Best 3 ways to use Shimmer Powder AND Bling Out Your Crafts – Inktoberfest Day 23

Best 3 ways to use Shimmer Powder AND Bling Out Your Crafts – Inktoberfest Day 23

hi everyone today is Wednesday and I’m
going be sharing with you shimmer powders which if you watch Hedgehog
color regular you will know is one of my favorite mediums and you can use these
as inks you can use them as backgrounds you can use them as paint you can use
with so many different things and they’re unique in the fact that they’re
a color burst the lots of us know about so this one is meteorite shower and but
they have my kit in and none of the others I’ve ever used have my kit in so
that’s why I love these ones so much because you always get in built shimmer
and to me I love a little bit of bling in my card so I want to share with you a
couple of different ways to use shimmer powders now you can do a couple of
different ways I like to first of all spritz my card stock now the reason I do
that is the powder is attracted to where that water is and I find I get this mess
you also get kind of an instant reaction now this one is beautiful cuz it has
black blue pink purple know kind of all the things you expect from a meteorite
shower I’m sure which heat gun I’ve got here
but that’s crap the heat it which is one of my favorites because if I was to use
my wagon II would move all of this water and pikmin and everything around whereas
the Ranger heat it adds a lower airflow same temperature and it doesn’t move my
particles around I mean my card stop moot curly would move things around but
of course I could just use my finger to hold it down like this so I’m going to
show you this is option one so this is water then pigment let’s go dry this off
I’m gonna do it just to the side only because there’s no water there okay so
then your next option I’m going to start off while I’m drawing this I’m going to
do this too and it is you can put the pigment down first so you do this and then you spritz but
actually spritz you’re gonna move that pigment around instantly so there’s our
first one look how pretty that is it’s not gorgeous and it’s got all of that
shimmer already in it so it’s slightly wet still but it will dry but now you
can see I’m going to get a different reaction you kind of actually just let
move it around slightly so this one is more water color II this one is more
like fine particles so again just a different technique from doing it
slightly differently I’m gonna dry this one off to hold it down you can pat it
off with your flour sack cloths or you know a piece of kitchen town if you
wanted to I’m just putting it over here to dry it off more you’ll get some more
kind of fine particles doing it with this technique it’s relaxing back out again which is
exactly what we want it to do my owner a drive from the reverse side that would
work as well missing my kitchen towel I’ll dry this off for the afters but you
can see there you do get a different effect this has a more kind of fine
splatter around there and the other one doesn’t so you get a different technique
doing it different ways and the other option you have is to take some shimmer
powder and I’m just going to put it in the middle of this wet area here pick up
some water I’m going to activate and then you can paint with it and you kind
of get these variegated paints I mean how cool is that you can also use up all
the little bits from the side around your it has lots of sparkle in it you
can also get that gorgeous variation in it too but look you can paint with it as
well so don’t think of what I can only create backgrounds my shimmer paper
shimmer powder you can absolutely paint with them as well so lots and lots of
techniques there with shimmer powder I love them they come in tons of colors
these yellows and those reds as a Catherine Wheel there’s different black
ones with different mix ins every single color I have a whole rainbow the rainbow
ties dove course on my shelf upstairs so I hope you’ll join me back here tomorrow
tomorrow we are actually doing top tips with distress oxides that’s my next
video and so I can’t wait to show you distress oxides on black and how to get
really intense colors so I’ll be sharing all of my top tips tricks I’ll see you
then come back soon bye

11 thoughts on “Best 3 ways to use Shimmer Powder AND Bling Out Your Crafts – Inktoberfest Day 23

  1. I have not tired shimmer powders or any of the powders, now I can't wait to try them. I am so loving Inktoberfest!! 🙂

  2. I like the powder then spray with water. I have a paper towel roll holder attached to the underside of my craft desk. Because I am a messy crafter lol. Thank you!

  3. I agree, Shimmer powders are awesome!! I hadn't tried to paint with them, so thank you for suggesting that, I am going to try it!

  4. Alnexandra these shimmer powders are amazing. Love quick and easy they are! Fantabulous products! Thank you for sharing this demonstration with us. ~ Katz

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