100 thoughts on “Beef Boss (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. I really love your cheeseburger video. I'd like to see you make an Iron Spider clay sculpture. I really love your videos! ~ Biji

  2. The beef boss has a real head but hes just diguising his head and here is How old is the beef boss

  3. I love this skin so much I wish I brought it, I also wanna get the cloaked star skin too

    Skins I want ClayClaim to create:

    1) Burnout
    2) RedLine
    3) Ikonik
    4) Cloaked star
    5) Tempest

  4. It's amazing how he has 2 kids and can still do what he loves and share it with as much people as possible. Thumbs Up!

  5. Kann you Du Rox ☺💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💙💙💙💙💝💝💝💕💘💙💘💜💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💓😘

  6. Wow that was soo cool and I dont even play fortnite(and im a kid lmao) andLIKE WHAT THE FRICK!!!

  7. My idea for Beef Boss and Tomato Head are they rare like crime families like for marvel there’s Fisk and Hammerhead but they are rival gangs who run these restaurants as covers for there real business which is causing trouble all over the island and do dirty business or battle for turf with rival gangs

  8. Beef boss is actually tomato man because he got tomato in his burger and he act like him and every time I see a durr burger and tomato and they dance with each other until some one shoots at them and then they pretend to fight so you go away and say I’m not getting into that and I hope I get more than 2 likes cause if you go look on let’s groove the song by earth wind a fire water the hell it has 2K likes don’t believe me go then after the vid thought anyway am I a PS4 or Xbox Boi cause I got both and I got a Pc and switch so I’m a PboPcSwitch good luck saying that so anyway I just wasted about 1 minute of your life reading this so I’m out Scooby doo btw if you see mistakes I don’t care cause I just type without seeing what I actually type I just trust autocorrect so lul see ya

  9. Hi im a big fan of you i realy want to try out clay molding so im a new sub can i get a clay molding set please anyone except clayclaim please read my adress is 7709 state witesetlment road collet drive.

  10. 12:20 you have nothing to be sorry for! Ur a father it’s not a easy job balancing work and two young babies or so.

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