88 thoughts on “Best Smartphone Tripod Mount and Overhead Tripod Arm from Arkon

  1. Awesome video as always my man!
    I'm on the road to 1,000 subs, a long way yet but I'm getting there!
    Anyone reading this, I hope you're having a great day! <3

  2. but wont you be able to see the stand from what you´re filming with? and would it be able to handle a light compact camera?

    I have canon g7x mark ii and need a solution for my art videos.

  3. To bad I can't buy this in Europe (The Netherlands). The Arkon Table Stand looks extremely handy when I paint miniatures. Currently I am trying out an improvised desk lamp stand which I can adjust the height on which a phone mount is put on (not very sturdy tho). Does anyone knows an option like this available in Europe?

  4. nice work Sean, you're channel is very helpful. I just getting into being a youtuber.. always, he, k you're channel for this and ha e bought a few things based off you're reviews.. thanks Sean..

  5. what an amazing video Sean. I had been looking for a solution for an overhead shot. does that over headstand support a DSLR?

  6. Anyone have the time to just give me a chance? My videos are doing amazing (suprisingly since I started about 1 month ago) and I aim to make people laugh. <3

  7. Thanks Sean, what an epic video. This is a must see for all #livestreaming and #socialmedia pros who use #livevideo to create content. Items shown in the video include our Arkon HD8RV29 Pro Stand, IPM-TAB1 Tablet Fold-Up Stand, HD8TAB29 Dual Tablet and Phone Stand, and MG2TRIXL 11" Tripod or RVTRIXL 11" Tripod for large phones. Thanks for taking the time to cover these great solutions from Arkon Mounts.

  8. Sean, I would think this would be awesome for doing the product review videos / unboxing videos where you want both hands free!

  9. Yo dude I need sone help I don't know witch camera to get it's either cannon 70D or cannon 80D witch one would u recommend! Plz help!!!!!

  10. I've been doing some experimenting with Facebook and Periscope. From a mobile standpoint, I find the streaming quality/reliability is far superior on Periscope versus Facebook. Also, I've had people comment that they like getting the periscope notification on their phone when someone goes live.

    Facebook seems to have the larger audience, however, notification that someone is live, or is about to go live is hit or miss. What I'm really excited for is when Youtube finally enables the ability to live stream to its platform from your phone.

  11. Bro I have a problem, I really don't know why it's happening, I like videos in you tube but when I come and see after sometime, it shows like I didn't like it, when I like again, again it likes. I really don't know why this is happening do you know why it's happening 😟?

  12. Hey Sean, great video but…. Aaron stole your show, man!! He's amazing, burning fire when talking about their products. He's all in, great stuff. I own several Arkons. Thanks!

  13. This is random but does anyone have an opinion for the canon M10 im going to get it for vlogging is that a good choice?

  14. Hey, I have a zoom h1 and i don't know at how many frames should i record for not getting delay ! 😃
    Can you say me please?

    P.S: I have a G7X mark 2 and a 70D

  15. Hey Sean, thank so much for everything! All the way from Ghana, connecting with your channel has really helped me to learn a lot! As an upcoming content creator, I never want to miss an episode. Thanks!

  16. So you're saying I can buy a K&M 210/9 — GREAT, life-long reliable boom mic stand — for $59…
    And this small phone mount that's half the materials is $150 fucking dollars.

    Rip off, and no one can say the brand justifies pricing it that much, or the 'advanced technology'. Get real

  17. New sub… I'm so glad I found you! I am going to start a beauty channel and in you option: labtop vs desk top? Adobe premier CC vs pinnacle for editing videos? Thanks

  18. New sub… I'm so glad I found you! I am going to start a beauty channel and in you option: labtop vs desk top? Adobe premier CC vs pinnacle for editing videos? Thanks

  19. Hello I'm a new viewer. I was wondering. Do you think you can make a video on the mics you use and what settings you have them in, in particular to the camera you use. That'd be such a helpful video. Thank you

  20. If I don't have a good pc,or a camera with which I can't film something,to start a youtube channel..You can raise money for doing graphic design?

  21. Sean, once again you did not disappoint! I appreciative of your work and consistency of bringing useful and relevant information every time to those looking to get into the field.

  22. Hey! I am a small YouTuber(32 subscribers going strong) and I am killing batteries when shooting and am thinking about buying new batteries. The canon brand batteries are $42, but the generic ones are $24. Which should I buy, and is there a difference?? Please reply Sean!

  23. Seems like an absolute must for unboxing channels! I could see myself using this for thumbnail setups as well! Nice video!

  24. I like the overhead shot idea. Sometimes I try to do that with my tripod, but it's really hard to take a picture. Great video keep it up!

  25. Thanks so so much! Been looking for a similar tripod for so long. I've just ordered the overhead tripod, can't wait to start working with it!

  26. Hey ThinkMedia! We want to shoot board games and we want a multi-camera shot. We need to do a shot of the group playing and we also want a top down view of the board. What would be the best way to do that?

  27. I just purchased this mount and I'm having a lot of problems with the stand staying up. and yes at times you can see the base depending on how the camera/phone is positioned ..I will be doing a video review on this product .not happy at all .the concept /idea is great but the product itself really need to be reconstructed

  28. Further and faster is the truth. Someone could spend just one or two days diving into your content and learn enough to hit the ground running. These are some hard-working men and I feel like Sean believes in every product he endorses.

  29. I want to do down shot recording for youtube using my ipad which stand would be suitable for this I don't have two devices but intend on using reflector 3 software a to mirror onto my laptop so I can view what I am recording I don't want to go really expensive but something that will hold the ipad firmly in place what do you recommend please

  30. Do they make a shorter one? I sell jewelry etc and have to reach around the legs on my tripod and they are in the way. I have to be able to see my screen so I can read and respond to comments live. Need one where I can show items at around 7in to maybe a foot high… otherwise I can't read the comments.

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