Be More Professional Than 99% Of Designers (3 Key Points)

Be More Professional Than 99% Of Designers (3 Key Points)

what is up people welcome back to Satori
graphics and today I’m going to show you a few things that you can tweak and
manage within your graphic design career that is guaranteed to make you become
more professional and have a better presence in the graphic design industry so in today’s video every single point
on this list my things you can do right now to better your professionalism as a
graphic designer and they’re almost all free there are a
few things that you might need to pay for but again it’s not going to be that
expensive and there are free versions of everything in today’s video so your
email signature is important as any other part of your corporate identity
using a badly designed email signature is just like writing your details on a
piece of paper and then handing it to a client or prospect even though an email
has emerged as one of the primary forms of communications this century employees
don’t often realize that corpora electronic communications reflect the
tone of an organization just as much as letterheads and business cards the
better an email signature is the more value adds to our brand and regarding
you as a graphic designer it really is giving an impression to whoever sees an
email from you now again link down below are several resources which some of them
are free as you can see on the screen now with the top ten free email
signature providers but also have added some paid versions too of course it
should go without saying that the paid versions will be better quality but
that’s just how the world works right but yeah I’m sure you’ve seen email
signatures before they do look professional and they can link people
back to your social media and link just about anywhere you want and I personally
don’t like adding imagery or anything like that in my signatures but some of
these do look pretty needs however this chocolate cake one I think looks too
busy for my liking and of course as a graphic designer
it would be awesome to link our portfolios as this person has done here
so be sure to check the links below and see what email signatures you can grab
because they are easy to set up an add-in to email accounts so here’s my
current email signature and as you can see it’s very very simple but it has my
social media links on there I’m also probably going to add my
portfolio website linked here too but yeah I do like how crisp and how clean
it looks so do check the links below at the very end of the video to find some
free and also some paid for email signature solutions so moving on from
email signature we actually have the email name itself now of course you can
go with a hotmail or at outlook these are free and they don’t look so great
when it comes to being professional and having a business you ideally want to
have your name or your company’s name as the actual email address itself I’m
gonna show you how to do just that right now the goal of branding your company or
your business is to ensure that their potential customers know exactly what
your brand is all abouts all your business is all abouts just like you
have a custom URL on your website you also need a professional email address
to provide consistent branding and cross your entire business so also with the
method that I’m gonna show you you can technically create infinite amount of
email addresses all under the umbrella of your brand name so to get a custom
email name that does represent you or your a company you need a domain name
first and foremost and then you need to get some hosting and you might also need
a gmail account depending on the method you want to use but I’m going to show
you how to do this without two gmail accounts and to do that you do need to
do a through hosting uh and by the way nobody is a sponsor in today’s video
this is just the methods I would use so firstly let’s get a domain name for you
and this is easily found on places like GoDaddy Namecheap dinah dots and other
registrar’s – I’m gonna link many places down below where you can grab a domain
name but it is possible to get them for as little as one dollar sometimes now I
suggest searching for deals on Google so for example looking up the current deals
on GoDaddy you can sometimes find a comm domain here for $0.99
things like having half price off udemy in purchase but yet do have a look
around and see what bargains you can get and the prices you can see on the screen
now our entire bat and that’s because that’s where I am today but anyway the
other alternative to GoDaddy is named cheap and so let’s say I want to get an
email address based around story graphics in 2019 I can search for that
here named cheap and have a look at the prices and I would almost always suggest
going for the calm extension if it is available and as you can see it’s only
eight bucks you are going to probably find it cheaper elsewhere if you do some
looking for example a website called one two three reg but yeah just have a look
around and see what bargains you can get now secondly you’re going to need
hosting and one of the cheapest hosting plans out there is hosting a but they’re
also actually really professional too once you have hosting a setup come into
the management section and then head into the email accounts so here you can
see I have my Satori graphics accounts and I can just simply attach my name in
the front and then a password and then this will in fact generate my email
address now this is a very very easy way to grab yourself a custom email address
and let’s just quickly give it a test run I’m going to head into the email
section and then send an email to my Hotmail accounts now there are other
ways to get a custom email accounts without the need of hosting her I’m
gonna link some information down below about that but like I said you will need
a gmail account having a custom email looks professional
and it will set you apart from the rest when cold-calling potential clients or
just conversing with people in industry so moving on from the email side of
things we’re now going to check out the contracts which is going to be branded
and tailored to your own business or your own kind of niche market so the
importance of a contract of your graphic design career has been mentioned before
on my channel it is vastly important for financial reasons but also as a legal
one to going the extra distance to make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing and
in line with your brand was simply further your professionalism as a
graphic designer here is a quick contract I made for you
guys and later this week I will actually have a tutorial on how to make a
contract pretty similar to this one here as well as handing over a PDF file for
you to keep an edit but as you can see I’ve made a placeholder logo because I’m
currently redesigning my logo so for now I’m just gonna slap an S here and the
color of the content is in line with my brand and I’ve also added a back side to
the contracts which will look even more professional when printed but its
contract can also be used digitally speaking of course and also for prints
but do you remember to add in the bleeds on your document if you are intending to
print it out but like I said I will have a video next week based around how to
make a contract just like this so do make sure to stay tuned to Satara
graphics for the contract video next week it is said that first impressions are
lasting and you really want to make you know a good impression of yourself you
really want to leave a good lasting image in their minds and these are just
some ways that you can do that remember I do make lots of different content on
this channel ranging from Adobe Illustrator tutorials to graphic design
theory based videos and even business themed videos like today’s upload so if
you do want to keep boosting your awareness and your skills as a graphic
designer go ahead and subscribe to my channel for
weekly graphic design content I’m actually quite tired as you can probably
guess so I’m gonna log off now but yeah make sure to have a great day and until
next time design your future today peace you

36 thoughts on “Be More Professional Than 99% Of Designers (3 Key Points)

  1. Adding images to your signature is asking for trouble. It never translates fully on all email platforms.

  2. You doing a great Job and i really appreciate it.

    I honestly can't wait to see what you have on Contracts.

    Have you done anything on Graphics design questionnaire to clients?

  3. Wow these are some great tips! I never even thought about first two. Looking forward to the contract video.

  4. These tips are awesm… I was thinking about email name for my business that i want to start up… I really enjoy the content… keep up the good work,

    Regards, Jr (New Zealand Based)

  5. I have a question… I have been considering a custom email design with boarders/header/footer graphic is there companies that do that?

  6. I'm so happy that your channel exists, every video of yours is informative and helpful. keep it up Satori! 👍

  7. This is really helpful..
    I didn't know how to generate signature for emails…
    Also, i will wait for ur next video which is on creating contract for ourselves..
    I really need to learn it…
    And i missed last 2 videos of yours… some project came up…
    Now will watch the poster making videos…

  8. In the same way that an actual printed letterhead with body copy on it needs a white left-hand margin an email will appear much more professional if you use the indent and create a left margin. Also I like to give the signature a second indent. Adding an additional indent to a certain paragraph can help add emphasis. This paragraph needs to be controlled with hard and soft returns to keep the entire body copy from moving with the original indent.

  9. Buyer beware using GoDaddy to purchase domain names. My personal experience was that I searched GoDaddy and found a domain name available then went elsewhere to check pricing came back and found it unavailable but wait guess what? GoDaddy was willing to sell that address to me that was available just five minutes before. Google will also steal a domain name search. When you find it available you need to have done your pricing beforehand and be ready to purchase the second someone says it's available or else you risk losing it. Just sayin…

  10. Hello Satori, man you always provide great tips for designers. Thank you.

    I got a technical question for you, I'm designer too and now I'm planing to get a macbook. So can you help me here shall I buy macbook air latest edition or go with macbook pro latest edition(8Gb Ram variant).
    go for windows pc?

  11. Custom email signatures indeed are priceless. I’ve got a high res GIF with my main sites ( and socials and a ‘get a free quote’ link to my online form)
    As far as hotmail or outlook based emails I don’t take anyone serious w those, reminds me of 20 yrs ago ha All my [email protected] I forward all of mine to my gmail where I setup custom replies (and signatures) from each of those in the drop down options so I don’t need to pay for actual separate emails and they are all in one place,
    Great tips and as talented as you are I think your email signature should have a bit more flair!

  12. thank you for bringing up the points. especially the email signature after watching this, it seems like more appropriate and professional. thank you Tom.

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  14. I never comment on youtube channels but I just want to say I love your videos. You make great content and I am learning so much. Love what you are doing keep it up!

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