hi guys I’m Sally with Elk Ridge junior and I’m here today to unbox the July zodiac Adventure box we haven’t done an unboxing on YouTube in so long and I’m just very happy to be back to tell you all about what we included inside all the artists that we got to work with and why we chose the book-of-the-month so away we go before we get to the inside of the box I just want to take a moment to admire our brand new box this was redesigned by Risa Rodell and we debuted it in April of 2019 but I absolutely love how she took the whole idea behind the box and just made it super fun right from the get-go from the minute it arrives on your doorstep and then inside it’s every bit as bright and beautiful the first item on top of every single box is our spoiler card we have an amazing illustrator named Melanie demmer who does these for us each and every month so as you can see we’ve got all of the animals on the Chinese zodiac on the front hanging out having a good time and then on the back is a rundown of everything that I’m about to show you from the box so obviously you guys get to see the finished product here but a lot goes into these sketches every single month so here are some of the original sketches that Melanie came up with when I gave her the idea for this theme so this was a very exciting month at Owl crate HQ because of both of our boxes included ceramic Mazdas in July we get so many requests to do these mugs and it was very excited to be able to deliver with both of our boxes so for this one instead of going with a fandom item like the last Mowgli included which was inspired by Narnia this month instead we worked with an artist named Bonnie Lou and she put together a mug inspired by the traditional story of the Chinese zodiac so what you see here is the animal parade of all of the twelve animals on the 12-year cycle and as somebody pointed out to me I didn’t even realize this they’re actually shown in the order of the the big race that determined who even got to be on the zodiac which I will talk a bit more about late but I just love that little touch that bond you added in and it’s just so beautiful I absolutely love it so when I was first in touch with Bonnie basically I just said what about a Zodiac parade wouldn’t that kind of mediate and then she came back with this sketch which eventually turned into this full-color illustration the next item in the box is this handy dandy little double mirror featuring all of the twelve animals once again in this beautiful bright red that is so often used in Chinese New Year celebrations we chose to include a mirror in this month’s box as a reference to the book of the month there is a very special magical mirror that is one of the treasures of the Aires welcome our to dr. the next item in the box is a wall tapestry this is the celestial planisphere and the reason that we chose this fern zodiac adventure box is because there is both the Chinese zodiac with the 12-year cycle and all of the animals and then there is also the Western zodiac which is what we base all of our horoscopes on so the 12-month cycle so personally my birthday’s in July I’m a cancer Corey is a Leo all of those which happened to have constellations for them as well so you can see them all featured there what I love about this graphic is that it actually shows both the north and the south hemispheres and what the sky will look like at different points of the year next up we included a package of animal patterned origami paper we figured we had so many animals already in this box we just we’re going to keep rolling with it and we wanted to include an awesome craft kit as you can see we’ve got a great jungle motif here with cheetahs and zebras and a bamboo patterning and the giraffe I love the idea that you can like mix-and-match with these you could do like a leopard spotted giraffe or a zebra striped rabbit this kit also comes with instructions on how to build a bunch of animals and we also included one extra one in the magazine of the month next up we have our monthly collectible pin also illustrated by Melanie demmer if you look along the edge of every single pin it will tell you what box number this as well as the theme and this was box number 30 we chose to highlight the pig on this one because it is currently the year of the pig speaking of pigs next up I got this adorable little piglet from Schleich now I got the piglet but we actually included six different figurines there was a pig goat a rabbit a little puppy a tiger and a rooster if you aren’t already familiar with schleich animals they are a company out of Germany they have existed for I believe over a century now and they make just the most incredible animal figurines they range from this size which is obviously quite little actually great big dragons and beautiful horses and all these other things but they are just so meticulously designed they are hand-painted and I just think that they’re they look so great on a shelf but you can absolutely play with them as well they’re really sturdy they they stand up to a lot of you know actually being used for imagination play they just love them let me know which animal you got if you got this box so you just got one more item before we get to our book of the month and that is this adorable sticker sheet illustrated by Vanessa port Vanessa does our sneak peek cards each and every month and when I saw the sneak peek that she did for this box in our previous month’s box I thought these animals are too cute to only beyond this one postcard so I got her to actually like add full bodies to them and I illustrate this she the stickers for you they are so cute they are really sturdy they’ve got a nice like waterproof finish to them so they stand up to a lot if you want to put them on your favorite notebook and you know toss them in your bag and they’re they’re gonna stick around for a long time and finally we have our book of the month the twelve by Cindy Lynn this is the first of April rand-new own voices series I don’t know how many are intended to be in the series but I could read this one for a long time it was so much fun it was so packed with adventure and I just really loved the whole world that she built so without giving too much the plot away because I want you to be able to read it and enjoy it yourself and experience all of the twists and turns our main character asagi was born in the year of the wood rabbit and because of that she has the zodiac powers of a wood rabbit so she can hear from miles away she can bound great distances and she’s very connected to the earth however any zodiac powers have been completely outlawed by the dragon Lord and it’s really unsafe to use them but she and her sister and her best friend are just kind of messing around one day and her sister and friend actually got taken away and captured by the dragon Lord’s people so obviously she has to go out and find them and she happens to meet some other people along the way who will help her with that journey it was such a great adventure I love that’s inspired by the traditional story of the Chinese zodiac and in all of the the animals that are just brought to life through that along with the book we included some goodies including a letter written just for our subscribers by Cindy Lin with the book cover on the back we have a signed book played by Cindy Lin with the symbol for courage up there and courtesy of HarperCollins Canada we have this paper craft which is you fold it up and it actually turns into a paper fan so you can keep cool on a summer day and it’s got all the illustrations and all of the animals on there as well along with the book we have our monthly magazine this features an interview with Cindy Lynn some great book recommendations if you love this serie and can’t wait until book two we’ve got some wing and claw going wild and the mighty zodiac graphic novel we’ve got the traditional story of the Chinese zodiac that tells all about how all of those animals have got on to the the twelve month cycle and how they got their place on it you’ve got a chart that shows what animal you are if you don’t know your zodiac animal or based on your birth year and then we’ve got the instructions down here to make a traditional origami rabbit so this diagram is courtesy of paper kawaii which is a fantastic origami website with all kinds of tutorials and videos and ideas for paper crafts you should definitely check it out we have also got our July photo challenge prompts in here our photo challenge runs from the 5th to the 12th of every month so if you are watching it between those dates definitely join in show off your box and you could win a free box and then we’ve also got an announcement for our owl babble with Cindy Lin that will be on August 13th at 3 o’clock Pacific Standard Time definitely join us for a fun little conversation with Cindy and finally we have a announcement of our August theme which is thieves in the night I am very very excited about our thieves in the night box that is coming out in just a couple of weeks now so just to give you a little bit of a sneak peek at what the book will be it says what dangers would you dare to face to seek justice for your family our August book pick is a fast-paced heart pounding heist adventure set in 1930s New York City all about love family and fierce loyalty and it’s perfect for fans of the York series by Laura Ruby rooftop burns by Katherine Randall and wonderstruck as of uploading this video this box is still available and we will leave a code down below if you want to save a bit off of your first order we have been getting a lot of very fun feedback on this entire box but also on this postcard in particular and this adorable little cat burgler stealing this gigantic red ruby the illustrator for this is Vanessa port who I mentioned earlier she also did the adorable zodiac stickers for us vanessa is Lloyd’s great she sends me a bunch of different concepts every month and I get to pick from them which I like best so here are just a few of the sketches that she sent to me when I told her the theme of the month so that is everything that we included in our july 2019 so deaq adventure box as of uploading we actually still have some of these boxes available as well in our shop you can go to shop al Craig comm to pick one of those up thanks so much for watching if you like this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe for more bookish videos every week happy reading and thanks for being awesome bye [Music]


  1. I'm so so so … so excited you are back to these unboxing videos! I absolutely love them and rewatch them over and over with my little 🙂 YAY!! Loved the behind the scenes sketches … made our day 😀

  2. Great box! Bought this box for my soon to be 9 yr old. He got a tiger which was a total surprise because that happens to be is Chinese zodiac animal! We have now subscribed and cannot wait for next month. ♥️

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