37 thoughts on “Behind the Seams: Sew Along progress with Kimberly including Sew Colorful, FGV2, Perfect 5 and more!

  1. Siiiiiiggggghhhhh… My list of FQS projects is so long already – I need to retire like now (a few decades early) to get it DONE!🤪
    And now you're makin' me want to add more…

  2. Fat Quarter is such an inspiration to me and I want to do so many of your projects! Keep up the excellent work. (From Maryland)

  3. Always love your quilts. I can not imagine someone or even family not cherishing a quilt from you. If you have too many: my suggestion is to auction them for make a wish. I just know your fans would love to have a quilt made by you. Thank you for all your hard work to keep us informed, motivated, and challenged. God bless!

  4. I can not remember the last time I had this much fun because of a guest quilter. If she wasn't before, or I was just clueless, which is more likely, SHE IS JUST A ROCK STAR. The only other quilter besides yourself and crew, is LORI HOLT. She is the Queen and always will be. Thank you so much for having them on. Don't forget Kimberly, you are the Princess of this wonderful Quiltland!!!! We all love you and everyone at your beautiful shop. No one even comes close to you guys.

  5. Love your live streams💙 I can’t seem to find the time to sew much at the moment either. Pesky work gets in the way! The dream job would be to sew all day and get paid for it 😜 wouldn’t it ?

  6. Seeing a glimpse of the Designer Mystery Quilt for 2020 pushed me over the edge–I signed up. I love quilts with teal in them!

  7. Didn't get to watch live this morning. So it is my evening entertainment. Wish I had time to sew all the quilts and blocks you show that I want to make!

  8. FQS you make it to easy for me to order (hehehe). Ordered the new BOM for 2020. So excited to join another BOM. Your kits are so awesome. Love your videos.

  9. Hi Kimberly. I was going to suggest you hold some sort of raffle for one of your quilts with profits going to fat quarter shops make a wish. I personally would buy a few tickets for the chance to win one of your handmade quilts😊

  10. I simply LOVE these 'little get togethers'…so much fun!! I really like the block for the Mystery Quilt, but I had managed to resist joining the club…..until……that sneak peak, I have to say, Kimberly…that was very clever…..I'm still not sure exactly how it's done, but I love all those lovely colors!!! I placed orders to reserve my place for both the Monthly Block and the Finishing Kit!! 🙂 I am sorry that I didn't see the video until late, because…..your needle is in the quilt!! As you started to put it to the side, the light caught it!! I hope nobody got stuck…I was so sad that it was too late to tell you 🙁 Have a lovely weekend, Ladies…..you've given us new dreams and lots of smiles!!! <3

  11. Would love to see a video on Gina explaining how she centers your beautiful backings to your quilt tops on a longarm. I love the idea of how you do your backings but do not want to make and then not have them centered. Your quilts are absolutely stunning. Thank you for all your videos.

  12. I center my backing by using safety pins…I find the center of the top and put 3 safety pins in each center side and I do the same on the backing…and then when I sandwich them, I just line up the pins.

  13. Love the Sew Spool Quilt! Really want to make that one. But then I love all of the quilts! Not enough time in my life to get them all done! But I keep trying!

  14. Everyone is commenting on the products meanwhile I'm over here trying to figure out your son's clue! LOL Have y'all found the boombox yet?? I think maybe his clue is on a glue bottle?? Please update! Inquiring minds want to know!! Hahahaha gotta love kids!

  15. I love everything you showed today! Hope your weekend was productive! I bought the 5 ruler and book while I was over in Holmes County Ohio week before last. Homes County and surrounding area has a quilt shop hop each year. I got Corey Yoders fabric while there. It really seemed appropriate!

  16. Peyton must be so happy that his team beat the undefeated team on Monday Night football…although I'm sure he wasn't awake to see it live…lol! thanks for sharing your goings on, it is always fun to see! (the quilt and the home ones!) And also Lily, I want her vibe for my own! 🙂

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