BIGFOOT CAPTURED & EXPOSED!! Advanced Spy Trap Gadgets (Sasquatch)

BIGFOOT CAPTURED & EXPOSED!! Advanced Spy Trap Gadgets (Sasquatch)

food would enter through here going down
to grab the nuts once he grabs them like so he’ll run and get Luka I think you
see him I think your series Jake what are you doing you what do you
mean what am i doing I’m getting outta here what why do you a suitcase why are
you leaving okay have you not seen our last videos do you not know what’s in
the woods I’m getting out of here before I get eaten I know you’re freaked out of
a Bigfoot but we haven’t even established if it’s Bigfoot
everyone in the comments thinks it’s a bear just two legs
walks around it looks at drones Jake just calm down man
this is crazy did you even see what I uncooked you didn’t show the viewers we
didn’t show them what we found in the footprint what do you mean I haven’t
seen this is just a bear two hours to clean this thing that is not a bear
that’s a big footprint if you guys remember in the last video we found a
prints on the ground and I put plaster in it when I pulled the mold up and
cleaned it that’s what we got so okay you know you guys can tell me that
that’s just a bare footprint but to me that is a big and that’s why I’m getting
out of here okay so I know but buddy you can’t leave here I know
wait Jake what about Gary the ghost hunter you’re Gary the ghost hunter Jake
you’re eating right that goes honey you’re right Gary ghosts
honor yeah the ghost hunters are scared of anything the ghost hunter needs to
come back looks like what we’re dealing with here
is an elongated foot we documented this with camera you know okay if you do make
sure the flash is off we don’t wanna hurt the mold now if you look here we
have one two three four five toes the only thing in this world that have five
toes are humans and some other stuff now if we look at the long Gatien of the
foot and the diameter across there is no way that this can be the human unless
we’re dealing with giants this thing is either part animal or part human
unfortunately for us we don’t know which one it is if it is reproducing that it
has some form of a nest which means if we are gonna get to the bottom of this
creature whether or not it is Bigfoot we need to find its nest and find out where
its living now we’ve had several encounters with it but I think what we
need to do and deer back into the forest this is me that’s you well travel into
the forest you find Bigfoot as you can see he doesn’t fit on the graph because
he’s so big if we can implant him with the tracker
we’ll be able to track his location and follow him to Bigfoot’s home once we’re
there we can find out where he lives if there are other Bigfoot and potentially
documented so that we can show it to the world and Gary the ghost doesn’t make up
stories the only problem with this is in order to capture Bigfoot we’re gonna
need a net a big enough net to capture something the size of potentially 7 to 8
feet luckily for you I carry one in my closet
ok good Jake Jake’s back and he’s not scared uh the only thing is we already
kind of know where he is Jake so why don’t we start there yeah so last time
we saw him we caught him on the drone and he was moving towards an abandoned
tunnel I think we walk into the forest meet up with that abandoned tunnel and
had as close to Bigfoot as we can as long as we can capture him for at least
a minute or two we should be able to put the tracker on him and also because
we’re quite literally endangering ourselves and potentially being needed
and they would really help if you could hit the like button I mean it takes you
one second us going into the forest and getting eaten that’s like an eternity of
not fun so just like fun let’s try and crash 40,000 lights okay Logan we need
to gear up we’re going back but all jokes aside we geared up and headed back
into the forest where we last spotted what we think is Bigfoot
we took the path along the frozen creek bed and started towards the furthest
we’ve ever gone into the forest towards where we believe his nest is okay guys
so as you can see come back to the forest we’re heading
towards where we saw the abandoned tunnel and the last location of Bigfoot
unfortunately though as we came up here we’ve kind of hit a dead end
the ice is getting really thin and we can’t go left
we can’t go right the only way to get him across this creek bed is to go
straight over this ice which means we need to go one at a time and be
extremely careful do not try this at home
alright see there we don’t want to add too much of this okay Logan the ice is
kind of shifted here okay one step at a time the tunnel entrance should just be up
here this time we’re going even deeper guys we were going farther than we’ve
ever gone and closer to where we suspect Bigfoot’s nest this we just have to make
it through here which is rising a little bit it’s making even harder and this ice
more dangerous we made it back to that massive popsicle thing popsicle Jen it’s
really wet yeah we got to be careful all right well at least it’s not summer so I
don’t worry about spiders I guess after me okay here we go that’s a lot of water okay careful on
this ice okay so the creek bed where yeah that sounded like the banging from
last time did it so exactly like one Bigfoot was banging on trees maybe we’re
getting too close to his nest maybe this is exactly we’re talking about we’re
getting too close Jake what’s our plan what are we even
gonna do if we see Bigfoot hard we need to get close enough in order for us to
find out where’s nest is we need to put the tracker on him but to do that we
have to catch them with the net we brought I think if we can find out the
tunnel systems he’s traveling through maybe we could set up a net at the
entrance to the tunnel and when he runs out we can grab them
we’ll just happen to get close enough without him seeing us and it looks like
the closer we get the more angry he’s getting asked you moving forward is the
exact rate that my drone was lost just up there there should be another
tunnel system that’s as close as we’ve gotten to where Bigfoot is no the only
problem is guys take a look at this ice so traveling up this is gonna be hard I
mean one wrong step and we’re falling into the freezing cold water and another
wrong step and we alert Bigfoot and he comes right after us right that’s where
the drone was I went right through there and then there was that tunnel yeah we
had to move fast as an impending winter storm was on its way there was no way we
could survive the night guys I see the tunnel okay so what do we do we just
live up to it you think he’s watching us I have no idea it’s too bright to use
night vision that I don’t know if thermal will pick anything up right now
I think the best thing we can do is just move slow and trying to strut too much
attention until we set the trap up you know we’re a little high up here
buddy guys I swear I saw him I’m gonna try to
get a shot of him look and just just hold on I’m gonna try to make it up this
route a little bit higher it’s this thing look I think you see him I think
it’s if he’s moving he’s moving in the back of the woods there I think it’s
definitely him it’s the same for a color everything and he was moving fast like a
human running get down get down he must know we’re getting too close to him
that’s probably why you threw a branch on us he might be more scared of us than
we are of him we gotta keep moving for it let’s go Jake what did he look like
like the same thing we saw in the thermal the the same thing I saw in the
drone it was brown tall it looked like he was moving on two legs and it looked
like it was running like it was moving fast there’s so many trees that are just
broken I wonder if that could be Bigfoot we saw the racemaster maybe was like a
common nest they share something chief this looks like it could be some kind of
nest what if that goes in it’s like a cave that definitely goes deep okay shut
the whole log in there I think Bigfoot could have done this
guys people have said that Bigfoot strong enough to push entire trees over
and that looks like what it might have happened I mean look there’s one tree
over here there’s one tree over there and right behind you looking there’s
another one I said we head on over there it looks like that’s where the tunnel
entrance is I’m just gonna need to figure out a way to get down there Jake you think Bigfoot lives in there I
don’t think he lives in there I think he’s using the TEL system to move around
maybe this leads to where his nest is yeah there’s no way Bigfoot could fit in
there wait take a look though look at the bottom
someone’s been trying to get out of there it’s completely black guys what do
you think do you think Bigfoot could be in there
guys let us know if you see anything in this tunnel if we can figure out where
it heads to we can travel across on foot above ground to see if we can find his
nest we know he’s here we know he’s watching us I think that this tunnel
leads to where his nest is if we can get at least somewhat closer we can set up
our trap and put a tracker on it and find out exactly where he’s living so
trying to find is not working which means we need to trap them and get this
tracker on it now we’ve got a few of these nets and some bait I say we set up
a couple traps around the forest and we wait to see if we can catch him for able
to get him in here for even a couple of minutes I can get the tracker on him we
just got to set this up and fast it’s starting to get late and looks like a
storm’s rolling in this might look extremely primitive but essentially
we’re gonna sprinkle nuts inside a couple of these traps this is the kind
of basic way of trying to catch something big like big well no that’s
why it’s white it’s gonna blend it with the snow as far as I can tell reading
about him he doesn’t have very great vision so essentially what you do is set
it up like so and if we pretend there’s some nuts in there show you guys how
this works food would enter through here going down
to grab the nuts once he grabs them like so he’ll run and
in the trap I see I get it all right now all I need to do is set it up all right
and if you guys are wondering how we’re gonna do this how this is the tracker
we’re gonna be using so it’s velcro lining on the other side which means it
will stick to his fur you simply arm it like so and this thing
can last up to 30 days so we should be able to follow Bigfoot and find out
where his nest is let’s go the second one Deacon’s going on wait what Ivan I’m winded where’d he go
ah I got the shark on him I got the tracker all ready to go oh yeah that was
that was definitely Bigfoot hi I know what I saw that was him he was so strong
like I exactly as we’ve been seeing that that whatever we captured that’s what
we’ve been seeing but when he was small like I think maybe there is a baby maybe
this isn’t the real size Bigfoot we have the tracker on him now we can see where
they’re going I said we’d go back home check the computer whoo-hoo track his
movements see where he’s heading and then we can find out if there’s other
Bigfoots let’s get out of here before the storm comes come on

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