melted its gelatin capsule and leaked everywhere and then this one is
burnt in bits in little patches it’s actually a mixture of calcium magnesium
and vitamin d3 so one of those burns and the others don’t and then we have a
fully burnt to a crisp vitamin C tablet. now the reason why that
one burnt is because it has sugar in it which some may argue is natural and it’s
of course got sugar added because it’s a chewable tablet and without sugar added
it would be gross and then this tablet that when as big as a biscuit but didn’t
actually burn is an effervescent vitamin B complex. So according to blossom’s very
unscientific test these tablets are all-natural and these two are the only
synthetic ones in the bunch. So as you can see chucking something in the oven
and seeing what burns on what doesn’t burn is absolute rubbish as far as the
tests for what is synthetic and what is not. Okay next we have some meat “this is
not fat it’s actually glue used to bind unused meat scraps”. Now this one is
kind of based on a little bit of truth in a confusing way so let me explain it.
So meat glue or transglutaminase is an enzyme and what it does when you put two
proteins or two pieces of meat together it helps them to bind together or stick
together … it’s used a lot in things like chicken nuggets things that are shaped
or formed into particular molds. It’s also sometimes used in things like
sausages and those sliced meats like polony or Devon they will have it in as
well. What they’ve pictured here though is completely different they’ve pictured
it being used for like steaks and that sort of thing. So can it be used for that?
Is it used for that? That’s the question that we’re looking at here. If we take
little pieces of meat and glue it back together then we’ve got the bacteria not
just on the outside but on the inside so that meat can’t be served rare it would
have to be well-done or it wouldn’t be food safe from a bacterial point of view.
So for that reason we have food laws here in Australia, America, UK that say if
you want to sell steak or anything that’s being cooked back together you
must label this as ‘formed meat’ or ‘reformed meat’ … you can’t just sell it and
say it’s a steak if it’s not a steak. That’s the law. So check your label if it
says it’s reformed it’s got meat glue or if it says transglutaminase or
TG in the ingredients then it’s got meat glue. I personally could not find
any steaks or any roasts or anything that used meat glue because most
butchers are very proud of the fact that they’re good butchers and they can cut
up all their steaks perfectly and don’t need to reform anything together. If
they’ve got little scraps they tend to serve them chopped up as things for
stir-fry or cubed meat so you know it’s just cubed meat or they can put it into
sausages or something else there’s so many different ways meat can be served …
hamburger patties, mince it up there’s not really any reason to glue it back
together. But of course because of videos like this some people are very worried
that their meat is glued together. I’ve seen videos where people look at meat
and go look it’s got different sections you know so it must have been stuck
together but you have to remember this meat is coming from an animal and
animals have lots of different muscles all joined together with connective tissue
so if you look at this piece of meat which does not have meat glue in it you
can see there are several sections as a bit they’re joined together by fat and
then here if we separate it you can see the connective tissue in between it and
it’s a very thin layer and it’s quite strong. This is not meat glue if you see
this in your meat this is connective tissue. Just for comparison so that you
can see the difference between meat glue and connective tissue I’ve actually gone
out and bought some meat glue for you so that we can make some meat joined
together or reformed meat so that we can see the difference. So what I’m going to
do is get some pieces of lamb and lay them on the plastic wrap and a strip of
fat on one end there and then just sprinkle that with a thin even layer of
the meat glue. Stack those pieces on top of each other I probably should add a
bit more on the edge there but never mind … add the fat on top and then tightly
wrap the plastic around it and you need to refrigerate that for four hours or
more. Now while we’re experimenting let’s do some strange stuff let’s join
together some pork chicken lamb some fat and another bit of lamb we’ll sprinkle
them well with the transglutaminase and then stack it up. Let’s start the
with the chicken on top of that then the pork some more lamb and then the lamb
fat and wrap that tightly … tightly as you can so that you don’t have a gap of air
between the meat and four hours later our lamb now looks like one piece of
meat and when I slice it that looks pretty good too. Now let’s try cutting
the Frankensteak! Look at that layers of different meat, that’s fully weird. Now
if we pull this it pulls apart reasonably easily at the join and you
can see it’s quite grainy or granular looking where the meat glue was. It’s not
like the connective tissue you can definitely tell the difference so what
about when it’s cooked which is what they had in their video let’s fry up one
of these Frankensteaks. It’s stayed together really well when it was cooked
let’s slice through that. Oh that’s just wrong let me know in the comments if you
think that’s good or wrong oh my gosh! it’s harder to tell once it’s cooked I
mean apart from the fact that we have the different meats here the meat glue
itself is pretty much invisible. So if you find chunks of white like they
showed in their video in your meat it’s likely to actually be fat or connective
tissue and not meat glue the meat glue is put there in a really thin layer and
once it’s cooked virtually invisible. Next we have ice
cream, put a squeeze of lemon juice on it if it bubbles
it contains ‘washing powder for shine and lightness’. This rumor seems to have come
from a gossip type website in India back in 2012 and when I checked on the food
Authority’s website for India to see if there was any record of ice cream being
adulterated using washing powder there was no records there at all not in India
and certainly not in the rest of the world. Now if you think about this if you
get some washing powder and you add an acid like lemon juice
it is indeed gonna bubble up. The difficulty though is if you add washing
powder to ice-cream, washing powder itself has such a horrible taste it’s
going to make the ice cream pretty inedible. So you’re not going to sell in
I scream if you do that anyway it kind of is a self-regulating issue there but
if you want to create a viral video or impress your friends to tell them you
found washing powder in your ice cream you just take a shot of you reaching a
lemon over your bowl of ice cream giving it a squeeze then zoom into a closest
shot and add a little bit of lemonade which indeed does bubble up when you add
it over ice cream 🤫 you could of course just add the washing powder at the
bottom of the bowl but then your ice cream would be inedible and where’s the
fun in that if you can’t eat the ice cream afterwards. Next one all right
salt fake salt contains chalk that makes the water cloudy. Okay so let’s put some
salt in water and as you can see it is a little bit cloudy now if you flip it
over and check the ingredients which is what I keep telling you to do the salt
has a small amount of anti-caking agent in it. This is because if salt is finely
ground it tends to clump together and when you tip your salt you’re not going
to get anything out because it’s going to be stuck together. So this is not fake
salt it is 97% salt and then 3% anti-caking agent which allows the salt
to flow over each other and into the glass and that’s that very small amount
of cloudiness you’re seeing. If you don’t want anti-caking agent you can get the
salt that you grind and then that is just 100% salt and you can just grind it
in there you can see it’s not cloudy at all so what you’re seeing is the
anti-caking agent it is not fake salt! So if you look at that it’s kind of based
on a truth … if it’s got an additive to it it’s going to make the water cloudy if
it doesn’t have the anti-caking agent then your water’s going to be clear. So
it’s kind of based on a truth but then they’ve taken that to the wrong
conclusion and highly exaggerated it saying that the salt is ‘fake’.
That is not true. So you can see how by mixing a little bit of truth with a
little bit of liars you can make a viral video because people are is that really
true and they get confused. This next one is really strange they claim that the
coffee with additives floats and the pure coffee sinks … now every reference I
could find to this test has it flipped the other way round so
they’ve got it completely wrong in this case. The coffee with additives like
chicory root or burnt sugar which is sometimes added to make it bitter that
sinks, the additives will sink whereas the coffee will float so the coffee that
floated should be pure and good and the coffee that sinks should be bad. The
problem with this test though is that sometimes pure ground coffee beans with
nothing added can also sink so if I grind up my coffee beans that I’ve got
here and I put it on the coarse grind setting and then I put that on to the
water it floats. Now if I grind up some more of the same coffee beans the exact
same ones and put it on superfine then it tends to float for a moment and then
start to sink … the finer the coffee grinds the faster that will start to
sink the coarser it is the more it’ll float. Nothing to do with good bad same
coffee beans. Other things that can affect it are things like temperature of
the water, the warmer the coffee beans or the warmer the water it will sink faster
than if it’s cold coffee beans on cold water. An easy one to make it sink is
slight agitation just a little bit of a jiggle and that’s going to make that
coffee sink regardless of all of the other factors. There are other things
that can affect it as well like the hardness if the water can affect whether
the coffee sinks or floats on the top also things like the staleness of the
beans how long it’s been since it was roasted if they’re stale some people
will say they’ll sink but then there’s other people who’ve done experiments
with two different types of beans roasted them on the same day same type
of water same grind level on the thing … one sinks and the other floats. So
therefore that must be a difference then in the actual bean itself. So there are
so many complicating factors in this it is not a good reliable test of good
coffee. the best thing for you to do is check your ingredients number one see if
it’s hundred percent pure. 2. see if you like the flavor. We’re onto spices …hold
it over a candle pure spices will burn or ignite and impure spices don’t. Don’t
you find it a bit weird how they’re just trying to burn every
here and all of the first part of this video if it burnt it meant it was bad …
remember the cheese if it burnt it was bad if the vitamins in the oven burnt
they were synthetic but now with spices if they burn it’s good and if they don’t
burn it’s bad. Like surely this contradicts itself enough to let you
know that the whole video is bad. It’s not giving you good information but
let’s have some more fun and see if we can set some turmeric on fire over a
candle. Now I’ve been holding this over the flame for a good four minutes and
it’s not getting close to igniting. I can get it to smoke if I take the candle
right to the edge but that’s it there’s no way this is going to ignite. the only
way I can get it to actually have a flame is to just give it a bit of a
blast with a blowtorch and even then it goes out pretty much immediately 🔥 let me
just watch theirs again … see here over the candle nothing’s happening then they
move it away from the flame and away from the heat and magically it ignites …
it’s as if there was a blowtorch just off-camera that you couldn’t see 🤫the
company that put out this video that owns the channel Blossom is First Media
who surprisingly also own So Yummy who are the ones who if you’ve watched my
previous video about their videos puts out fake recipes that don’t work, can’t
work … just scientifically impossible but because they get shared because people
go wow ice cream frosting made from ice cream whipped with icing sugar that
looks yummy but it’s physically impossible. I had so many comments in
that previous video of kids who’d spent their pocket money buying ingredients to
cook one of the So Yummy recipes and then them failing again and again and
they thought that they couldn’t cook and they’d stopped baking. And after filming
that video I actually had one of the former video producers at So Yummy he
used to work for them contact me and I spoke to him on the phone and he said
“whether the recipes worked or not was never their concern” … it was always about
the the pacing and the timing to make it a viral, shareable, watchable video … that
was the concern.they’d refilm to get that just perfect but whether the recipe
worked or not who cares! 😡 Now this is not just limited to an issue
with First Media this is an issue across the whole of the social media platform
and the reason why it’s an issue is because this sort of stuff is getting
promoted by the algorithm! I think unless the algorithm itself changes unless the
platforms Facebook and YouTube take responsibility for what they’re
promoting there’s just gonna be more of this because it works … it would have made
them so much money because they’ve got so many views so that tells other
companies we should try and deceive and do fake stuff because that’s gonna work
it’s going to get us views. Whereas previously if a newspaper did that then
they’re not gonna get views they’re gonna get shamed and shut down and
less people are gonna buy their stuff because it’s not true whereas in this
case YouTube and Facebook keeps promoting, keeps promoting, keeps
promoting these same channels these same producers even though you go but they’re
deceiving the public!! I don’t know what do you think what do you think the
solution is? I actually just don’t know what the solution is you try and solve
the problem viral videos on social media not being true I’ll leave that up to you.
With thanks to my Patrons for sponsoring this channel and making videos like this
possible, paying for meat glue and ingredients and all the things that go
into making a video. If you’d like to join them you can go to and join them there. You can check out my other debunking videos here and some recipes
that actually work here. Subscribe, turn on the Bell, make sure notifications are
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nowadays. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday 😍

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  33. In my degree, we did a class about allowances of certain things found in food like bigs legs and rat poo. You'd be alarmed at how many pieces of bugs are allowed per gram of chocolate. That's natural too but almost put me off chocolate. I'm so glad I found this channel!

  34. The mere fact that you have never heard of or encountered the use of 'plastic' in rice trade doesn't mean there is no rice producer that puts plastic in rice in any corner of the world. Blossom may have been wrong but so are you. When it comes to the "chemicals" issue, the "chemicals" that has been being mentioned in those kind of videos are different from what you describe something as a "chemical" substance. It is natural when you eat tomatoes from your pesticide-free garden but it is hazardous if you eat tomatoes which were grown in a soil that had been treated with glyphosate, which is a "chemical". There ARE foods that contain "extraneous" chemicals and that's why the "chemicals" are blamed for being hazardous, although not all chemicals are hazardous. By the word 'chemicals', they mean the chemical additives and preservatives that are composed of hazardous chemicals, because there ARE hazardous chemicals. It doesn't matter if you use it for good or bad, hazardous chemicals are still hazardous. Take monosodium glutamate, for example. Almost all kind of junk food and fast food contain monosodium glutamate, but the facts that it is composed of naturally-occurring elements and is used everywhere do NOT necessarily mean it is not harmful. It IS a chemical and it IS harmful. This is an example of what they have been trying to say.

  35. Salt water could have also been cloudy because they used incredibly fine salt in a saturated solution. therefore the added salt is just floating around.

  36. I thought the cheese burned and didn't melt because it was made from oil instead of milk. oils burn and they don't melt because its flammable while cream/milk isn't flammable.

  37. solution is famous youtubers need to do debunk videos. as the truth spreads and becomes more common it shows up on searches and under shared media as related videos.

  38. I stg I don't understand why people put more effort into figuring out how to fake things for these videos than just reporting what the facts actually are. Like, they would have gotten just as many views making a sensationalized list of busted food myths 🤷‍♀️

  39. There used to be a cereal brand that advertised "100% recommended daily amount of iron" if you crushed it, and put the crumbs in a glass of water and put a magnet against the side of the glass chunks would float to the magnet. My mom messed with this as a science experiment when she was young.

  40. So, basically, if a person has an idea of what Chemistry is all about…they know what you're saying? Awesome, Chemistry prevails!!!!

    But…if somebody says something contradictory, then…well…
    Contradiction prevails?

    If you wish to produce a video that truly defies claims produced by others, than your videos will provide clarence to what is, and is not real compounds when relevant to these types of mixtures…

    Great job! Mixtures that give rise to sciences just like these, give me reason to continue my research.

  41. you’re correct on most of this but the thing about baby food wasn’t fear mongering or fake, it was incorrectly explained its iron that’s added to many things and is completely safe and magnetic

  42. i lost a friend recently, known them for almost 15 years right until they heard i was growing strawberries, asked if i could give her some when they were ripe, shouldnt be a problem right?

    well apparently "black strawberries are just dyed that colour and are toxic" and she "cant be friends with someone trying to kill her"

    i even offered her my leftover seeds so she could grow some herself and see why she was wrong but apparently that was "patronising"

    just cant win with some people smh.

    Ps you can buy some really good seeds for some strange foods on ebay =)

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