Bike on Water in Slow Mo

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
the “The Super Slow Show.” You’ve joined us here
on a nice, sunny day
at our pool. – Lovely, isn’t it?
– Lovely. We’re just relaxing because we’ve been told
our special guest is definitely
going to be late, but is also definitely arriving
in style, whatever that means. – That’s what I’ve heard.
– Yeah. – ( motorcycle rumbling )
– You hear something? – Ahh. What is that?
– Something in the distance? – He did arrive in style.
– He did. That’s what it means.
Fair play. ( theme music playing ) Dan: He’s doing a wheelie,
for goodness sake. As if the entrance
wasn’t good enough, you had to wheelie
up to us. Well, I figured since
you guys gave me such
a sweet neck brace here on “The Super Slow Show,” that I should give you guys
a little wheelie show. Gav: This is Andy Bell,
who just jumped over our pool with a Phantom on his head,
which isn’t light. It’s a Phantom Miro. It’s a smaller one
than what we usually use, but it’s still–
it’s not small. I thought helmet-camera
technology was getting
better these days. This is, like, about a 25-pound
dumbbell on my head. I have to say that was
the best entrance I’ve seen to a Slow Mo Guys video,
and I’m very jealous. You know,
I wish I could do that. If you did this better
than you did skateboarding, you would be fine. So, apparently, you’re going
to do a pretty sweet stunt
on this pool. Would you like to describe
the stunt for us? “Apparently,” um… This is where things
get kind of sketchy. Um, we have a pool. It’s not that big, so we’re going to go
corner to corner. Skimming a pool has only been
done a couple time successfully. Wait. So you’re going to ride
the bike across the pool. The plan is to ride
the bike across the pool. You’re going to try and ride
the bike across the pool. I’m going to try and ride
the bike across the pool. Supposedly–
I’m no mathematician– but supposedly there’s something
called surface tension that will keep me afloat if I’m going fast enough. Problem is is I don’t know
how fast “fast enough” is. You guys have lab coats.
Can you tell me? – Um, I’ll tell you what.
– This one’s just for show. As fast as you can go,
I guess. All right, we’ll get
out of your hair, set up some cameras,
and then it’s all you. So I was going to say Andy’s
about to defy physics, but really he’s just going
to prove physics right now. Dan: I’m psyching myself
up for him. – I’m nervous for him.
– Gav: I’m nervous, too. – Go on.
– He’s got the speed. Go on. – Go on!
– He is bookin’ it. Dan:
You got this!
You got this! ( together )
Yeah! – He did it.
– Yeah! – Like it was nothing.
– Nailed it. He just did it
like it was nothing. Celebratory wheelie. Oh! You did it.
Congrats. – Oh, that is so scary.
– ( both laugh ) All that buildup? All that buildup
and it’s done. Like it was nothing. I bet the buildup was worse
than actually doing it, right? – Yeah.
– You just went straight
across there. Surface tension,
lab coat guy. Yeah, you just proved physics. I knew that would happen.
Yeah. Yeah, you knew.
You told me. You told me to go that speed,
too. Thank you. Would you like
to see that back
in wonderful slow motion? Um, yeah, let’s take a look
and see what happened. Ahh.
Nice A.C. Oh, it’s nice in here. – ( grunts ) Don’t wanna crash.
– ( metal clatters ) Don’t worry about it.
Typical. It’s a cheap table. Dan: Even the pelican’s,
like, watching you. – He just cocked his head.
– He’s like, “What’s gonna
happen here?” “Pelican”? It’s a flamingo. Oh, flamingo, whatever. – Dan: Look at that.
– Andy: Whoa! Dan: It looks like
it’s the road. Guess you can ride on water. With hair like that you can. Andy: Well, it looks
like the back tire
actually went deeper and then came up. Gav: It’s really cool
because the individual
grips on the tires separates out
the water with the air, and then your foot,
like, kicks it at the back– – Andy:
Oh, and then spreads it–
– Gav: And spreads it out more. Andy: Yeah you can see
how far I got kicked. Gav: You were on the ground,
in the water,
and then in the air within about one second. Wow, yeah. No wonder I was
having trouble braking, because I didn’t even
get to hit the brakes about 60 feet
after the pool. Andy, that was insane. Classic footage. Gotta be the best thing
I’ve ever seen anyone do on this channel,
and I’m glad about it because I’m never going to be
able to do anything that good. That’s a pretty big accolade.
Thank you. Dan:
It was amazing. Gav: That was some
of the best-looking slow-mo footage I’ve ever seen. Andy: Coming from you,
you’ve seen a little bit of it. – Seen a lot, yeah.
– Dan: I was so pumped for you. I was just like,
“Come on, come on” all the way, on the way for you to actually
do the stunt. Yeah, my heart was racing. I can’t imagine
what yours was doing. It was terrible. You definitely deserve
a “Super Slow Show” lab coat,
Andy. Yeah! You can either wear it or
just clean your bike with it. This is awesome, guys.
Thank you so much. I feel like
I’m part of the team. I don’t have the cool
British accent, but I got
a Canadian one, so… Absolutely part of the team. You risked this for us. Yes, I did. Well, thanks very much
for lending us your guts. Thanks, guys.
Thank you so much. And thank you for watching. Feel free to subscribe
to The Slow Mo Guys and we’ll see you
in the next episode of “The Super Slow Show.” Is there any reason why
I’m not wearing a shirt
at this point? Hello, the Internet. – Gav here.
– And Dan. If you didn’t already,
please subscribe to The Slow Mo Guys
right now, for our latest videos. Yes, stay connected
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connected with you. – Creepy.
– Sorry. – A bit creepy.
– Sorry.

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