BEST way to fix plastic parts (PROVEN method)

BEST way to fix plastic parts (PROVEN method)

So I broke the hinge on my waterproof camera case and let me tell you this type of plastic polyethylene this is a very tough repair for any type of product but I’m going to show you how to repair this better than it was new. I have found that paper clips actually work really good for structural integrity so we’ve got large ones we’ve got small ones we’re going to use the small one because the diameter fits with what I’m trying to do a lot better. I’m going to go ahead and take the broken part and put it together so everything’s aligned properly. Okay so the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take a propane torch we’re going to get this paper clip cherry red and then we’re going to fuse the two pieces together and you can see that this is really going to be structural. Okay so next we’re going to take a pair of pliers and we’re going to go ahead and clip off that wire. Now we’re going to take a file and we’re just going to take those sharp burrs off of it. Okay now do that to both side put it together and let me tell you this feels really good. Now this is an effective fix for a lot of things. Hey if you like what I’ve got please like and subscribe.

13 thoughts on “BEST way to fix plastic parts (PROVEN method)

  1. that's way better than just trying to melt pieces together and a million times better than any glue out there! good advice!

  2. Excellent video for this type of repair. Great suggestion! For smaller parts, a stick pin used in sewing can be used and cut off similarly.

  3. My crossbow it is a toy to let you know but the handle to hold the string is broken and I super glue it and everything can somebody help me plz

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