BEST PAPER PLANE BOOMERANG for KIDS – How to make a Paper Airplane that COMES BACK | XTT

Watch the full video to learn more about how to play the boomerang paper plane, Thank you. Remember to press the subscribe button to get my weekly video and press the bell button to get the video soon thank you. Here we use the 70gsm A5 size paper Please like and share to more people. Know this fun game Thank you First you double the horizontal Note the fold very accurately, Then we fold it back like this. we turn over and do the same to the other side. Then we opened like this. Next we are going to make them triangle at the bottom like this Note that leave a clearance of about 1 mm from the centerline we flip the inside out, starting at this sharp corner And ending up so that the new creases are about 5 mm from this old crease. Then we do the same thing on the opposite side. to make it easier to fold, we fold and overlap each other like this. Then we fold it back down. Next, we will turn around and fold this sharp corner to touch this top edge. Next we fold the spike backwards along the bottom edge of the triangle. Now we turn this tip down like this. And create creases that are triangles Note we will leave approximately 2 mm in this position We do the same thing on the opposite side. And then we fold it back up like this Now we will turn it over like this. sorry Now we will turn it over and fold it so that both sides stack up like this. Now we will create the wings by folding starting at the point of the nose and ending this so that the perpendicular angle is above this fold. Ok, got it And we’re going to fold the opposite side overlap with the just-formed wing so that the two wings fit together like this Now we will fold based on the fold at the bottom like this. Open it and next we will fold the outer edge which matches the previously folded one like this We do the same thing on the opposite side. Now we will open. And we will lock the tail of the plane by folding from this position about 1 cm and ending in the fold above. then we open and press this fold is identical to the bottom fold like this and we bend to the sides so balanced like this we will adjust the plane to be in balance Slightly open the wings of an airplane like this And this is the result.
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