Hi sisters! James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel! You guys, today I have such an iconic guest. Please welcome sister Molly Burke. James Charles called me iconic. You are sis. Life is made! Oh my god, you’re literally the best! Would you like to tell them a little bit about yourself actually? Sure! I’m a sister, been a sister for a while. When you look at me you’re like “huh, just a basic girl,” but no! There’s a lot more than meets the eye. Ha! See what I did there? Or doesn’t meet the eye. Exactly, love that you’re already rolling into the blind jokes. We like people who can do that right away. Getting right into it. So I make videos here on the tubes about pretty much just like life as a blind person I’m a fashion and beauty lover. The beauty community is what like got me into YouTube. That is so cool. Way back when I lost my vision in 2008. So yeah, I’m just like so happy we can finally make this happen. Same. People are constantly tweeting me telling me that I need to collab with you so when you reached out I was like dying a little inside. Oh my god. I’m so excited you guys. We are doing so many cool things. today for my channel Molly’s gonna do my makeup completely blind, clearly, and I have so many things that I want to ask you. I don’t even need a blindfold! Its so easy! And then for my channel Molly’s gonna challenge me and I’m gonna have to do her makeup completely blindfolded so we’re go be like trading lives kind of. I just have so many questions. Molly was just telling me how she really wanted to feel and play through all my makeup and I was like, “Girl, we’re so down.” Instead of me just giving her the products to put on my face, we’re gonna make her pick through them as well and it was so crazy because I was cleaning out my makeup table before I even started and she was telling me what all my products were. I was like “Oh, this is Benefit. Oh, this is Mac Paint Pot.” That is so crazy. Like the obsession is so deep. I love that! People always ask me like, “You can’t even see makeup. You can’t even see fashion Why do you like it so much?” and I’m always like, “Going blind doesn’t change who you are, it changes how you live.” And so it just had to change like how I do things, you know, like I’m still Molly I still love tattoos I still love fashion. I still love makeup even though I can’t see it. My favorite color is still purple, even though I can’t see it. You know what I mean? So… That is literally so cool I have so many things that I want to ask you So I feel like we should just jump right into the video because I’m so pumped. Let’s do this girl. Let’s do it! In front of you, you have several plastic drawers that are filled all the way up. Ohhh myyy goodness! oooh beauty blenders. Yeah. Got some mac fix+. Yes, we do. Yes, those are all lashes. Okay, we don’t need to mess with that. Oh, you don’t want to do lashes? A blind girl applying fake lashes? My goodness. Are these foundations? Yes they are. Are these all gonna be the right shade? Uh no, so I will definitely help you out with this one. okay that would be the struggle. Yeah. Are these the Too Faced ones? Yes! I’m telling you, I know my makeup. I love that! It’s a problem. This is the Laura Mercier? It is. Okay. Perfect. Are these concealers? Yes. These are all the exact same. Are these tart? Yes. shape tape? Yes. Oh! Benefit? Yes. Which one is it though? I’m just gonna have to like literally blindly pick. What do we have it here? Is this Too Faced? Yes. How did you even know that? The box was on. I’m a queen, what can I say? I’m scared! Mac blush? Yes. What kind of tone would you call this? Peach. Okay. So it’s like a very like light… It’s matte huh? Yeah. You can tell by the texture, protip. This is Benefit brow product. Yes, it is. Are we getting into the single shadows? These are glitters. Any loose glitter sounds dangerous with blindness. That sounds like more blindness. I love how there’s like just one lonely like product. Yeah, that’s like glitter gel. This is the most insane thing! It’s weird and it dries down too. I used it for Coachella. Oh my gosh. Can you see the light reflection from it? Yes! That is so cool! I love anything glittery and anything metallic because when the light hits it I can see it. Oh! This is dose… dose of color. Yeah, it is. What can I say? Love Highlight. Same. This is obviously a Nars one. Yes, obviously. I think I’m gonna go with this. Okay. Because it’s the one that like the most reflective to me. Love that. Oooh this middle one is very shiny. It’s pretty. What color tone is it? It’s like a kind of like champagney tone. Okay. Do you want a contour palette? Oh Lord. Yeah, let’s do it. Can I feel both? Yeah! Okay the Kat Von D one up here, it is broken, but it’s still good and does her job. Wow, you loved this! Yeah, it was a good one. Geez you really went ham! And then the Anastasia one is right here. Yeah, I feel like this one. Before we start doing this, obviously you’re blind. Yes. Right? So you’re gonna do my makeup. I have no idea what you look like. Yeah. I want you to describe to me what you think I look like. Well immediately when I came in and I gave you a hug Yes I was like, he’s exactly around the height that I pictured you to be and you’re the build. Like even like your shoulder width You’re more of like a slim and on the shorter side. Yeah. Like I pictured you being around between like five six and like five nine and being like kind of a slimmer build. Yeah. Like that’s just how I pictured you. So you’re exactly that. I’m five nine so you are definitely right. I pictured you to have like really good hair and brows. Yeah, Thanks girl! Like hair and brows on point is like what I picture you and I know you’re you’re pretty into you’re like full glam. Yeah. So I picture to have like good strong cheekbones, strong brows. I would picture you to have like a very symmetrical face. I’ve been told that I do have that. Yeah Or at least if I don’t, I face tune it to look like that so… I picture you to be like a deeper skin tone than me, but still Caucasian. Yup. I don’t picture to have freckles. I have a few actually. I wish I had freckle, freckles. I have Beauty marks all over my face. They’re not like nicely cutely placed right on the bridge on the nose, which is where I wish they were. I have freckles there. Yeah, you do they’re the best. And then I pictured you to have brown eyes. Yes. Wow! Yeah. I’m impressed with my own self. Yeah, great at guessing. Go, Molly! That’s awesome. This might be a weird question, but you want to feel my face before you begin? Okay first before we do that. Yeah. I will say that like typically blind people don’t feel faces. So if somebody like wants to like meet a blind person, like if you meet me in person, if you meet a blind person in person don’t be like, “Do you want to feel my face?” Okay good to know. Sorry I didn’t know. No, but in this situation it does make more sense. Yeah. Because I will be doing a lot of your makeup with my hands. That’s yeah. Because that’s how I do my makeup, because I can feel what I’m doing. Yeah. Versus a brush puts a barrier between what I’m doing. Right. So, of course there’s things that I’m gonna use brushes for. Yeah. Like I’m not gonna like try to contour you with my finger, you know? but like a lot of the other stuff I do like to use my fingers to apply stuff. Right. Because it does give me a good feel but like yeah, I don’t know what face shape you have. I don’t know, you know that that kind of stuff. So when we’re doing makeup, It changes things. Right. So if this is a pore filling primer, it’s probably gonna be very slick. Yep. Yep it’s thick and slick. Sister definitely needs some pore help. Aw, I can feel your little stubble. Yeah. Aw, He’s a boy! My facial hair grows back in like five seconds flat, which is so annoying. Would you get like laser hair removal? I want to really badly. Yeah, I’m working on that. Just for the like purpose of makeup. Yeah. Yeah, smooth canvas every day. You have such like a man’s brow line. Yeah. I definitely have a pretty masculine face. Yeah, for sure. I feel like I have like a very strong jaw line, which I feel like is more masculine as well. You do. I feel like a masculine jaw line on a woman can give like that modelesque type of look, which is really good. Well, thank you. So question for you You do your makeup every single day? I do. But because you lost your vision when you were 14 you don’t remember what you look like? I don’t. That is insane to me. Yes, it’s one of the like most frustrating things. Like most of my blind friends when you talk to them like it sounds so narcissistic. Like if you could see something you’d want to see your family, your friends, and yourself. Like you just wanna see faces. Yes. Like you miss so much when you can’t see. They say more than 90% of communication is nonverbal. Of course, it’s a tone of voice, but it’s also facial expression body language. All of that stuff means a lot. It’s hard not being able to see other people when you’re communicating with them. It’s hard not to see yourself. It can be difficult, especially when you’re like working in the entertainment business, you’re living in LA with all the pretty people. And it’s very much a place based on looks. And you get so many comments Because like of course, I work in social media. So I get like tons of comments about my appearance. It can really screw with your head. Yeah. But I really try to not think about it and just like be positive because it’s really easy to focus on the negative parts of being blind. Yeah. But there’s also positives that come with it. Yeah. And they’re not as easy, they’re not as obvious, But I think if I live with like thinking of the sad stuff, that’s no way to live, right? There’s no point. No, yeah. You just sit back cry all the time. Like I can’t live like that. No. Okay, I don’t want to poke you in the eye. No worries. Perfect. I was watching your video that you did with Shane. Yes. You don’t really have a lot of recollection of much of anything? Anything, yeah. So like visual memory doesn’t really last. My mom her best friend an actual boss is blind. And he lost his vision on his 11th birthday. On his 11th birthday?! Yeah. What a gift. Absolutely horrible, right? Obviously, I’m very ignorant to the topic. I know a little bit but I am pretty much ignorant to the topic of blindness that’s why I’m so excited to learn more from you today. He has been blind since was 11. He is much older now, but he can remember a lot of things. I wonder if he actually remembers or if it’s his brain. Well, I will tell you he grew up in New York City. He still works there all the time for his job. And what’s insane to me is obviously when you’re blind a lot of your other senses are of course heightened because you have to focus on them. more. You rely on them more. Yeah. We will be in the taxi together in New York and he’ll be like, “Oh my god, look at that building over there on 56th and Madison. It’s so beautiful!” and I’ll look over be like, “Oh, yeah, that is a pretty building.” Then I’ll remember, Oh my god he has no idea what he’s looking at or he’ll be like, “Oh, yeah, look at there’s the subway station right there like that’s where we need to go.” So he can’t see anything. I have that too. Like I have mental maps of everything around me. Take me to a shopping mall I know where every store is located in the mall and I can like walk directly there. Like it’s like a mental mapping system. Like it’s a coping mechanism, you know? Yeah. We have to remember where everything is and I’ll talk about things like a lot of people comment and be like, “Well how does she know like that’s her favorite foundation If she can’t see how it looks?” and like it’s about how it feels or like I’ll talk about something as if I know how beautiful it is. And people are like, “How does she talk about it like she knows how beautiful it is?” I’m like, “Well like people describe it to me.” Yeah. I’m going to find a fluffy brush to set you with. I hate when brushes aren’t soft. You might love this one. I like the fluffy soft ones. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s a good one. Is it dual fiber? Yes. It feels like a dual fiber. Yes it is. Laura Mercier. Yes, ma’am I did this like series on my channel where I started trying beauty products and beauty hacks that I was too scared to try. Oh my god. And one of them was loose setting powders. That’s something that you’ve been afraid to try? I was always afraid because like loose powder and blindness sounds like a dangerous combination! There’s Too Faced has a loose powder. It’s their peach powder and I literally love it because I put some much of it on. Does it smell like peaches? It tastes like peach too! Oh my goodness. Like I’ll be putting it on and like some will like land on my tongue and I’ll be like, “ew” and then I’ll like actually taste it and be like, “Oh wow that actually tastes good.” You’re gonna need to show me that product. I a hundred percent will. Have I gotten any out? Nope, not much. Oh, I just knocked product over. Blind girl problems! Are you able to visualize things? Yeah, it’s interesting. It’s almost like when people describe things because I have like a history with sight. Yes. Even though I can’t like pull up an image when you describe stuff it still means something to me. Okay. More so than it would to somebody who’s never seen before. Right. So if I said like, oh, you’re using a white handled duo-fiber fluffy brush. Like it’s like a far-off… it’s almost like a memory. Yeah. It’s distant. I can still remember green, purple, and blue because I see them all the time. I have what’s called, like I call them fireworks and basically I see flashing lights 24/7 and they’re always blue, green, and purple. And you said purple is your favorite color, correct? Purple is my favorite color. It was the last favorite color I ever had when I was going blind, so it’s just like remained my favorite color. Oh my god! All right, I’m gonna bronze you. One of the reasons I love Too faced so much is because their products are scented. They smell really good. So it’s like I can enjoy it. You know, like I can’t see it, but I can smell it and it’s like a way for me to enjoy makeup. So this might be like the dumbest question ever. But since you don’t have your sight, what would be your favorite sense? Um, so… That’s a stupid question, I apologize.. No, It’s not, It’s not. Um, I say my hands are my eyes. Yeah. I’m always going around touching everything. Yeah. Except people’s faces. And so that’s like definitely one of the senses I rely on the most. Yeah. And then hearing for sure. Yeah I was gonna say my mom’s boss he carries around a walking cane and he can slam his cane on the ground as soon as he walks into a room, he can tell like a million facts about the room. Yeah passive echolocation. That is so cool. I’m gonna blush you now. I’ve never used this blush before so I hope I’m not going too like heavy-handed with it. But that’s what happens when you can’t see the colors! Whenever I gotten your makeup I’m like, “We’re just gonna have to see how this one goes.” And I always like ask somebody usually before I leave the house to make it to make sure. Or I’ll like FaceTime my mom. Yeah. She’s like my honest mirror. We all need honest people in our life like that. Yes, exactly. So do you live alone then? I do, yes. You live alone?! Mm-hmm My mom has been living with me since I moved to LA and she will be heading home back to Canada on Monday. So it’s just gonna be you and sister Gallop? Yes. Oh my god! Gallop’s my guide dog. Yes, of course. By the way. Are you nervous to live alone? I lived alone in Toronto for two years. Oh! Okay. I’m gonna guess lightest to darkest? No. I can’t stand why do brands just randomly willy-nilly go throwing colors into a palette? I agree, it’s so annoying. It would make more sense, not even just for blind people but for like beginners of makeup Yeah. if all makeup went in the order of shades. Okay, so you lived alone in Toronto for two years? I did. Yes I live alone right now in a very large apartment and I am lonely all the time. And I was the same age as you when I moved out Yeah, I was 18. I lived on my own from 18 to 20-21. I am very people reliant. Me too. Like I need to be around people at all times. Extroverted. Obviously, yes. Yeah, obviously not to see but just like to feel comfortable. To feel like a presence around you. Yeah. Yeah, would you say that Gallop would be like that presence for you or? Gypsy was the dog I had at the time. Okay. We lived together She was great like she would get me out going to dog park with her and I you know I had a full-time assistant at the time I was a motivational speaker. I still am. I love that. But that was like my full-time job was motivational speaking. So I was like touring a lot and I had a full-time assistant who would travel everywhere with me So my parents lived close by and like would come visit. My dad’s office was like 15 minutes away So yeah, it made like living alone more easy. More comfortable. Versus like now I live six hour flight away from my family, which is obviously like yeah a lot. Well you have me if you ever want to hang out, if you ever need help with anything. You have to come to my place. Mmhmm. How do you like LA so far? I love it I honestly do. I told my parents when I was five that I was gonna move to LA. Really? like this isn’t like “Oh I became a YouTuber so I moved to LA.” Like no it really like has always been my dream. I always say I want to fulfill like all of sighted Molly’s dreams, you know? I want to show myself and other people that going blind doesn’t have to change my life path and it doesn’t have to change everything. It changes things for sure But like it doesn’t have to be like that. Not to make it negative or anything But like what would you say has been the hardest part about not being sighted? You know I dealt with a lot of bullying when it happened, which was very hard. Really?! I lost all my friends and like went from being like pretty popular to having just not only having nobody but being tormented. What?! and that was really, really hard. Oh my god I can’t even imagine. I’m gonna some add some more because I love highlight. Please do. That’s what I talk about a lot with my speaking is like mental health and bullying and accessibility and accepting diversity and that kind of thing because you know I think a lot of people are very ignorant about blindness and disability in general. It’s not their fault. It’s because Society has been taught that it should be this elephant in the room and that we’re not allowed to talk. Don’t look. Don’t stare. Don’t ask questions. Right. Ignore them. You know, that’s not how I think it should be we should be educated and talking about it from a young age. We should have disabled characters in children’s books and in TV shows and it shouldn’t be like the sole focus of the character all the time. Right. You know? Which is unfortunately how it is. We’re rarely represented in media and when we are were represented very poorly. I grew up wanting to be an actress and a model but then when I went blind I was like, “It’s never gonna happen.” Yeah. I realized like, you know maybe Traditional media is gonna be really hard for me to work in but like I can carve my own path. I can represent myself. I can represent my community. Yeah. And make content myself. I love that! Would you say YouTube’s been the best platform for you to do that? Oh my god. Absolutely. I love YouTube. YouTube was like a huge part of my journey to recovery and my journey to finding confidence and self love after blindness. And so the fact that I can now use YouTube to help other people is so rewarding. Incredible. Yeah. Do you have a lot of blind followers? I do. I definitely have a lot of disabled followers, a lot of blind followers. I have a lot of parents of kids who are disabled. Yeah. More teachers. But of course I also have like a ton of able-bodied people know nothing about disability and come and learn and join the conversation and I love that! I love changing people’s opinions and like breaking stereotypes. So many people will initially come to my channel and be like, “Oh she’s faking it.” Because XYZ Like all of these stereotypes that I don’t fit. Right. But then they watch enough of my videos and they realize why they’re misinformed, why they hold these ideas about disability, and why they might be wrong. Yeah. And actually like on the process of like trying to catch me in a lie, they educate themselves. That is so crazy. to me Why would you ever do that? There’s like those few rare random people who have like faked cancer or like that guy on twitch who like pretended to be in a wheelchair and then stood up the end of a live stream. That’s sick to me. I think there’s those weird bizarre random few people. For attention. Yeah. But they get attention when they do it. Yeah. and it gets media attention when the story comes out that like now everybody who has cancer. It’s like they have to prove it once they like expose it on the internet. That is…yeah.. everybody who is disabled we have to like prove it, but that’s not our responsibility, you know? No. And it shouldn’t be. It’s the one bad person that ruins that for everybody. Exactly. That sucks. I feel like there’s a lot of that in the beauty community too, like a lot of us have had sister scandals. Yes. and because of that the beauty community definitely has a very like bad and like dramatic reputation, but… well Well I feel like…it sucks. But like I’m part of the problem of that and the sense that I definitely had a messy past growing up but I’ve definitely tried to like clean it up and I know a lot of other people as well, but that’s like you shouldn’t have to deal with that. You know you’re so young like making mistakes is a part of the journey. Yeah. You kno?, you learned so much. I mean I’m such a different person now than I was at 20 and I thought I was like mature and knew it all at 20 you know? You grow and that’s a part of it. Yes. And unfortunately like for somebody like you who started in social media, very young you had to grow up publicly and you like people have to see your mistakes. We all make mistakes and a lot of us are lucky enough that we do it privately Right. So I don’t understand like people who villainize, you know? Young celebrities and stars who make mistakes because it’s like yeah you did that too, you know? And you can’t even imagine the pressure Right. That these people are under you have less brow bone than me. Really? Yeah. I have more bone. You’re bone is higher Yeah, my brows are not very arched. And they’re like more coarse. Is that just a boy thing or is that like a you thing? I guess it’s a little bit of a boy thing. Also, my brows have underwent a major transformation. If you were to meet me two years ago. You had the square brow? Yeah, if you were to meet me two years ago and feel my brows, they literally would have been down here. Interesting. It’s scary is what it was and I feel like… Oh Oh and all the photos are so public! Yeah, they’re all there. They’re all documented and like literally I would get the most hate comments ever and think, “Oh my god people are so mean. I love my brows.” and then looking back at it now. You’re like, why did I love that? I was like, “Thank you all for leaving me those death threats on my eyebrows because it worked.” Death threats on my eyebrows. So now I learned. I did. So now there’s a little bit more arch but I still don’t have that big of a brow bone. Yeah, it’s so interesting again like face structures because I just don’t think about it. Yeah. You know? I don’t think about faces looking different. Yeah, what do you really like about doing different makeup looks. I mean, it’s art, you know? It’s art that I can experience because I’m feeling it. Yeah. Versus so much art in the world. I can’t experience, I can’t see, I can’t enjoy. So for me. that’s what I love. Yeah. You need to explain to them exactly what you’re explaining to me about eye shadow. Right. Before you forgot this So when I get a new palette, I memorize where the shadows are so you can probably tell which ones I love. I love this shadow right here, which is like a matte kind of warm tone brown. I love this color, which is a matte peachy kind of shade. I love this color, which is like a really shimmery coppery almost I think. I love these two shades right here. I do that shade a lot which I think is like a peach shade not as shimmery as this one. Yeah. But in a kind of deeper peach color. I love these too for like a really fun beachy look. uh-huh Which are kind of more bright like corals. Yes. And then of course like this is a great highlight or I’ll do this on the lid which is like a light gold. Yes. And then I’ll usually do that like as a highlight if I want to brow bone highlight. That is the craziest thing in the world to me. Yeah, so I’ll like count memorize. When do I do your makeup like I think I want to try to go through a shadow palette and see if I have any of them memorized. I think I might be able to do it. Probably. I mean… Oh my god, that is so cool to me! When you can’t see you just figure it out. And people all the time will comment on my videos and they’re like, “I don’t know how she does it like I could never be blind if I went blind, I would kill myself.” I’m like, “Okay sure there’s the times when I felt like that when I first went blind and was being bullied and dealing with depression, but… This has purple on it. Oh! Well, boy clean your brushes! I’m sorry! When life hands you a situation that you didn’t expect you just figure it out. Yeah. You know just do. I’m gonna actually go back to the concealer and just use this as primer. Perfect. Primer on a budget. Always. Who needs 50 million products? You can multi use. Love that. What would you say would be like your all-time favorite makeup brand? I love Tarte. Mm-hmm. I love Too Faced. Mm-hmm I love Mac since it’s what like brought me into the makeup world. When I was 12-13 and told my mom that I really wanted to start wearing makeup she felt like it would probably end up in a disaster if she just like bought me a bunch of drugstore makeup and like handed it to me and was like, “Go!” and so she took me to a Mac counter. Yeah Um and had them pick out all the shades for me and she had them teach me like which product goes wear and she bought it all for me and then I figured it out and I would practice um and I loved it and then every birthday and every Christmas she would bring me to get a new look as I got older and that’s how I started collecting. So for about five years of makeup loving, Mac was like the only brand that existed to me and I was like, “Sephora what?” Yeah, well Mac was the only brand that kind of existed for most beginner makeup lovers for a long time. And yeah, it took me a long time, you know, once I was like deep into the Beauty YouTube world then I was like, “Okay, I need to start trying some of these.” I think like probably the first product I bought outside of Mac was like Makeup Forever HD which then ended up becoming like my Holy Grail foundation. That was my holy grail foundation when I first started! it like still is. I love that foundation. Oh my god. I love that! I just love the texture like it really sinks seamlessly into your skin. You know? Yeah. I agree. So the beauty guru world kind of really got you into makeup than? Absolutely like I loved makeup before Yeah. But that’s what just got like the obsession went so deep which I’m sure so many people watching this could relate to. Yeah. That’s literally how I started. Screws the budget. Yeah, I started watching like Jaclyn Hill and Nikkietutorials were like the two people that really got me into it. Who do you like watching? Back in 2009 I loved juicystar07 Blair Fowler. Yes. I loved meganheartsmakeup. Uh-huh. Megan Parken. I love Bethany Mota of course. Of course. Queen. Um, those were like my three girls. They were like my sisters. Literally they were my sisters! Who were some of your faves in the beauty’s space? I really like Jeffree. I really like Nikki. I really like Carli Bybel and it’s crazy because it is our very very clever community right now and they always love people but not many people stick out. Right. When I think of who’s content really inspires me. Yeah, that’s why I feel like I go outside of the beauty community for like people who inspire me. Can you like just like neutral neutral lip it? Yeah. You have pretty full lips. Mm-hmm. Lucky. Mmm yeah it’s the Juvederm in it. Thanks to Juvederm! Okay rub your lips together. Now you have to try to do your own mascara. Down. Let me grab it. I think I can do this easily. Okay. Oh, actually, maybe not. Oh lord. Okay I’m gonna get right up in the…ooh. I always try to go like into little baby lashes in my inner corner, and that’s when I hit my nose. I think I still do have a slight advantage because I can see the wand. Right. Not like very well But it’s like it’s blurry. I’m legally blind. Clearly I can still see you but like I think by Optometrist standard. So you can’t drive a car then? Because if you’re legally… No I have glasses. You have glasses. Okay, so when you don’t have your glasses or contacts you’re legally blind? Oh, no, I would crash in three seconds flat. Yeah, my vision has always been bad but it just keeps getting worse and worse. Just like blindness like blindness is a spectrum. Yeah. So we all have like different different amount of vision left. Maybe one day we’ll be able to do a full blind collab together. There you go. You’ll be my fellow blind person on YouTube. Bottom lashes I always found easier. The inner corner lashes. Oh, shhhh that’s my eyeball. I feel like you’re definitely not gonna be as full glam as you’re used to. Do you do many videos without makeup on? I don’t wear makeup as like. A confidence booster. Yes. Yeah, I wear makeup like to express myself and to just put out really cool looks. That’s how I feel too. Yeah, because I can’t see. I literally cannot see the difference makeup makes. Right. I don’t look in the mirror be like, “Oh, I look good so now I feel good.” I would say I’m equally as confident and I love myself just as much. Yeah. With or without a full glam. That’s how I feel. Which is amazing, I think that’s definitely the way it should be. Yeah, see? That’s another blind girl perk. Okay, Ready? So the sister reveal. I’m nervous. The judgment, the judgment! Oh my god, no, it’s gonna be literally good regardless. Okay, okay go. 3, 2, 1… Molly it looks really good! Yeah? Yeah! Definitely way less than what I’m normally used to. What you usually wear. But I feel like it looks like… This is your everyday look. No, Yeah. I love this. People throw on makeup pretty quickly like most girls like like have an average beauty routine of like 10 to 30 minutes. Most girls don’t do a beauty guru beauty routine.. No, you know? Correct. Absolutely not. Most girls don’t do full glam daily. And you know, I’ve always wanted to kind of see what I look like with like a normal person’s routine. Which sounds so ridiculous. This would be my normal routine. Yeah, I usually spend one to two hours on it and even when I try to do light makeup I still end up looking… With heavy make up. So much makeup on…and despite the fact that you cannot see what’s going on right now, this looks really good. And I love this! Yay! It looks so good! Sister, you killed this! Oh my god you literally… My own tutorial. High five. I did classic Molly makeup on you and now blindfolded you have to do classic James Charles makeup on me. I am so scared to do that. I’m pretty confident my abilities that I also think I have the upper hand because I can see what you look like beforehand. Yes, and you’ve done makeup so many times on yourself and other people. Yeah, I believe in you. Okay, me too. I feel good about it. Well, that’s gonna be over on sister Molly’s channel, but regardless I had it so much fun filming this today, thank you. I believe this collab was absolutely amazing! I learned so much. like I said I had so many questions but it’s so amazing that you were so open and honest about all these things and… It’s the only way we can help create change, you know? And make people feel less weird about it. I love that you just have such a positive outlook on everything that you dealt with and thank you for answering my questions. Thank you for dealing with my ignorance about this. Thank you for educating me. This was so much fun and you’re truly an inspiration so thank you. Thank you and now I’m gonna go dig through your uh makeup and uh steal some. Take everything, please do. If you guys enjoyed today’s video please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below. Subscribe if you have not already. Come join the sisterhood. It’s a pretty it lit time and click that bell icon so you can be notified every time I upload a brand new video and also PLEASE you need to go subscribe to Molly Burke right now. She is so inspirational, so beautiful, so talented and just the cutest person ever! I’m obsessed with her! So my YouTube channel is or just Molly Burke pretty simple and my Instagram is @mollyburkeofficial. It’ll also be listed all down below. Go follow her. Go say sister James sent you. There will be lots of cute selfies and us together. Yay! And if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey You can of course follow me on Instagram and Twitter. They’re both just James Charles and my check my Snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is jamescharless with and extra “s” after Charles. How do you talk that fast? Wait! That’s exactly what I wanted to ask you too. Wow! Hold on I forgot to ask sister in the video. *Car honking in the background* That was rude… Be completely 100% honest with me, please! Are my videos hard for you to watch because of how fast I talk? Sometimes your words blend into one. Uh-huh. Yeah, I know. It’s like mumbling. It’s like you fast mumble. Yeah. So, you know articulation James. I try! You’ll get there. I believe in you, you’re only 18. I love that! I love the honesty. I just think too fast so like my brain shoots out words faster than I can even think and process. That’s why you’re so successful. You’re like so many ideas going on. It’s kind of part of your thing, though. It really is. Its like a funny kind of like James Charles thing. I mess up a lot so I guess it adds to the whole like just vibe in general. #relatable Well, I’ll try to slow down a little bit. Thank you for the sister feedback. That’s good to know. This video’s sister shoutout goes to sister Anna. Thank you so much for following and supporting. I love you so so so much! and if you like to be the next video’s sister shout-out don’t forget to retweet my video links every time they go live on a Twitter. All right sisters Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to check out the video we did over on Molly’s Channel. I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one. Bye!


  1. Who has the horrible heart to dislike it?!😤😤 Not going to be rude but she does makeup better than you! When she was talking about the bullying thing she sounded like she was about to cry. Don't worry sweetheart there are ppl who are ready to protect you. That's includes me☺☺☺💜💜💜

  2. they should come out with brail (idk if thats how its spelled) makeup products like names in brail and brushes with brail to know what the brush is like for ppl newer to makeup or more recently blind needing to learn their skills more like it would be helpful and cool

  3. Bro, it’s unacceptable the fact that molly has to feel the packaging to tell… it isn’t that hard to when making the packaging to add Brail. Add brail unerneath the shades in the palette. THESE COMPANIES HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO ADD IT. accept it.

  4. I am not trying to be mean!
    But it really feels so unreal to be able to tell the difference and tell what it looks like and much more. Is it only me who think it’s seem a little suspicious? As I said I just have my opinion about this and I am not trying to start anything I am just curious, and if this was wrong to ask I’ll take it down immediately! xoxo💜

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