Beautiful latest  peacock bridal mehndi design | Full hand henna design

Beautiful latest peacock bridal mehndi design | Full hand henna design

Hello Namaste how are you all today? Today’s beautiful mehndi I am creating on my mom’s hand let me tell you one fact the happiness you get for applying mehendi for your mom is such that cannot be compared to any happiness in this world I am telling you the truth because this the first time this much mehendi i am applying on my mom’s hand and that is also without being rushed I cannot believe this was happening after so many years I learnt mehendi for myself so I can apply on my own hands I used to apply for my friends But our moms are always everywhere too busy to have this much time whenever you ask them for henna they have lots of chores to take care of Thats why they cannot afford that time luxury important for mehendi application when you go for any bridal assignments observe carefully brides mom will always says apply mehndi for all I will apply later because so many things to take care off and who will look after those works if she is not around wedding house have lots of unfinished works to take care of and you must know this very well and you will listen this conversation every time you visit the wedding house and hat is very true in the end bride has to forced mom to sit for her henna even though she will instruct us to finish as soon as possible because some many works needs her attention same as all the guests who are attending this function and that reason they cannot afford to sit like this thats why moms are always very busy Bees thats why many times we have to show them stop single and forced them to sit down and tell them to relax and chill and spend some time for them selves try to do that and I promised that will give you tremendous joy because same thing I did with my mom. actually I planned to record front and back full both side mehendi designs demonstration video so I can explain to you guys how to seamlessly connect both sides of hand because I hardly get beautiful hands like mom’s hand and mom’s hands are always the most beautiful treasure in this world and after long time I have gotten this opportunity so I wanted to use it but as usual her works were never ending and it was too late by the time we sat for recording thats why we could not record that video but I am happy that at least I could apply this much mehendi for her she was so happy she said first time in her life she applied that much mehendi on her hands she did not have mehndi for her own wedding so now this is confirmed plan that for her wedding anniversary we will do full hand meehndi for her ahhh I become little emotional and went on to another track but whichever track I went I am sure many of my sisters would understand what am I trying to say let me talk about this beautiful mehndi design now I have used peacock in this design because mom also loves peacock we have used reverse elements If you watch carefully than you will understand the way I explain in my front and back wraparound video same way I have completed sides in this design you will see very clearly in this video Then I have tried new checks design on wrist it looks really beautiful its very simple checks and I used that checks couple of times in my kavachauth mehendi and everyone loved it and if you all like that checks designs then sure try it because its very simple because wedding season is about to start thats why I felt its right time to post this design now so you have enough time to take inspiration from this design and practice it do watch this entire video carefully If you have any emotional, funny or any types of memorable moment with your mom than do share with us through comment we will be very happy to hear from you because we will feel we are connecting with our friends whenever you have time and chance make your mom sit and dress her up after applying mehendi I did nail polish for her because she also loves nail polish like I do And I was overjoyed doing all this So if you have never done all this than this is the chance , after watching this video. make her sit and tell her that you will finish her all work and apply mehendi for mom or dress her up pampered her then see how emotional. mom feels. her love will start reflecting from her eyes do this and then tell me how do you feel after doing all these so keep watching this video till end we will meet soon with new video till than stay blessed stay inspired take care everyone, thank you bye bye C U

15 thoughts on “Beautiful latest peacock bridal mehndi design | Full hand henna design

  1. Very nice n beautiful mam
    I have one question plz reply karna i m bignner. Meine 1 litter oil lita hai But mere pass zyada order nai hai to usko long time tak kaise store kar sakte hai jise vo kharab na ho.

  2. meri b mummy yhi kahti hai ki time nhi hai but mai abki bar try karugi jarur…….very beautiful design mamπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Ma'am aswome just… Your are like a dream girl of my mehndi world.. and yaah mom is the best model for mehndi practice….. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡… Isme jo satisfaction aate h na oo sabdo m bataya nehi jaa sakta….. I love you ma'am….

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