100 thoughts on “Bishop Briggs – White Flag

  1. This is absolutely fucking awful.
    Stop singing this utter shite and stop screaming wooooah all the way through it.
    The reason you're on adverts is because talent costs money and they can have your shite for next to nothing.

  2. Maaaaaaan what a good fuckin' song! Only wish there were more parts like the one at the start inbetween the chorus

  3. Not to hate but this music video really confused me could really use better beat drops but you do you

    EDIT: as in the video cuts and stuff not the actual song

  4. People are deaf!!! This Masterpiece should had 1 billion views…. They all want only easy music for their ears , like fast food for their stomachs. Thanos was right… Humans must be ''restarted'' in this planet.

  5. do you want me to suicide Stefani?
    is that what you want?
    Seriously, I am done. I can't handle anymore.
    If you want me to, just say it and it's done.

  6. Raign, Hurts, Florence and the Machine and now Bishop Briggs. So many proofs that British musicians are pure masters.

  7. First time I heard this song was for Rose vs Joanna 2 in their UFC promo, so good. Then WWE used it way after for their girls.

  8. I love this song, reminds me of me… I'm not letting people get the best of me specially my haters and bullies that bullies me…

  9. So massively over produced. Criminal. Here this live and it’s a differ world. The nonsense going on beyond the band is silly. Listen to it live.

  10. I have depression and this song gives me so much strength! I like to listen to it on my worst days. Thank you really much, Bishop and Grey's anatomy for presenting me such a wonderful artist

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