belly button fairy –  clay crafts tutorial

belly button fairy – clay crafts tutorial

Hello everyone Jiff Jiff here. Today we will
be making belly button fairies. look, I caught a few. Welcome to SNW – Build a Picture, Crafting
with Jiff Jiff. Ever wonder where all those missing socks of yours are going? Well these
are the little runts that are responsible for it. They only take one out of the pair
though. Their king said that the only moral way of handling things. Because I am moral.
You see, these discussing little critters don’t have any hair. I have no hair. But their
status depends on how much hair they have on their bodies. So they transform socks in
to bellybutton lint and collect them, then use all that lint to make facial hair. They
also make cheese from belly button lint. Squash Squish Squish. And they use it to eat, or
unleash a very naughty smell when you pick your bellybutton. So yah, these are the little
buggers we will be making today. Oh and ah, did I mention that they live in your belly
button? Fire up the generators 11. Activating the pair o hands. So first we need some watercolor,
glue, orange polymer clay, some cotton, white paper or foam clay, some paper, and of course
a toothpick. First, get some foam clay and forge it in to a bean shape. And then jab
in those eye holes. Make a tiny carrot shape for a nose. Forge two squiggly lines for the
arms and legs. You can make the legs straight if you want.. Now we’re going to paint both
sides of that paper in yellow for the hat. A bit of gunk in the paint doesn’t matter.
Now cut that back part of the carrot so it’s easier to stick it on to the face. Then cut
out the arms, and then cut out the legs. I’m going to keep the legs straight.. now to make
the shoe, just cut out two pieces of foam clay, and then roll it up. Then put little
holes in them so the legs can go in. Now let’s glue that nose on to the face. Just put some
glue on the flat part and stick it on the face. We’re going to glue all the arms in
the same way and the legs in the same way. They’re pretty light so they should stay in
place. now color it peach, and mix in some other junk color in there too. Now we’re going
to color those shoes brown so it stands out from the body. Remember that yellow paper
from earlier? Cut a triangle out of it. Glue the bottom side. and give the fairy a cone
hat. We will have to glue the back side seam so it can be connected as well. Now make little
eyeballs out of the polymer clay. and then put it in the eye holes. Glue the bottom part
of the legs, and put on the shoes. We’re going to give this guy a lint beard. Get some cotton.,
roll it up, then glue it on its face. Then fold a piece of paper in half. Cut out the
round shape of the wings. Then fold that in half for the cresses in the wings. Then glue
it on the fairs back. Walla. Shake shake shake. Alright, lets have a talk with this guy. Hu?
where is he? His not on the pair o hands. Where did he go? Hu? Hu? Hu? I got a tidy
whity slimy little pimple on my butt. I can’t sit on any chairs cus of the pimple on my
butt. I’m Grinding it and Chiming it and. . . . Oh no, its multiplying! Must hide, must
protect belly button. Subscribe, or watch one of my other videos. Leave a share and
like. while my robots take care of the mess. And beware of belly button fairies, Beware!

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