Bicycle Playing Card DIY Wall Art

Bicycle Playing Card DIY Wall Art

A fresh pack of Bicycle rider back playing cards. Trimming off the white border. Saving the scrap white for use later in the project. Laying out rough square lines. Halving some borderless cards. Applying No-Wrinkle glue. Adding to the square lines. Applying to backer board to create the same aspect ratio as a pack of Bicycle cards. Printing box art. Taping together the full template. Taping template down to backer board. Beginning the cutting. Nearly impossible to cut clean through, so just making sure to cut an indicator into the card faces. Here you can see the lines to be cut through. Cutting through with the knife to create an interior bevel. Cleaning up the edges with wood carving knives. Cleaned up, looking good! Cutting out some white space. Gluing down white space for the “Rider Back” badge. Cutting thin strips for the “Rider Back” text. Measuring the template’s vertical line spacing. Transferring to the badge. Adding the red bits to create the text. Left over white borders for the “PLAYING CARDS” text. Cut the curvy letters out of the left over white space card stock. Opposite color card backs for the internal spade logo. Same process as the “Bicycle” to cut the indicator lines. The colorful face cards. Cutting out interesting & colorful shapes. I’ll leave one spade logo plain, but decorate the other with these shapes. The pièce de résistance. Adding decoration to one spade logo. Trimming off the excess border. Masking off for the gold border. Gold Sharpie. Finding a good, rustic-looking backer board. Chopping to length. Gluing the card border to the backer board. Adding the odds & ends. Some glamour shots. I think I like the plain one better 🙁 10 or so coats of acrylic clear. Adding hanging hardware. Hanging them up!

19 thoughts on “Bicycle Playing Card DIY Wall Art

  1. I just came across your channel, you are killing it! Amazing ideas and even better execution! Most of your videos I find myself going wait why are they…. Ooohhhhhh but why did….. Ooohhhh

  2. Outstanding work. I like the Red Spade collage in your Imgur images very much, even just stand alone. I hope you made that part. Your animated gifs were impressive as well. Well-earned subscriber.

  3. This is beautiful, the amount of work for just one piece must have been huge. I was certain this would become an LED sign while the letters were cut out, but wood looks great anyways.

  4. It’s official, after watching this video I now am certain I have the artistic abilities of a garden slug!! Would have never thought something like this was a thing, but omg what a result! This project must have taken weeks! (At least ease my bruised ego and say it did). Absolutely impressive

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