Big Catch !

Big Catch !

Hauling in the trawl. Soon the trawl and bag will show up on surface Wait for it ! Coming……………UP ! There it is, a big catch of red fish This is about 50 Tons. Gettirng ready to take it in to ship. Coming in, a heavy load 2 gilsons to pull it in. Fish Receiver opening. The boys exited. Soon they beginning emptying bag into receiver. Move the slings for the gilsons. Move slings again for gilsons. That is it, all fish into receiver of ship. Finished exxept for fish on deck. Please subscribe for more videos from amazing Iceland.

100 thoughts on “Big Catch !

  1. Ένα παράδειγμα του που μπορεί να φτάσει η απληστία του ανθρώπου…
    Όλα για το κέρδος…
    Και μετά αναρωτιεστε γιατί συμβαίνουν ακραία καιρικά φαινόμενα ,γιατί εξαφανίζονται θαλλασια ( και όχι μόνο ) είδη …

  2. Es lo mas puerco q veo aqui en esto q muestran me magino esas redes quwdan con pescado se pudresn y bueben a pescar y ahi se va todo q poquwria la gente por hacer dinwro y rapido q impoeta el resto

  3. Minha nossa!!!
    Pegaram o cardume inteiro 😡
    Os predadores naturais morrerão de fome e o controle do ecossistema está ameaçado 😢

  4. A ambição dos gra ndes pescadores com navios imensos fazendo pescas até predatória, vão nos levar a não termos o que comer no futuro próximo. Deus meu, é mesmo o final dos tempos. Isso é matança desnecessária. 😔

    IF possible I would cut the net loose

    Greed!!!!!!! Greed!!!!!!

  6. We must destroy all of these bad, bad fishing ships that are destroying all of the sea’s marine resources!!!!…….we must save the seas and oceans for our children and grandchildren!!!!!

  7. Bad, bad commercial fishing ships are destroying all the marine resources…..we must destroy all of these bad commercial fishing ships!!!!

  8. Mucho imbécil criticando y bien que después se van a tragar su ceviche o cualquier otro plato marino. Gente hipócrita.

  9. This abuse of the ocean is going to be extremely dangerous for entire human race. Overfishing has already caused huge damage to the environment in Australia. Other countries are also not far behind in this race.

  10. now we have found the best way to catch more fishes in ocean
    but we never found the best way to increase more quantity of fishes in ocean
    human is so genius or so stupid ?
    these fishes will rapidly decrease until ……..
    Technology is money money money money and rich rich rich rich rich

  11. One day in the near future, our oceans will be no more life, thanks to the commercial fishermen. My heart goes out to the future generations.

  12. asco ! la verdad son una mierda de personas! robando recursos! ojala algun dia se den cuenta! de lo mal que le estan haciendo , a nuestro planeta!

  13. Мы такой трал тоже брали,но это уже не рыба,это фарш, нормальный трал 7-12 тонн

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