100 thoughts on “Best paper planes | How to make a paper airplane – cool paper airplanes that FLY FAR . Limbus

  1. Too hard? Start with Level 1 → youtube.com/mahircave
    👍 Like the video if you enjoy my content. Thank you 🙂
    💬 I read your comments.
    ℹ You will find helpful tips and answers in the description.

  2. You bastard my airplanes fly farther than yours. ….. IT'S THE WORLD RECORD AIRPLANE ^#£@#^#&#£÷€÷^#& YOU!!!!!!

  3. tu eres bueno en hacer aviones de papel,hace el avion acrobatico y hace mas aviones de papel adios a mira mis videos y suscrivete en mi canal se llama aguscraft stop aora aci adios

  4. Thanks for these! I have spent the last hour making some of your designs. Really easy to follow and great flyers! 😀


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