Black and White Beginners SPRAY PAINT ART Tutorial – How to Make Basic Mountains

Black and White Beginners SPRAY PAINT ART Tutorial – How to Make Basic Mountains

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so in this free paint our tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to make
mounting with a plastic bag and the only colors you’re gonna need for this are
black and white and a clear coat the color code to use just to wet the paint
up if it dries too much before you pull the bag on so vain guys the first thing
we’re gonna do is put a plant here I’ve done a tutorial on how to make planets
I’ll put a link in the description box feel free to check that one out if you
want write down the first thing to do grab the lid put it where you want your
planet get up eat the plastic bag or paper
whatever you want to use after using the plastic bag then just place it over it
and rub your fingers over it then we’ll just do some highlights and shadows right you really want this to dry before
you put the lid back on so it doesn’t stick well I’m gonna do is we’re gonna
use a flame to dry quicker but you are old it about foot above the painting
don’t directly blast the flame onto the paint I will set on fire and I’m ready
painting so I’ll just quickly do that right now stick the lid stencil on we’ll
just drop it on there just gonna put a weight on the top to hold it down nice
next step is we’re gonna do the sky so just straight black I should have used a wider cut for that
so is others frayed if faster but now we’re going to put some stars in I’ve
also done a tutorial on making stars so you can also check that link out in the
description box below if you want just Rea some white on your finger and then
flick it onto the page like so perfume or their fingers miss
white paint I will take the plant stencil off now like that so that’s up so hang guys onto
a mountain I’m gonna put this one in the distance of it so I’m gonna start here
and I’m gonna go up like that so we’re gonna need Krabby plastic bag then you’re gonna be pulling your hands
inside it like so and then to make sure you screw it off get some wine initially
you can get some texture on the mountain then you pull it back up crunch it all off to get loads of
different lines like so just pulling back to anything that sit at one side
for sec I then grab your black paint now we can do with paint
join arms it to quickly clear coat and just put some clothes on a plastic bag pull it off and just do the same here
when your bag wasn’t big enough one that’s clean to bang them jet screw it
off like so take such narrow pick you want just on the line a bit more you can just
get it please like that rubbing side bring it up a bit more that p-pull y’all
like so I’m also do down here on the silver
sawing if you want make sure you get a bit of clean clean paper like so I’m
just gonna take this white apes here taking the key finger take of it out like so clothing guys nice amount in there done
in the background like just give it a bit of a mess at the bottom you want to
quickly just move it back and forth like so so what I’m gonna do now is I’m
going to add some trees along the bottom of yet but what you want to do is leave
us to dry there’s no real rush when you doing stuff like this
just let the paint dry all the layers and then the paint don’t mix when you
put them on because when you pull the black onto it yeah
now with the white being wet it’s going to turn gray
so really you want it to stop black retrieve the relockers over in the
distance so what I’m going to do is going to give
it a quick blast with flame again remember when doing a about a foot above
the painting straight across don’t directly buy it
it’s the painting I’ll sit will go up in flames and then y’all start over again
so it isn’t completely dry yeah so I’m just gonna leave it to dry for five
minutes and then I’ll be back so I’ll seen a minute guys right then
guys I’m back so this is drawing how I think so we’ll go ahead and start
putting the trees in here so grab a piece of card fini black just spray some
black onto the card like so grab a paintbrush with a bit of paint on it like so and I’m just going to put some
trees across here so your paintbrush and you’re gonna go up and down we have to do is just opened our emotion
like sir because they’re just trees in the
distance oh just give a shape of them roughly I’ll just go all the way across
painting like so you can see that the paint is still wet
a bit I didn’t give it long enough to draw I bought there’s no wash when you
do initially and just keep you can go over it again in a minute some more
black let’s go to the edge to see pickings in the middle so I know my time going back little bit
more black paint then just go over where it’s gone gray
so you get a bit more black in it just keep building it up while doing this
until you’re happy with it like I said before there isn’t no rocks when you’re
doing things the only time you need to really look
she’s if you’re doing it alive or something in front of a crowd but if
you’re alone doing it just take your time our kids a bit gray so I’ll just go back
over these and also if you find a painted still a
lot of wet to watch your knees going gray or or mixing with a white
underneath you can just leave it do the first layer and then leave it and then
come back to it once it’s completely dry the thing I’ll do for that Oh so I’ll leave out like that so what
we’re going to do now it’s going to get a black I’m gonna spray it black across
here and we’re gonna put some water in my amped on the tutorial on two
different ways of making water which is also a video on making clouds – I’ll put
a link to that video in the description box below so if you want to check that
one out also feel free to the black and then go along the bottom of the trees mortu bit of a mist across there as well
and then he was missed the trees I saw you look a bit in the distance the black clear coat again just wet it off a bit
quick that I’m gonna do with a water just grab a piece of card I’m just gonna
move back and forwards I put a bit something that hold the card to stop him
moving so maybe card three on the painting then
just move back and forwards left to right as you move down I finished a bit I just go over there like so just like a look at it and then noise go
over it again in places where you want so
leave a water like that just locking honey you can just bring it a bit more so I go card I’m just going to mist it
out so grab a card come round here grab you like I’m just gonna go around this
is a bit of this be white like so mr. right and they grab your black paint I’m
gonna put some rocks and maintain here in the foreground likes again over the top one so stop a
bit of lucky at the bottom just click Oh Tommy watch it up a bit and rub you back
number screw it off to give it a bit of texture and inside and just run it off just
follow the lines where your wife is follow it off like a bit of rope get a
bit of a section of the bag we’ll just pull it up like so more texture just by
tapping the bag on defy that scrub your black feet in at
the bottom of it just finish it off my edge
I’m gonna do the same on this side I always use the clean bag what I’m doing
each side so you don’t get the paint that’s on there Wow this one just a bit oh yeah another
bag make enough texture and pull it off man following me back just follow the
line where you want he rocks all main things to be anything on it
inside just give it a bit of a rope you get a bit of texture pull it off if you just drive it quick and you want
to just have a bit lie down with the top gate closed like so so get the black shave it in
there at the bottom again watch just a bit like so if you do go too much don’t
worry about it you can just keep you can go back grab your poly knife or whatever
you on to sign it with and sign it yeah all right last thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put
a clear coat all over on it on it’s all just seal it and put a course on it rather than guys the clay coats on now
so that’s it it’s finished I hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial and found
it helpful just remember when you’re doing this just take your time there’s
no rush and if you’re a new visitor to my channel don’t forget to hit that
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by and watching one of my scraping our tutorials
have a great day take care I’ll see you in the next video

21 thoughts on “Black and White Beginners SPRAY PAINT ART Tutorial – How to Make Basic Mountains

  1. Another great tutorial Jon. Love the technique. Amazing how the bags create such a realistic texture. Keep up the great work mate ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Thats an amazing spray paint artwork, the mountains look great and the planet looks perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Itโ€™s nice that you did a more snow-centered piece now that weโ€™re getting closer to winter (not sure if that was on purpose but itโ€™s neat ๐Ÿ‘)! Like 16, my good friend!

  4. Wow so beautiful painting. Amazing. new friend #850 here ๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ‘ˆwe support each other my friend thank you have a nice day ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ

  5. I always struggle with mountains. This way looks so much easier. Canโ€™t wait to try this way ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
    Also need to try out fire. I get impatient and donโ€™t let things dry haha

  6. WOW! Wonderful piece of art!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘You are so Skilled and Talented ๐Ÿ’—You make this look so easy by using only black and white Spray paint. Keep up with this amazing work!๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—New Friend, would you please visit our channel and subscribe

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