Behind the scenes storage of our overflow crafts and office, oh and how we store our storage

Behind the scenes storage of our overflow crafts and office, oh and how we store our storage

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog hollow so
today I am just hopping in very quickly because I want you to share a couple
more storage tips with you lots of you asked me how do I store my storage
envelope so I’m gonna show you that real quick and I also have some really cool
updates to share with you on our new office that we’ve been building so Greg
and I have been super super busy building the office the girls are here
Shaun is still here so I’m gonna flip the camera around in a minute so you can
see the office and see some cool things I’m going to share the storage we put in
hi Linda really cool things are going on and then we’re gonna take Maddy to a
Girl Scouts hangout thing to see whether she wants to join girls girls this year
so let me flip the camera around so you can see her Shawn’s still busy in the
background over there Tilly has taken up a Maddie’s taken over Josh’s desk for
this afternoon but we really love these expert it on they’re not called experts
anymore kelex units because you can do so much with them they fit twelve by
twelve paper if you’re a scrapbooker but i have labeled all these high nancy
linda also many people joining us i am not gonna be at Strongsville I’m afraid
this year we are gonna be I’m gonna be at Cedar Point at a conference and then
we’re going to New York for a really cool event that you’ll be finding out
about next week so I’ll eight will do so you’ve got incoming mail outgoing mail
there’s some cool prototype products I can’t show you that one and then you’ve
got ready for video and then products that I’m looking to sell their mystery
box is some gifts and things I’m also treasurer for our homeowners
and then there’s some cables and stuff down here and then you’ve got our desks
over here so mr. Josh sits over here normally editing videos Gregg sits at
the back there as does miss Ally and then you’ve got Shawn and of course my
desk full of crafty supplies and fun stuff and then down the front here is
the storage I want you to show you so this is where I store all of my plastic
envelopes and honestly I really don’t like this unit I wish I could find a
more sturdy version of this unit I bought it on Amazon but it falls apart
all of the time I do of course have one of my ikea things on the top here these
are all photos on things I want to get framed here’s a picture of me when I was
about six so something to get framed for the house
as some washi tape in here there’s some certificates and stuff I want to get
framed so there’s a load of stuff in here that you want to have framed and
then normally in here is things that Maddie needs to label because Maddie is
our resident label oh she’s turning around she doesn’t want to do her
labeling the hat then in here the one thing I really like about these Heidi is
that I can have all my storage stuff in here so I can fit my two label makers in
this unit so I have my p-touch embellish and my regular P touch back here I have
all of my refills for my labels and these are my off-brand so these are the
ones I linked up the other day my off brand labels Matthews wrecking the place
back there I also have pink labels and stuff and then I have my swatching stuff
in here and then this one has magazine holders these are really cool you can
pop magazines and stuff in bring binders then this one is all kinds of
miscellaneous plastic and then in this side you’ve got Avery Elle and that kind
of thing so these are the extra large pockets that I showed you the other day
then we have mediums smalls and then job ticket holders go in the next one and
then down here this is the drawer that’s broken but this holds the Bruce Munro
cargo pockets the MFT specialist envelopes going here and then also the
altar new pockets those ones with those nice difference going here and then in
the bottom one has scrapbook pockets and like the eight-and-a-half by eleven ones
so that’s just down there and that’s a new top that I ordered I also have a
really the full pretty bin from Ikea and then here we have more expertise not
experience they call calyxes now but they used to be called expert it’s and
then on the wall we have our Hedgehog holo so we put that up this morning miss
Ali and I put that up and then over here we have the Hedgehog so for those of you
who want you to see but really really love this storage because in here as I
was saying you can fit binders in here you can fit magazine holders so if you
like doing things I have inspiration for
projects and products and things stored in here you can fit twelve by twelve
eight-and-a-half by eleven in them full-size binders four in them so you
can fit tons and tons of things in calyxes and they also now do these boxes
Ike here that fit inside of them and you can buy inserts that fit those dollar
spot paints you know there’s plaid paints we have tons and tons of those
boxes have inserts that fit inside of them to accommodate tons and tons of
those paints so you can keep them really really well organized inside of those
boxes so really really recommend those and then here we have all of our
stationery is stored in this one we have extra stationery and then all sorts of
other bits and pieces in there and then along the top here these are new from
Erin Condren so we’ll have a post coming about these soon but this is our to do
board and this is our filling bot so this is all the content that’s coming
soon so that’s how we have our office store super super simple really really
easy and that’s how we keep ourselves organized we have a TV over there and
then the main wall that you just saw over it’s gonna have all of our magazine
articles and things so right now you can see a couple of them are framed behind
me but we’re gonna have a ton more framed up and one of my tonic articles
craft business any awards we’ve had a mentions all those kinds of things there
were gonna be framed and put on the back wall and we will do like a full kind of
office tour and I’ll talk you through how we designed it and what the process
was but I had lots and lots of questions when I showed you the studio the other
day and like how do I store it what do I do
where all my storage pockets stored so I want you to hop in really really quickly
and show you some of those fun fun things and then on my desk I have I’ll
quickly switch it around you can see so this is my desk
bits and pieces that have arrived today my favorite pink calculating calculator
there’s my laptop there and then business cards and bits and pieces and
some happy mail that just arrived today as some you Tim Holtz dies some pins
from the Grammys and Shawn still writing some Instagram
posts and bits and bobs over there so so we read we really do have a laugh here
but anyways some really fun things I hope you got some top tips there I
really love that the drawers in that storage state if you have an idea where
I can get a storage station like that I’m much more sturdy version better
quality want let me know I saw one on HSN but it was really really expensive
and I did pay quite a lot for that one on Amazon but it really wasn’t cheap so
I’m kind of concerned of buying another one and it not being great quality
either so if you have one but it’s better quality than the one I got on
Amazon then let me know because I’d love to go and get one I did look at the
dream box but that’s also really expensive and I already have a craft
room so I don’t need craft room I just need little cart like that but if you
know something that has a ton of digital drawers in like that that I can hold my
storage pockets and stuff in then I’d love to know so we will do a full office
tour when it’s fully kind of you know written in and stuff but we’ve just
moved into this we’ve only had it about three weeks but we love working in here
all of us in here together you know kind of making trouble and having fun during
the day but we’ve got lots of things going on we’ve got tomorrow we won’t be
posting anything at all then Thursday we have another one of our building our
blog videos Friday we have a two minute tip and then Saturday sees the launch of
our challenge and then also our criolla takeover so lots of fun things you still
Maddie in the background there so thank you so much for stopping in I hope you
got some fun tips there I do check out the calyx and check out the ideas there
at the pea touch I hope you are having a fantastic day don’t forget to hit
subscribe ring the bell cause hit the join button and give us a thumbs up as
well and if you have any top tips that we can bring into our offices let us
know as well and I hope you love our big Hedgehog collar – see you soon bye

24 thoughts on “Behind the scenes storage of our overflow crafts and office, oh and how we store our storage

  1. I just got an Alvin 20 drawer cart from It is stronger because it has a leg under the middle section. I am not sure if there are
    any by that brand with the bigger drawers like yours, but I prefer the narrower drawers.

  2. Alex I bought two of these rolling chests and i love them. They are really heavy duty. I was watching them for a while and got one on sales for 70 and one for 90,.

  3. HSN has Sale up to midnight eastern time with $5 shipping on your whole shopping cart. Origami and they are worth every penny.

    They are powder coated steel and sturdy. I have 20 Origami in my home, many in craft room. You will not regret Origami. Seriously don’t buy others these are sturdy. I started buying Origami 5 yrs ago and I have many cart storage styles. Origami 10-Drawer Rolling Cart with Wood Top

    If you want single row drawers the Craft Cart is awesome. Origami Foldable 6-Drawer Hobby and Home Cart

    These awesome
    Origami 4-Drawer Cart with Wood Shelf

    These are awesome
    Origami 5-Drawer Cart with Wooden Top

    Any of the rolling carts are awesome.

  4. I have one of those kinds of things but only one column of plastic drawers. I hate that it comes off their rails so to speak so easily. I want to get IKEA Alex drawers that are wide.

  5. Where are those black and white bins from…the one’s you said have inserts for our little bottles of paint? Thank you…looking good…

  6. If you really want quality (that lasts) I would check out Elfa systems from The Container Store. They are study and last forever. I have some units that I still use from the early 1980s. Plus, they have sales quite frequently.

  7. 🌟I would definitely use the IKEA ALEX drawers.🌟 So sturdy slimline drawers available in a range of sizes. And should you decide to use something else later, the Alex drawers can be used for almost anything in any room of the house. They would fit perfectly there. Amazing price too.

  8. the best and sturdiest storage units are made by origami for HSN. Look up item #653-217 on I own 8 different pics of origami and you can't find a better piece of storage at a better price. Believe me you won't be wrong.

  9. I have the smaller storage thingie like where u keep your labels and such.. your right it’s not very sturdy!

  10. The storage unit that keeps falling apart just needs the screws tightened. I have several of these and when the drawers start falling out, I tighten up all the screws. I hope this works for you.

  11. Thanks for showing us your lovely office space. I have a set of drawers that look very similar to yours which I got on sale from Costco a few months ago. So far it seems sturdy. I've had no problems with it. I hope you find a unit of sturdy drawers you'll be happy with. Good luck with your new office. Btw I love your craft room too.

  12. You look beautiful and that hair style suits you a lot you look much younger 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I was looking to buy one of those units with two tiers and 4 or 6 drawers planning to put my Cricut on top and my scan n cut below as I don’t have much space I finish crafting on my dinner table and hubby no very happy but after your comments I think I will have to find another solution while I save for a custom built bench and cabinets. Happy crafting from australia 🇦🇺

  13. Hi Alexandra! Really awesome office. It’s coming together nicely. I have a singular tower off those little drawers and you’re right it’s not very sturdy. I love the kallax book cases too! I have a few of them. Can’t wait to see everything all done! ~ Katz

  14. Go to the container store website and search Elfa cart. I have one of those in my laundry room and it's super sturdy and there are several configurations available.

  15. I know this is a UK site but is this the sort of thing that you might be looking for? A school furniture supplier in the US might be a source of something similar.

  16. Just a thought but I shored up my drawer unit by attaching pegboard to the back and drilling extra holes for added support. I also used zipties behind that where it's not visible in crisscross fashion top to bottom and it is super sturdy now. The benefit of the pegboard is extra storage on the back.

  17. Try the Kallax units with a Best Craft Organizer insert. Their drawers are a bit on the pricey side but ever so useful, high quality, and customizable. I’ve had mine for years, moved it and it is still perfect!

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